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  1. @football guy do u have any idea how the coaches feel about Wesco ? I feel like gase had no idea how to use him. He can surprise as our FB
  2. I would love for Tucker to be available , but I doubt he falls .
  3. Lol we r taking Wilson. Time to move figure out picks 23 and 34
  4. No shot !!!! Trevor has the Playbook and follows every Jaguars player ! Urban Meyer only took job for him. Baker Went 1 because there wasn’t a number 1 QB ranked that year
  5. @football guy one guy I’m intrigued by for RB is Jake Funk . Have u heard anything on him ? I know he isn’t a household name
  6. @football guy I have seen about 4 live games of Zach on Tv and fell in love with him. Accuracy is awesome even on screens ! I know that sounds dumb but have u ever seen some QBs throw screens lol . I love his attitude , he loves watching film on NFL QBs ! Some prospects don’t even watch NFL games. He is a film junkie. I’m so excited
  7. @football guycan u find out who went to Fields prodsy today ? I have a feeling it was only assistant coaches and not Joe D . No info though on it
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