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  1. If Watson is as good as everyone thinks he is, and multiple teams want him and are willing to trade huge hauls for him, Texans have plenty of leverage. Lets not act like Houston has to trade him, and the Jets are the only possible suitors. Thats not the case at all.
  2. For the record, I’m not anti-Watson at all. For the right comp I’d love to have him. but I’ll play along. first off, I’m not taking Wilson, too “pasty” for me. I’ll trade back and take fields who is not “pasty” at all and I think the better player. with those picks I accumulate, plus the ones you mention, I take OL, WR, Edge. Best prospects I can. In addition, I use FA money saved on corner. I believe fields will be a better east coast qb thank Watson. So for me this is easy.
  3. This is undoubtedly when things will heat up in either direction. Catch 22 here, If one of the Qbs look great, do you still trade for Watson? If none look good, can you still get Watson....
  4. If that’s the price, I’m all in. That won’t be anywhere near the price though I believe
  5. This really depends on what you have to give up for either. If its the same type of comp, you absolutely go for Watson, he is 7 years younger. If the comp is considerably cheaper, which I would not expect, you get Wilson.
  6. If BB really wanted to play Jedi mind games with JD, he would absolutely call and offer a trade, interested or not. Its even more of a mind hump if he doesnt want him and is trying to get JD to think there is something worth keeping
  7. What’s odd is your hypersensitivity to anyone who doesn’t see this as a great trade.
  8. Id be happy with any outcome that led to the Jets being really good
  9. I understand both sides of this argument, and I understand why some would say trade everything it takes to get him. It would not be my preference at all. If they do it, I will root hard for him and for it to work, but I'd prefer not to go this route and prefer to try to build a good young core and have cheap pieces and a lot of draft picks and cap space to fill in gaps with. IMO, neither is a sure thing and their are pros and cons to both approaches.
  10. What it says to me is you could learn a little humility. Declaring your opinions, which is what they are, are right, shows zero humility. In life, humility can be a god thing. I have respected your opinion despite disagreeing with it. You on the other hand have not respected mine. Enjoy.
  11. Funny, I say I disagree with your opinion, you say my opinion is wrong..... Carry on, you clearly know more than anyone else. How is Josh Allen working out these days?
  12. You do realize that Joe Namath played his entire Jets career crippled, the way the original poster was defining him? He had a terrible knee injury at Alabama and played in the NFL without the ability to get it fixed back then. And the NFL was not nice to QB's back then. Namath is in the conversation for the greatest QB to ever play, so your sensitivity over Watson, which is beyond strange, is saying one of the greatest QB to ever play the game is way better than Watson means someone hates Watson? Your strange dude.
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