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  1. I think if Wilson is there at 10 .. he will be their pick .
  2. I literally come on here to look for @Mogglezand @football guy messages lol .
  3. Oh it’s ok !! I’m not trying to break news lol . I just want to know who we are interested in . I’ll just say it’s coming from a guy that makes awesome breakdown videos on twitter around the League
  4. To be fair this is not true . Beginning of February people still thought we were keeping Darnold . 2nd people are still assuming we are taking ikem also . But WAtever I’m not here to break news . Just wanted to share what he told me .
  5. I didn’t ask about 10 ! I would assume WR if it’s thibs and if sauce … Jermaine Johnson.
  6. Take this however u want !! One of the football media guys I privately message says it’s going to thibs or sauce ! He gave me the BeCton pick and wilson pick way beforehand. He close with joe and hasn’t steered me wrong yet
  7. I wanted CD and this year I want Garett Wilson !! I hope he is the pick over London
  8. @football guy any chance we get Myles Jack ? Salah and ulbrich both coached him
  9. Patrick Ricard Fullback on ravens and DJ jones DT niners
  10. Love DJ Jones and Ricard . Is it only 1of the safety’s ? Or can they possibly sign one and Edmunds
  11. He never plays . Rather other guards
  12. @football guy hmmm odds on Cooper to jets increased in Vegas … maybe they pull it off lol
  13. rather sauce then Hamilton
  14. @football guy walker scares me ! His workout doesn’t match his production .
  15. @football guy do u believe the Jensen rumors ? I mean Douglas did scout him on ravens and McGovern is in his last year
  16. I love Johnson ! Ikem and Johnson would be a homerun but I doubt it happens
  17. I love Jermaine Johnson
  18. @football guy it won’t happen but JC , a safety like whitehead/edmunds and a FA Tightend but be great . Jets could go into draft wide open . I’m starting to warm up to ikem at 4 and Jermaine Johnson at 10
  19. Where can I sign up for Moore , Davis , Ridley , Berrios and Njoku
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