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  1. 2 teams a year make the super bowl. Big trades rarely happen in the nfl. when was the last time a team signed a 42 year old qb and won a super bowl before last season? Deshaun Watson is just starting his prime. If the Jets can spread the picks out over 3 years, there’s no reason why they won’t be able to use their remaining picks and cap space to surround him w talent.
  2. I am impressed that you are able to think that the Jets cannot build a team around Watson because of how big his contract is, while also being confident that Watson will hold out because so many inferior qbs will be making more than him.
  3. Rodgers had a full season at age 25. watson has been as productive as pretty much any 25 year old qb in league history and he’s done it behind a terrible oline every year.
  4. Yea they spent 2 1st round picks, 6 2nd round picks, and a couple 4th rounders on garbage qb play for the last 15 years. Got us to 2-14.
  5. it’s a 3 year deal. Aav of 27.5m w 2 team options for 32m. The contract will never be the problem. “4 win Watson” say it with me. “Highest all time completion % 2nd highest all time an rating. One of the most accomplished 25 year old qbs ever.”
  6. The Jets would have to pick up Darnold's 5th year option by May 3rd this year right? So to go with Darnold, either they pick up that up and it's only guaranteed if he gets injured during the '21 season, which would be a disaster, or they let him play out the 4th year. Then he becomes a free agent. So what would he have to do on the field to get a contract, and how much is it going to be for? Sticking w Sam just seems like a bad poker move. You've limped in with a low pair, flop comes out with 3 over cards and you call the bet for fun. You might hit your trips on the turn, but it's ju
  7. It's a different league, but Watson has more yards/game, more td/game, less int/game and a higher completion percentage, higher qb rating, better winning % than peyton manning through age 25. Obviously can't compare what Watson can do with his legs.
  8. I've said the whole time - #2, #34, '22 1st, '23 1st. Q and Becton are not involved in any way. The only wiggle room would be switching #34 with #23, or adding a day 2 pick. No team can beat the original offer unless the Texans are willing to build around Tua, and if they are, he goes to the Dolphins.
  9. Here's the reality - Deshaun Watson has done more at 25 than almost every QB to ever play in the NFL. He has the highest completion percentage and 2nd highest QB rating ever, and he's done it behind some of the worst o-lines in football. You should copy and paste that to the top every post that questions whether the Jets should trade for him.
  10. Haha common ground is a good thing. But he was on the biggest stage a 21 year old qb has ever been on and he handled it. I don’t hold it against Watson for wanting out with the stories coming out of Houston. He’s been nothing but a pro in every instance that he’s been in the spotlight.
  11. No, this is the part where the people crying about Watson’s contract realize it’s not a problem, so they come up with a hypothetical situation where it becomes a problem. First you can’t build a team around Watson with his salary, now his salary is too low so he’ll want out. you know happens if he needs a new contract after 3 years of being a top 5 qb for the Jets and he’s only 28 years old? He gets one. They would rework his deal anyway at that point, but they’ll use the fact that they have him for 2 years @ $32m plus the franchise tag as leverage.
  12. What QB since Namath has had the temperament to play on the Jets? How many years since Namath have the Jets not had bottom 10 QB production? Watson will still have the signing bonus, it just won't count against the Jets cap. Watson had the temperament to beat Alabama for a national championship and put up the numbers he has behind the Texans' garbage o-line, win division titles in both full seasons when they didn't fire his head coach mid season. His temperament is coming into question because he doesn't want to play for a franchise run by a chaplain and because the argument against Watson
  13. I know the draft picks and cap room are valuable. We agree there. And the Jets will have draft picks and cap room to build around Watson. Here’s where we disagree Deshaun Watson is worth more than Zach Wilson, #34, ‘22 1st round pick, a ‘23 1st round pick, and their difference in cap hits. What Watson has done to start his career behind the terrible oline he’s had is unbelievable. If the Jets draft Wilson, there is a much better chance they are looking forward a new qb in 3 years than he’s a top 15 qb. Watson is a 25 year old top 3 qb and will have a lower cap hit than 5-10
  14. I was responding to someone else’s comparison. The packers would have traded 25 year old Rodgers for 25 year old Watson in a heartbeat. That’s the point.
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