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  1. This reads like this: I don't understand why OJ is considered a bad guy 1) He got married to a woman 2) the glove didnt fit 3) He plays a lot of golf What am I missing?
  2. You guys love to way overcomplicate this. Get really good coaches in here and let them figure it out. We don't need to model ourselves after anyone, we need good coaches and a good GM who can work together to develop a team rowing in sync. We have neither. Youre not going to model after a good franchise with a bad coaching staff and bad gm
  3. Awesome, and Ill still say drafting ZW had zero to do with Jet blue, just like if the 49ers would have traded with us for the pick and drafted him, it woudl have had nothing to do with jet blue
  4. Imagine if Trey Lance was the QB here and sat a year, put up the numbers he did, then got hurt for the year, would you be talking about his merit? LOL Your take that ZW got drafted by the Jets becasue of Jet Blue is another atrocious take you have, of many.... Jets are incompetent enough to explain their failures, we don't need dumb conspiracy theories, do you happen to also be a big Qannon guy?
  5. Its not that shocking, he had bad coaching, then he got good coaching, we went from bad to good, thats what bad coaching to good coaching does. There is a reason we have had sh*t QB play forever, we have had sh*t coaching
  6. Woody is and always has been the problem. If this fan base turned on the owner in the same way they turned on Sanchez, Geno Smith, Darnold and now Wilson, and were as vocal about Woody as they were these young QB's, Woody would likely change his ways. Hes a nerd who above all wants to be liked, this is why he hires weak ass coaches and gm's who make him feel liked. The average Jet fan, which is well represented by this site, lets Woody off the hook by pitting their hatred on the young QB instead of Woody, and by doing so actually allow Woody to continue to run the Jets like a mickey mouse organization while making sh*t loads of money in the process.
  7. Who sponsors the 49ers that made the 49ers chose Trey Lance over Justin Fields? And does Jet Blue sponsor the 49ers becuase they would have loved to pick ZW over Trey Lance and would have given up picks to do so
  8. its amazing to me how a year ago at this time Jones was total sh*t and the Giants needed a QB, now they get a really good coach and we want to steal the QB from the Giants, who was complete sh*t a year ago. Only in Jetland
  9. Anyone preferring Carr over Rodgers because of a fear of ZW needs their head examined, its one of the more idiotic takes on JN, congrats for getting to that level
  10. We also need to make sure if we select someone, we have the right people in the building to bring them along. Most QB's need coaching and NFL development. Selection and development go hand and hand
  11. This goes back to my exact point, who in the building knows what the hell they are doing with the QB position. When we selected ZW, who was evaluating him? Obviously scouts did, but you need way more than just scouts to evaluate the QB. You need a HC or someone on the Offensive staff who knows what they are looking at, and how the player fits into what they want to do offensively. I remember reading back at the draft that Saleh could not go to evaluate ZW personally, and MLF did and spoke highly of him, JD has no history with the QB position to fall back on. If the Jets are serious about getting a QB, they need to bring someone into the fold who knows what they are doing with the QB, we still don't have that as far as I can tell.
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