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  1. Defenses play a majority of their snaps in nickel at this point with 2 LB on the field. It also seems like Saleh might be using 3 safety formations. I really hope they plan on bringing back Poole and upgrading our cornerbacks further, but it doesn't seem like the o-line or secondary are priorities in free agency. It's too bad because those position groups, along with QB, were the biggest contributing factors to a 2-14 record.
  2. Kris Jenkins could overpower 3 offensive linemen consistently in his prime. Multiple 1st all pro/pro bowl seasons. They both play interior d-line and had injuries before coming to the Jets. Their impact is not comparable.
  3. We've actually gotten significantly worse so far at CB with Poole still unsigned.
  4. no. it's not over yet, but he missed his chance to upgrade the o-line, and there were plenty of options other than thuney/linsley/williams. the secondary is actually worse today than before free agency started, but there are starters still available at corner and nickel that i assume he'll bring in. if you want to build through the draft, you should do your best to be able to draft bpa. if a lineman isn't the bpa in the 1st 2 rounds, hopefully it will be close because our line needs more talent.
  5. "The Jets are a great position financially right now," and in the same terrible position they were in to start the season at the offensive line and even worse in the secondary. I understand the cap works, and I understand that the Jets have had the opportunity to improve 2 of their weakest position groups (o-line and secondary) through free agency and haven't done it. So while you enjoy our great financial position and don't think there's a valid complaint about the way Douglas is doling out contracts, he hasn't doled them out to anyone that's going to make an impact in either of those positions. If he took advantage of signing bonuses and the certainty that the salary cap goes up every year, maybe the Jets would have a starter at either guard position instead of Lewis/GVR/Feeney or a starting caliber corner or nickelback going into the draft. As for the credit card question, it has nothing to do with Douglas failing at free agency 2 years in a row. If you knew as much about finance or the salary cap as you think you do, you wouldn't be asking stupid questions like that.
  6. The other 3 have no business starting. They aren’t now guys. They aren’t future guys. They are never guys. Every free agent signing doesn’t have to be part of the future. If he’s blocking for our qb, that helps the future.
  7. What about last offseason’s deals? Fant, Lewis, and GVR were all essentially 1 year deals.
  8. The reason teams backload deals is because they know the cap goes up every year. Frontloading deals like Douglas is doing gives you flexibility if the signing doesn't work out, but it also doesn't take full advantage of the cap space we have. A dollar committed to a future higher cap is worth less than a dollar committed to the current lower cap. If you're confident in the players you're signing, you can maximize cap value. Who are the guys Douglas is saving '22 cap room for? They aren't on the roster. There's definitely no one at guard or cornerback that should be taking up cap space that could be used to improve those positions this offseason. Maybe Douglas is concerned that Jarad Davis is going to turn into Fred Warner and command a huge contract. If only the NFL allowed teams to sign players for more than 1 year...
  9. He wasn’t. He started 16 games last year, but was cut for cap reasons. The Jets can draft players AND sign good players. They need a lot of talent and Douglas will be lucky to get 3 starters out of his first draft.
  10. What does that quote have to do with this? Are Alex Lewis, Greg Van Roten, or Dan Feeney part of the future of this team? Zeitler is better than any of them.
  11. It also means you'll never really get a great free agent signing. If a one year contract works out, you have to pay market value the next year. You'll also never add top talent through free agency. You can build through the draft and still do better than he's done in free agency so far.
  12. I like the Carl Lawson and Corey Davis signings. I think he had a few big misses though. How much more optimistic would the outlook be going into the draft if we made the following moves: -Sign Carl Lawson. -Sign Corey Davis. -Sign Jarrad Davis. -Sign Kevin Zeitler $27M/3yrs ($4.5M more than he got from the Ravens) -Sign Juju Smith Schuster $24M/2yrs ($16M more than he got from the Steelers) -Sign Jason Verrett $12M/2yrs ($7M more than he got from the 49ers) -Sign Brian Poole $10M/2yrs Cut Lewis and Crowder ($15.5M) Don't sign Keelan Cole ($5.5M) Don't sign Dan Feeney ($3.5M) I know hindsight is 2020, they know more than we do, and maybe they did make aggressive offers that weren't accepted, but this would have cost the Jets $7.5M more than what they've done so far. You go into the draft and can go BPA with every pick. I get the feeling Douglas wasn't prepared to adapt to some unexpected cuts and maybe a couple of the guys he hoped to sign were targeted more aggressively by other teams. There are still good CBs available to sign, so maybe he can fill in some holes there.
  13. We had one of the worst lines in the league last year and there hasn't been a move in free agency that will change that. I'm fine with Fant at RT if the guard positions are upgraded. I'm fine with McGovern at C because he does has a history of success and the Jets clearly believe in him. Becton is great at LT. I'm even OK with saying the line will improve through continuity (even with a new coaching staff) after putting 5 strangers on a line without a preseason last year. I have defended the o-line signings Douglas made last year. I'm not an anti-Douglas guy. But if the line is bad next year, it's because Douglas didn't do enough to upgrade one of our weakest position groups through free agency when there were plenty of options and resources to do so.
  14. I'm not talking about anyone that signed with the Chiefs. Verrett resigned with the 49ers. Zeitler signed with the Ravens. I think Douglas could have outbid them. Juju is still available.
  15. Sure, but I don't see why ANYONE would rather pay Feeney and GVR instead of outbidding the Ravens so that Zeitler didn't have to move his family out of NY. Would it be better to go into the draft with 2 holes at guard, or 1? Does ANYONE think that the team is better off heading into the draft with Feeney, Cole, Lewis and Crowder instead of Zeitler, Verrett, and Juju? Is there a significant difference in cap hits? Is there anyone on the Jets roster that couldn't be resigned next year or the year after if they signed Zeitler, Verrett, and Juju?
  16. Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson, Tom Brady, and Deshaun Watson, for that matter, have all played well behind bad offensive lines. Justin Herbert did it for a year. That doesn't mean that a majority of QBs can be successful behind bad offensive lines. I'm not talking about Thuney or Linsley or Trent Williams. I'm even taking centers off the table because Douglas believes in McGovern. There were plenty of linemen available that would have upgraded the guard position this offseason. It was a clear need for the Jets and so far we have no upgrade. If Fant or Lewis, or GVR, or any of the other guys that came in at guard had any examples of being successful before Sam Darnold ruined their ability to block, you might have a point. But then they probably would have signed for more than 1 year commitments, right?
  17. These 2 of these guys specifically had strong ties to the Jets. Verrett played great in Saleh's defense last year. Zeitler played for the Giants last year and has a family that said they loved living in NY. Juju doesn't have a team right now. Even if Douglas had to pay each of them $1M more/year than they got, the team would be much better off. You could pay for most of the signings by passing on Feeney and Cole and cutting Lewis. Juju would have been the best WR on the team last year. Verrett would have been our best CB. Zeitler would have been our 2nd best offensive lineman. Build through the draft doesn't mean avoid signing guys to reasonable deals that fit your system, fill a need, and upgrade your team.
  18. I didn't say that rookie QB's can't look good behind bad o-lines. I said putting rookies behind bad o-lines is a terrible plan, and everyone knows that. Do you think Dak would have developed into a franchise QB if he wasn't playing behind the Cowboys line? Someone said that a good QB can make a bad o-line look good. Yea, maybe Tom Brady getting the ball out quick. Herbert didn't make his o-line look good. Neither did Burrows. Wild that this is is a polarizing idea.
  19. The cupboard wouldn't be so bare if the free agency approach wasn't signing guys like Feeney and Cole, and keeping guys like Lewis and GVR instead of signing guys like Zeigler, Juju, and Verrett. How much less of a draft priority is OG if Zeigler, who fits the Jets blocking scheme and has been a top guard in this league, even on the giants garbage o-line? Verrett was a huge part of Saleh's 4th ranked passing defense last year. WR isn't a draft priority if Davis/Mims/Juju/Crowder are our top 4 receivers? Then you get to go BPA with your draft picks, which is why, along with not having to spend draft picks on QBs, is why good teams draft well. No one is saying Douglas should have given multi year deals to the guys willing to take 1 year deals. How much less cap space would the Jets have if they cut Lewis and instead of signing Feeney and Cole signed Zeigler, Juju, and Verrett? By the way, Zeigler is basically on a 2 year deal, Verrett is on a 1 year deal, and Juju is unsigned at only 24 years old. I've defended Douglas over and over again, but I don't see how people look at those 3 players and think, "Good thing Douglas stayed away from those guys."
  20. None of these guys would take a 1 year deal if any team thought they were worth investing in. Every other team looks at these guys as players that won't improve their chances of winning. Does anyone really think that signing Feeney, or not cutting Lewis or GVR is a better move than signing Zeigler? I was fine with it last year when it seemed like he was looking to sign place holders with little guaranteed money after the first year in case he hit on a guy like Fant or GVR, he'd have a position locked up on a below market contract. I don't think any Jets fan is expecting Fant, Lewis, or GVR to be a difference maker on this team next year. I also give Douglas a pass on the Khalil signing. There were no other centers available and he became the GM at the end of the offseason.
  21. That's not the point at all. The point is that Douglas has the cap room to sign talent worthy of long term commitments. Instead he's signing guys to one year deals who would obviously rather have multi year deals, but no team is willing to make that investment because they aren't that good. Fant, Lewis, GVR, Feeney, etc. He hasn't hit on these contracts yet. Maybe this year will be different, but I would have rather him signed a guy like Zeitler to a long term contract and locked up a guard position with a legitimate starter.
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