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  1. Terrible news, pray he is not paralyzed, awful awful news
  2. Some things are more important than winning football games, hard pass
  3. dude, you realize there is a difference between anabolic steroids being prescribed for HRT which is legal, and a professional sports league saying you cannot take them? And did Cano go to jail, or get suspended for his use? Come on man, I don't mind arguing and debating, but do better than this please
  4. Thanks, if I ever become a doctor, I will take your advice and send any drug users to a detox clinic rather than monitor them, but that doesnt change the facts of what is going on in the world.
  5. Youre arguing a completely different point than I made, and you are also arguing with someone who is vaccinated. So I guess you just like to argue
  6. I never said the dr is prescribing them, but if a patient comes in and says I am taking steroids and would like you to monitor my health, the dr is not doing anything wrong. Just like if a heroin patient comes in to a dr and says I am taking heroin, can you monitor my health, the dr can do so without breaking the law. And anabolic steroids are absolutely prescribed for HRT by doctors, but that is not what athletes are doing
  7. Of course you can die from Covid, don't be silly. But if you look at 20-30 year old healthy people with no co-morbidities, who are not obese and in good health, you will see the odds of dying are in the ballpark of dying from a car crash or less
  8. Im not talking about the 70's, I am talking about modern times. Also note, there is an enormous difference between a dr prescribing and providing PED's to an athlete, and monitoring their intake and levels while on it. I am not naive at all, because you don't like what I post, doesnt mean I don't know what I am talking about.
  9. Its with the same link that proves they would not have died in a car accident in the last two weeks
  10. The majority of projfessional athletes who are taking PED's are doing it under dr supervision, like it or not. Yes, and we know the good and bad with Heroin as well, its mostly bad. Steroids have a lot of good if they are used properly
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