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  1. 4-5 win i think realistically is where I think the jets are at, potential for 6 but I just don't think there is 6 wins in the roster.
  2. i say 5 wins I just find it hard to see which games jets win? I hardly see them beating any of the afc east teams. Being realistic Jets made some decent offseason buys, but they fall well below the Bills & Dolphins (i think both teams improved including Bills) and like Jets the Patriots have a second year quarterback with far more pieces already in place, and plus I trust BB more as coach then Saleh. Not trying to be negative, improvements were made, but so did pretty much every team. All depends of Zac to see how far he has developed, and that will be the difference between 4 wins and 8 wins. Ps each year every team have fluff pieces on there quarterbacks being amazing at camp, it means nothing until you see opposition pressure, and never take pre season seriously.
  3. If you want Wilson to develop he is the type of player you need. Pretty much all contenders have a sprinkle of super stars which are non QB across various positions. IMO this is a non brainer.
  4. for some reason I have my doubts about him as a head coach
  5. Not sure why Dorsey would leave? he has a stable organisation, a top 5 QB. A perfect platform for him to progress his career. Going to Giants would be a hugely risky choice.
  6. Apart from Josh Allen, I am not how successful he has been developing QB's?
  7. Watching AB in Tampa was kinda like watching a porno imo. You knew what was going to happen in the end.
  8. Somewhat agree, but as a team I still think they overachieved. I just don’t see there defense making the insane amount of plays as they did last year. I do think this will be much better, but even if he is I am not sold on his leadership and other intangibles. I also think every team got stronger, but Miami it’s hard to make the same argument. No one would’ve thought they went 10-6 last year, and this year IMO they have regressed.
  9. I do think Miami overachieved last year and maybe the ones to fall this year
  10. Anything can happen, this time last year it was clear cut that Jarrad stidham will take the patriots to the playoffs, darn old was the best qb in the division, Allen the worst, jets possibly play off bound, patriots still wining the division and so on… nothing matters until rd 1, I really don’t understand why people take pre season talk, games so seriously. Jets could be shot, or they could be 10-6, we have know idea whether saleh is actually a decent coach, same with Wilson as a qb, nothing. the one thing I will predict is jets will be far better ( not hard to do) same with pats ( defence alone looks very strong combined with a defensive mastermind ) and bills on paper are better then what they were last year ( doesn’t mean they will only loose 3 games but defensively look very strong again).
  11. Maybe so, but plenty of qb look superb against non blitzing, non scheming defenses. You can have a qb that can be laser like in preseason but once true pressure comes that’s when you see what they are made off. as I said, too take preseason seriously is comical
  12. It’s preseason nothing is comparable. Zach hasn’t even seen a true scheme yet. That is what will sort the men out from the boys. I can’t believe anyone would take preseason seriously.
  13. Was happy for Brady, atleast he seems to have somewhat of a heart, he is more himself since leaving the pats and always has been given a bad rap for bills cheating. Bill thew Brady under the bus, showed little respect to a guy that made the franchise. Bill has a turd for personality. Also, rarely have I have seen ( if ever) a former teammate put sh*t on Brady, he seems to be loved in all locker rooms, with bill there seems to be more and more sh*t about him coming out from ex players.
  14. I think saleh will weed out many individuals me first type players and keep process players much like McDermott and Bill. Adams if was still on roster would’ve already be gone. We will see.
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