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  1. Honestly, I rooted for Darnold, but Jones is a far better QB IMO
  2. I honestly think Jones can be a good QB. He has some things he needs to fix, but he has talent. If Zach fails this year, and Giants move on, I would have no problem with the Jets giving him a shot to compete for a job.
  3. Nothing like sitting around for hours finding out who we get to hate from tonight on out. Bad 3 cone's, terrible competition, atrocious positional value, bring it on with spicy food and alcohol!
  4. Raiders owner said he would welcome him with open arms, I hope they sign him. if he can still play at this level, he should.
  5. This is kind of like when the big players manipulate the market to make the little guy buy an equity or asset, and then get the liquidity they need to dump their asset. The litttle guy gets crushed. The NFL is the big player here and the Jets are little guy who is about to get crushed
  6. But wait, I thought DK had like the worst athleticism in the history of the NFL draft based on his 3 cone?
  7. tanny with Mangini was very good tanny with rex was a disaster Idik with Rex was a disaater mangini > Rex
  8. many of top QBs right now were not drafted top 10, some were, but many were not
  9. Serious question, when was the last time we had a GM or Hc with ant track record of picking or developing a QB? people act like coaching has no bearing on the success or failure of a QB and they couldnt be more wrong. There are reasons why certain coaches have developed multiple QBs and why others have never. The QB is one variable in the equation, not the entire equation. The college game is so different than the nfl game its not even funny. If zw doesnt work out, which i think is far from concluded, the jets have got to get people in the process with a track record of selecting and developing a QB before giving a regime a second chance.
  10. he was worse than 80 by a lot. basically think of a thread about mosely having a good game, or something comp;letely unrelated to wilson. he would pop in and turn it into wilson is the worst qb to ever play, anyone who beleives in wilson invented covid, and he is the smartest qb analyst on earth because he loved mac jones over wilson. than 80 would upvote him. not joking. but poor him, he was asked to tone it down a notch so he left licking his wounds
  11. stop, just because you agree with his topic of trolling, doesnt change fact he is a troll. when you spray diarrhea all over every thread, regardless of the topic, your trolling
  12. lol, so his feelings got hurt and hes off licking his wounds, but he still has you at least
  13. I find your take on zw to be really puzzling. you were one who historically asked for talent to be put around a qb to fairly judge them. you wanting him to sling the ball around without a proper grasp on the offense, doesnt make it right. IMO he shoukd have sat this year like Mahomes did, his offense was so different, our o line is suspect and we have weak WR's. that said, i get you have a small eval window. will zw get it? got me, but i sure as hell hope so. i saw improvement even as the offensive situation got much worse. i see very few saying its a sure thing he will be great, i see many more assuring he is a bust. nobody knows how much he will improve this offseason, and a lot of that is up to the work he puts in. declaring him a bust, makes no logical sense to me for a jets fan unless you have another dog in the race, which many here do for various reasons
  14. i learned a while ago the worst thing to do as a fan is to get too invested against a player on my favorite team. once this happens, particularly in the age of message boards. you start rooting against the player out of a desire to be right, above your fandom of the team. several here fit in that category on ZW. They wanted a different QB in the draft and now are hell bent on being right, and lose objectivity. its a lose lose because at the end of the day nobody gives a crap about anyone being right on a jets message board.
  15. Prayers to you and your family, you guys are in my families thoughts for sure.
  16. Zach is wise way beyond his years. He understood that losing this game would get us a draft pick probably 3-4 slots higher. He could have won, but he chose to get the draft pick
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