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  1. Definitely progress, game winning drive...in addition he had to run for his life on several occasions just to throw the ball away and not take a sack. He was sacked one time. Could have been 5 at least if not for his mobility. Sometimes he was back peddling still, he needs to step up in the pocket to avoid pass rush. Very bad play was taking a chance throwing deep and getting intercepted when already in field goal range.
  2. Why did he continue to try and throw deep when he cant move and less then 3 seconds of protection. Throwing 52 times gave Bengals to many opportunities for Flacco to fumble. Should have dinked and dunked like last year.
  3. Flacco cant be throwing 50 times per game. How about a draw play once in a while and maybe a roll out instead of being a statue and fumbling.
  4. I agree being a Jets fan, the refs were against us with some BS calls...If the Browns and Coach did not suck more then us that bomb to Davis and neither subsequent dink and dunk plays ever happen. Do you think any defense in the AFC east (our division) lets that happen. It usually just happens to us. So was it really Flacco or the Browns, the only team with worse history then the Jets. This was one in a million for Flacco with a 0.1% chance. It should have been garage time like he did against the Ravens. Do you think he could do this again and again lol.
  5. With only Berrios. They have added TEs and Wilson and Hall who caught 3 TDs. The skilled positions are night and day from last year.
  6. Pretty good = 17 points in 58 minutes? 17 points does not win in the league any more. Well at least he was better then against the Ravens. The remaining 2 minutes could be considered garbage time but instead given a miracle starting with Chubb forgetting to just kneel down. If he does kneel the final score is 24-17. The bad tackling was from the DL in 2nd half and a lot of it was trying the rip the ball out in 4Q to get offense the ball back.
  7. If the Jets lost this Cleveland game, which was really miracle win and should have lost, everyone would be screaming that Joe Flacco sucks. Nothing has changed really or do you believe in weekly miracles. Zach needs to play and the sooner the better so at least we know what he is really. If he is not playing well then put back in Flacco or White or Streveler and JD will need to draft another QB, period.
  8. In the first 2 games I feel the refs have given ticky-tack penalties against the Jets offense. This was especially true on long runs and did not see any holding penalty at all. Those penalties put you behind the chains and tough to over come. The Ravens and Browns seem to have holding penalties not called if you watch the replays. If you wipe out those penalties the Jets sure look like the better team on the field.
  9. Streveler was entertaining and showed mobility. Flacco and White are very boring to watch and dont go off-script at all. So if going to loose anyway I rather be entertained.
  10. The Jets better just run the ball and not fumble. This would be progress. I dont need too see Flacco throw the ball even 20 times. I hope Saleh has been getting that point home and Hall and Conklin each were given a ball to hold for the week. If team is not moving the ball and not converting 3rd downs, Flacco needs to be replaced immediately.
  11. I agree, Flacco should only see the field if there is no one else left to play QB. I rather see Streveler or White at QB just to see what they look like in real games. Saleh needs to get some balls and make a change at the QB position even if it means narrowing down the playbook.
  12. This is a must win just to calm down all the craziness from the media and the fans after one game. Did anyone really expect playoffs?? Saleh and Lafleur should think hard about whether Flacco really gives them the best chance to win when he has not done won in so long.
  13. Saleh talks too much to the media and says ridiculous things sometimes. Starting to feel the pressure. He needs to step up and be a head coach on the field and make better adjustments in real time. I am not really sure why he is still going with Flacco who is way past his prime and no OL protection. Even Flacco kids know he stinks.
  14. Saleh needs to show some anger with his players on the sidelines. This only time he was angry was at the officials for holding call on Cager. He showed a little in the post game press conference. Somethings need to be fixed quickly like the OL protection. If he cant get this fixed then the choice is to put in a more mobile QB and make quicker reads. He must make sure the team practices in all types of weather conditions. He needs to fix the drop passes and fumbles and missed kicks and punts. The weather cant be used as an excuse for this team. This is not California or a dome, we play in miserable weather conditions; rain, wind, cold, snow, etc. especially in the east. I really dont think Zach will do much better if the coach does not address how to fix these issues.
  15. The Jets were 2/14 on 3rd down. This is the QB's fault. They need to move the chains by running and check downs as needed. Did you see Flacco try a QB sneak, he went straight into the DL and backwards. How many games has Flacco won in last 3 years?? Mike White was cut by how many teams and had one good game and cant run either. Something needs to change at the QB position. Might as well try everyone and anyone.
  16. Cant be missing FGs in this league. At least Pineiro was consistent last season. We accurate need kicker to make FGs from the 50 and in. Who cares if they make beyond 50 once in a while. We always let accurate kickers go...Akers, Folk and now Pineiro.
  17. Need a QB that can play at a hi-level and can run and move the chains on 3rd down. Kicking really sucks. Defense held up for the most part. Need to score TDs and not turn the ball over to win.
  18. Need a qb who can run when needed...start Streveler.
  19. Woody/JD told Saleh to say Zach might start game 1 to sell tickets to home opener.
  20. Did not he say needed to rip off the bandaid for Zach to start...he ripped it off for us when he said Steelers so don't need to answer every week as Flacco and White suck. Can Saleh get 60% smarter?
  21. I don't think Saleh had any intention of starting Zach week one after he was injured but week 4? He kept raving about Joe Flacco over and over as a starter in this league. The injury gave him an excuse and Zach has not practiced in weeks. Now plan is week 4. I am not sure Saleh wants to have his career tied to Wilson at this point. If Flacco lays an egg against the Ravens then start Streveler following week at least he has some mobility and you never know might catch lightning in a bottle. He was the best QB we seen this year in preseason.
  22. Coaching in NFL is key to QB's and Teams. O'Brien had Joe "pick your nose" Walton and Marino had Don Shula. Sure Marino was better but Shula made him a HOF. In spite of Walton, O'Brien had some really good seasons.
  23. Week 1 at Home, they will to beat the Ravens. Jets must stop the run and key on Jackson and hit him again and again. Hit him low when tackling and on fake runs and lets see how the ankle is doing. Our play makers are better than the Ravens except for Jackson. Ravens were middle of the pack last year on offense and defense. Only TE Andrews is a concern. New secondary should contain WRs if Saleh mixes coverages sometimes to confuse Jackson and get some picks. We will know right after the first few possessions in the 1st quarter if the Jets defensive line will hold up.
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