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  1. I think saleh will weed out many individuals me first type players and keep process players much like McDermott and Bill. Adams if was still on roster would’ve already be gone. We will see.
  2. I worry about his game, I believe how has the tools to be good quarter back but worry about his lack of 1. competition in college and really only had 1 year of solid success 2. Going against very good defensive minded coaches in the division and how this will mentally affect him 3. The amount of expectation placed on him 4. And lastly a rookie qb with a rookie coach ( defensive minded coach too). I think there is a lot going against Zach Wilson’s that seems to be downplayed a lot but are significant worries for a number 2 pick. I do believe though he is in a far better position to succeed than
  3. This. Not to mention Zac is going against 3 fantastic defenses.
  4. Well he didn't do a very good last year when they met, Josh absolutely shredded his D 32/40 375 yards & 4TD's
  5. To show you how pathetic ranking quarterbacks in June is when rookies haven’t even taken a snap, check out this from a year ago.
  6. Umm no, they are a good all round team, and Tua was a rookie last year and will probably take a leap this year. Unsure why people keep judging rookie QB's when it can take up to 3 years before a true picture can be formed. Pats will be much tougher and Bills had a terrific yet unspectacular offseason
  7. The Jets improved in the offseason, however I am really worried about Zac, he will go against 3 different defensive minds in the division, as well as unsure how he will handle the competition, he has not experienced such a competition, and unsure how he will react to it. I see around 4 wins but much more competitive than last year, and see the Jets pushing many teams to the limit. The draft was reasonably solid.
  8. We will see, he done the tough yards against the likes of Juggernauts such as the WKU Hilltoppers and the big bad UTSA Roadrunners - what possibly could go wrong.
  9. My issue is no one had Wilson as a top 10 pick or even first rd talent 3-4 months ago, and now he is a consensus top 3 pick - that's a huge worry when drafting 2nd overall. I think all qb's in this draft have been largely overrated due to the recent QB drafting. If Zac Wilson was as great as what he is made out to be then he would've been penciled in a year ago. Also, although I try not to let competition be an excuse, geez it was quite woeful and hard to get excited about it, he did benefit from having all day to throw and weapons.
  10. Astonishing job, just breath taking. I said it previously that people acted like JD found Becton out of no where, and how much of a great pick it was, it was a good pick, but so it should be with a top 10 pick. The fact that Becton was a consensus top 10 pick by virtually everybody, a hardly rocket science move. GM get paid big money to find diamonds in the rough, rd 1, rd 2 picks to a lesser extent should be automatic, and if they are a good GM would've found 2 or 3 diamonds elsewhere to substitute it. I wouldn't want to be around here if JD signs the injury free, and his prime Geno Atkins t
  11. I cant stop laughing, getting excited over Tyler Croft. Tyler Croft is very average, the Bills TE's are the weak link of there side, Croft was literally there 3rd string behind Knox & Lee Smith, Lee Smith is gone, they didn't bother trying to re-sign Croft or were falling over themselves to re-sign him, that pretty much says all you need to know. Buffalo fans are not exactly loosing sleep over him going, they were more upset that there 2nd stringer Lee Smith was traded. He is not a starting TE, he is barely a back up TE. We need to stop getting overally excited over these B grade offs
  12. If an Watson I wouldn’t be wanting to go to the jets due to their history of ineptitude, lack of talent, draft picks it would be similar to Houston. Watson will be going to team who is almost there, Miami or raiders would be my bets in the afc. I would imagine the Texans will trade him to the nfc though, no way Houston management would want to see him on a regular basis, this would put pressure on them from the fans. San Fran would be my pick.
  13. He has been god awful so far, shown no evidence that he is capable. The Becton pick anyone could’ve made, it’s not like he magically discovered him out of no where. the offence he gave Darnold last year shows he hasn’t got a plan, I don’t see any strategy, gm with half decent strategies don’t throw in a 36 year old rb as a starter.
  14. i would choose McCown right now over Gase
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