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  1. Lac Edwards & Avery Williamson https://twitter.com/AaronWilson_NFL/status/1437881619973554177?s=20
  2. Bless Austin to Seahawks 53. Milo Eifler to Dolphins PS.
  3. Two things... 1) I think they are obligated to keep Morgan for at least 3 weeks so no chance he ends up with Pats before Week 2. 2) We might be guilty of same thing as we claimed David Moore from Carolina a few weeks ago.
  4. By my count, either Herndon still on roster...or they acquired another player in a trade.
  5. As mentioned earlier, at least Davis & McDermott are going on IR. They will resign Blair & Neasman. In fact, if cuts were due at 4 PM, they may have already been resigned as they are vested veterans. Also, expect guys like Dunn, Zuniga, and Marshall to be cut tomorrow as we make waiver claims. See lots of intriguing names out there already.
  6. Before people get too worked up over initial roster cuts, it should be pointed out that Josh Johnson is a 4+ year veteran. Maybe they don't want to guarantee his contract for the entire year and have an agreement to bring back after week 1. In order to get Davis and McDermott on IR, they may go this route with a few guys like Neasman, Blair, Hennessey, Feeney, etc. Knowing they're going to be active on waiver wire, I think they protect the best 53. Worry about roster construction near end of week. Gotta hit that interior OL in waivers.
  7. This is a ridiculous thread. LaFleur said no such thing. Maybe next time actually watch the PC for actual context. Sheesh.
  8. Forgive me if this was already posted and discussed somewhere but... While this is unofficial, it seems pretty clear that C.J. Mosely is the SAM and Jarrad Davis is the MIKE. Makes sense since Saleh or Ulbrich dropped nugget last week that Davis was calling the 1s defense and Sherwood the 2s.
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/28/report-corey-davis-dealing-with-shoulder-strain/
  10. I think there's been a misconception going around about Saleh's defense. I've seen many people here clamoring for another EDGE like Lawson, who isn't the best run defender. The other 4-3 DE needs to be a stout run defender while also having ability to rush passer. Physically, think more Jadaveon Clowney, J.J. Watt, Leonard Williams or Shaun Ellis rather than Dee Ford, Carl Lawson, John Abraham. The way I see the Dline depth chart is on early downs...Rankins, Foley, Q, and Lawson. And Rankins will either kick inside or JFM will. So... DE - Rankins, Phillips DT -
  11. I will say this though...it's always easier to get the next shiny object. I'm already pretty confident we finally have an organization where coaches and evaluators in alignment with one another. I think that portends good things. I'm already impressed by both Joe D & Saleh. They got a lot more riding on this than any of us do, so should they choose to continue working with Sam, knowing the heat they'll take along the way and if it doesn't work out, my respect and confidence in them would go up a notch.
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