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  1. 35 minutes ago, football guy said:

    I think it will be close between Chase, Waddle, and Toney. They want YAC playmakers and all of them have it. I think Chase is the most complete receiver of the bunch and Douglas will be attracted to the old-school scout things: size, length, versatility, etc. Being said, I could easily see some of the Shanahan guys wanting Waddle. He's a smaller-but-faster version of Deebo Samuel. 

    As for Smith, I don't think would be as high up despite how good he played this year. 

    The one player you didn't mention is Kyle Pitts. If he's available and the Jets move down to 8, I have a hard time seeing them passing him up. 


    Ultimately, this offseason will be all about DE and WR. They'll beef up the line a little bit too but I don't expect them to totally redo it like they did last year. More like add 1-2 guys and only draft a guy high if he's the BPA. 

    As far as DE targets, do you know if they’re targeting guys like Okwara/Lawson?

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