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  1. PolyDoge is up over 150% since I posted it. This has enormous potential
  2. Shiba has been on fire, I was going to put a few hundred into that one a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to pay the gas fees at the time and it would have been up like 2000% from where I could have gotten it.
  3. It’s a little tricky buying on Matic network, need to bridge from ETH network to Matic.
  4. PolyDoge up over 50% since I posted about it, I guess Tom took my advice
  5. The alt coins are fun, never know when they will get momentum and moon. Matic Polygon seems to have some momentum right now
  6. Matic network, meta mask wallet, quick swap
  7. A new coin just came out on the Matic network called PolyDoge, I think it could be as big if not bigger than Doge. I’m putting a few hundred into it.
  8. This would be the only thing more jetsey than rex beating the jets week 17 to keep us out of the playoffs with a D3 college roster because of injuries
  9. Is Cox a deep threat? Asking for a friend
  10. If Fields drops, grab him at 23 and let Wilson and Fields battle it out
  11. If he was happy about it, I would question his desire to win vs. just flat out taking a paycheck. This place is where QB's come to die.
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