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  1. FYI...drops tonight @ 8 PM.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/28/report-corey-davis-dealing-with-shoulder-strain/
  3. I think there's been a misconception going around about Saleh's defense. I've seen many people here clamoring for another EDGE like Lawson, who isn't the best run defender. The other 4-3 DE needs to be a stout run defender while also having ability to rush passer. Physically, think more Jadaveon Clowney, J.J. Watt, Leonard Williams or Shaun Ellis rather than Dee Ford, Carl Lawson, John Abraham. The way I see the Dline depth chart is on early downs...Rankins, Foley, Q, and Lawson. And Rankins will either kick inside or JFM will. So... DE - Rankins, Phillips DT -
  4. I will say this though...it's always easier to get the next shiny object. I'm already pretty confident we finally have an organization where coaches and evaluators in alignment with one another. I think that portends good things. I'm already impressed by both Joe D & Saleh. They got a lot more riding on this than any of us do, so should they choose to continue working with Sam, knowing the heat they'll take along the way and if it doesn't work out, my respect and confidence in them would go up a notch.
  5. Well.if that's the case...I'll trust their judgment and get on board with whoever is next taking snaps for Jets.
  6. Hoping that change of scenary happens here with Jets. I hope all parties can come to believe in one another. To that end, maybe strike a bridge deal for years 4 through 6 with limited no trade that's also easily.moveable.
  7. No because Jets aren't ready to make a deal. May need time to properly evaluate Sam, go through tape on QBs in draft and get with coaches to assess fit in Shanahan scheme, and wait out Texans - Watson drama. And there's no guarantee we move on from Sam so they could be waiting around for nothing.
  8. BTW...respect to all. We may not have same path in mind to get Jets back on the map but we all want the same result.
  9. I don't know they're trying to move him. I don't think Joe D and Saleh/LaFleur know at this point. Darnold is unique. He's very young, talented, unquestioned character, and still on his rookie contract. Those are important factors. He's also not trying to shoot his way out of town. I believe he's only two years older than Wilson and Fields and already has three years of NFL experience. I don't think a team who trades for him would object to 2 conditional 1sts if he plays well and gets a sizeable 2nd contract. Jets could even take lower like a 3rd in 2022 & 2023 that
  10. Moving on is all well and good. But to move on just for the sake of moving on is not smart. I can get on board with Watson plan. I've watched every Fields and Wilson throw...and I'm not sold. I'm just not. Lance...I admittedly have not so have no opinion.
  11. I didn't say that. I said the going rate for established QBs has always been 2 1st rounders. Therefore, Jets should be interested in making a deal that protects them in case he turns it around. And because teams aren't trying to fleece one another, any team would gladly pay 2 1sts to solve their QB issue. Could be 1st in 2022 and a conditiinal 1st in 2023 if he's on the roster when draft starts.
  12. You've made your position clear. I can respect that. My question to you then is this...excluding a trade for Watson (which I'm all for BTW), what's the alternative? You're so sold on Fields, Wilson, or Lance that you'd risk letting Sam walk out the door? I've said this before, the worse case scenario is we trade Sam, draft a QB who busts, and Sam goes on to have a good career elsewhere. Not properly evaluating the talent already in your building will get you canned real fast. Losing out on Lawrence made Joe D's life a helluva lot harder. I don't envy him at all. This i
  13. Just out of curiosity, for those real eager to part with Sam... Gun to your head...if Pats offered #15 for Sam...would you pull the trigger with absolutely no hesitation? Are you that sure he's destined to fail? Inquiring mind wants to know.
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