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  1. Is that good or bad for Fields as it pertains to this argument? asking for a friend
  2. Have we ruled out that the driver of the car who hit Knapp wasn't a BB hit man?
  3. When you have a good coach and a good team, its open every year.
  4. We had Leon Hess followed by Woody Johnson as owners, horrible owners = horrible franchise = horrible results The results would be much worse if not for the years when Woody actually let football people run things, but he rushed the football people out as soon as possible so he could have a say. Enjoy
  5. Hes probably not, but that is not what we should be aspiring to achieve. We know what Rex is, which is nowhere near good enough.
  6. There is currently no statistic that isolates a QB's performance from the entire offense which includes playcalling and personnel. Any of these metrics are offensive statistics. They are pointless and mean nothing. Anyone who understands even a shred of football and/or statistics would understand this.
  7. Mangini had some legitimate flaws, but we hired him very young and he showed some real promise. His ultimate undoing here was he didnt kiss Woodys ass and let Woody do whatever he wanted, and the fanbase hated him because he was too boring. He got blackballed from the league for what he did to BB. The guy set us up for the best run of my lifetime, even though I am not sure he himself would have made that run had he stayed.
  8. come up with an outside the box idea to replace the Johnsons, till then, nothing really matters
  9. Did he? I was under the impression he was part of committee who picked coach with ownership, but if he unilaterally picked the coach then yes, completely agree its on him
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