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  1. I understand you want to get rid of Sam Darnold and draft a new quarterback in this year’s draft. I agree with you that Sam Darnold’s quarterback play has been inconsistent and led to the Jets having losing seasons over the past three years. Even when Darnold went 7-6 last season, you are right; the Jets had one of the easiest schedules in the entire league. I think it's good that you have such passion for watching and rooting for the Jets and want nothing but for them to win games. I would, however, prefer that the Jets keep Sam Darnold and trade the number two overall draft pick for a bunch
  2. I agree with you, I think Wilson is the best in the class. I've been wondering if the Jets have Wilson rated higher than Lawrence. I'd bet that Douglas would draft Lawrence if we had the number one pick
  3. So does Joe Douglas and the FO/coaching staff actually have a higher grade on Zach Wilson than they did on Darnold? Or are they simply just taking Wilson because they don't expect a FMV trade down opportunity? To me, suddenly people are acting like this guy Wilson is the second coming of Patrick Mahomes and that's funny. Who would you compare Wilson to and what is his floor and ceiling? Thanks, you are definitely the guy for information and know your stuff!
  4. I just listened to it too and agree with you. I can understand some misinterpreting it because the "Ozzie" way is not to spend big and building through the draft. Those who wanted Douglas to spend 60-70 million dollars of the cap in the first 2 days of free agency are obviously let down. I understand the Watson assumption because when Pauline was asked if they weren't spending because of Watson, he said no. I think the panic that many Jets fans are currently experiencing is comical, just like these people who are concerned about a statement by Tony Pauline, someone who hasn't had a good
  5. Awesome post with great information! I agree with you in thinking that the Jets FO will keep Sam. I'm curious if you heard how the Jets rank the Quarterbacks in the draft? I assume Lawrence would be #1, followed by Wilson, Fields, Lance?? I honestly think the Jets should keep Sam and give him one last chance to succeed with talent and a competent coaching staff around him. What would be worse for Douglas... draft Wilson and trade Sam - Wilson struggles, and Sam looks like a pro-bowler. OR, keep Sam - he stinks, and Wilson looks great. I would think the first scenario would be worse for Dougla
  6. It was absolutely the right thing to do, especially being a team in need of a proper rebuild. You don't draft a safety at 6 overall and try to build a defense around one, just not the smart thing to do. Now lets hope Douglas can make use of those picks and find some talented players for our team.
  7. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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