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  1. Yep, the defensive line of Derek Wolfe, Sylvester Williams and Malik Jacksons combined 13.5 sacks that year really led them to the SB. You could ask Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Brandon Marshall, Danny Trevathan, Aquib Talib, Chris Harris Jr, and TJ Ward though. Try again
  2. I love how you got downvoted so much. How many Super Bowls do the Rams have with Aaron Donald the best defensive player in the league? I'll wait for everyone who gave you a downvote to respond.....
  3. You don't need 1st round picks to build a team. In fact, statistically, if the Jets took all 4 1st round picks the next two years only 2 of them will actually wind up being a contributing starter. And less than 1 of them would be a Pro Bowl player. You build your team rounds 3-7. If you sign 1 big time FA per year or trade for one you're basically substituting that as your 1st round talent except the bust rate is much lower with an established FA. The Jets have 4 picks in the next 2 1st rounds and what you're telling me is that if they give up 1 this year, a 3rd this year (they have 2), a
  4. This is good news for the Jets, not bad. This all but eliminates any teams besides the Jets and Dolphins in the quest to trade for Watson. Unless Houston is willing to take future 1st round picks 2-4 years down the road, which I doubt they will. I do think the winning bid will be: 2021 #2 overall 2021 3rd rd pick 2022 1st rd pick 2023 1st rd pick This is the deal that the Lions got for Stafford with the #2 overall pick being put in on top of that. This actually provides clarity to a potential Watson deal.
  5. Lol. A lot of people midway thru the season thought the Rams were favorites to win the SB. They finished 10-6 and now they just upgraded the QB position by quite a bit. They will be one of the betting favorites to win the SB next year.
  6. When you consider that they haven't had a 1st round pick the last 4 years yet they're 43-21 with 2 division titles and a SB appearance over that same time period with an average QB you realize how overrated 1st round picks are pretty quickly.
  7. I don't think the Texans would be willing to take any contracts back bc they are in such terrible cap shape. I think it's all draft picks. I do see the Texans being willing to take a lesser pick in 2022 in order to dump a couple of veteran contracts. Mercillus and Cooks would fit 2 needs for the Jets on basically 1 year deals.
  8. Name all of the long term winning franchises who didn't have long term franchise QB's. I'll wait
  9. You can surround a piece of sh*t with a steak, shrimp and lobster but ultimately you're still eating sh*t at some point.
  10. If I'm Carolina and I'm serious about bringing Watson in I'm offering #8, 2021 2nd, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2024 1st. With the talent they already have those 3 other 1st round picks will likely be at least in the low 20's. Especially with Brees gone soon. The Jets would have to beat something like that.
  11. FWIW, I watched a random interview with Leigh Steinberg earlier, who is Tua's agent, who said the Dolphins have not talked to Tua about possibly being involved in a trade and that he expects Tua to be a big part of the Dolphins future.
  12. The difference between pick #2 and #3 is huge in my opinion. #2 allows you to take the best QB remaining. If you trade for #3 you are at the mercy of the Jets who need a QB sitting at #2 or will trade that pick to a team that needs a QB. #2 guarantees you get your guy.
  13. If you would be willing to take a rookie QB at #2 and not use it for a top 5 bonafide franchise QB on a team friendly deal for the next 4 years then this statement is invalid.
  14. Schefter laid out what the issues were without getting real in depth. He said multiple players on the Texans feel the same way Watson does. He said Watson had dinner with McNair after BOB got fired and was told he would be included in the discussions regarding GM and HC. They agreed to let a search firm weed out the GM candidates and then last minute fired the firm and went with Caserio who wasn't on the firms list of potential GM's. That's when Watson requested the trade b/c he was lied to. The other issue was that Watson found out about the Hopkins trade via twitter. The Texans ownersh
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