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  1. Yes! and as others have already said, stability going into year 2 is great for the entire team. We have so many 1st and 2nd yr players who are actually starting it's fantastic to have the same HC on down. Another part that sucks with a new regime is all the "our new HC has no loyalty to such and such a player" or "our new GM didn't draft Zack and probably wants his own guy in here" blah blah blah. We finally get to avoid all that crap. I get the feeling our GM and coaches love our players and will encourage them and support them 100%. And for that matter, our players seem to really l
  2. I kinda agree with football guy on Carolina. They seem to be super aggressive (desperate maybe???) to land a FQB. They know they messed up giving Sam his 5th yr and are kinda stuck with him for another season, or maybe not...it's just money right? But they are the one team to be openly doing anything in their power to solve the FQB puzzle. Or maybe Carolina was genius giving Sam his 5th, making him tradeable as part of the Waston deal? Can't believe the Texans would have any interest in Sam, but then again I was surprised the Panthers coughed up good draft cap for him. I really hope
  3. LOL NY Jets are Leons Baby and Sheldon Silver sh*t all over them...ruined their shot at a brand new stadium. I heard Leon was so mad he was throwing fire balls all over the place and asked Satan if he can barrow his pitchfork. I was just connecting the dots!
  4. Should probably keep this sh*t in house like Ik and Geno did.
  5. Not sure what's worse for him. Alive in prison, or dead in hell having Lean Hess yelling at you 24/7/365/infinity
  6. I remember when Josh Allen was drafted we all laughed, especially after landing Sam Darnold. Don't know who the Bills' GM was who saw something in Allen, but I wish we had that here. I recall at the time the Bills saying the liked Josh due to his big arm that can throw the ball thru the snow and winds at their stadium. Hats off to them.
  7. As well as the Bills played in the POs including last night even with the OT loss probably gives the team and the fans hope for the future. They showed they belong and will be in the thick of it for years to come.
  8. I wish TV showed these incursions....half the time these are more entertaining than the actual game
  9. Both teams had a full 60 mins to make plays and AVOID OT. How about sudden death OT like in hockey but with FGs? Any FG format you want. Say home team goes first, has 5 trys for a 50yrd FG. Away team goes next. Kicker with the most 50 yarders wins the game. Still tied? Move to 55 yarders. Bet we see kickers getting drafted before the 5th round!
  10. edit: Please let me expound. Teams paying 2nd (and beyond) contracts to their FQB spend 25% of their entire salary cap to one single player. Their FQB. Compare that to teams like the Jets, Bengals, etal paying their QBs rookie deals in the $8-9/yr range. This gives teams like (us) AN EXTRA $37 MILLION DOLLARS of cap space to build in each grouping. Oline needs a playmaker? SIGN HIM. Offense needs another true #1 WR? SIGN HIM. Top TE? SIGN HIM. Back up players who kill themselves on special teams needs an extra $10m to sign some great gunners, kick returners, kicker? SIGN THEM UP! This is why i
  11. GBs special teams lost this one. Getting a short FB blocked, AND having punt blocked and ran back for 7 killed them in a tight game. Using a 1st round pick on a backup QB aside, this game kind of shows how hard it is to pay/field a solid team when you're paying one guy over $47m/yr.
  12. 9ers may be the only team whose odds of winning a SB improves if their starting QB goes down in the NFCCG
  13. Like you I loved Z's 55yrd scramble but let's be honest....at least 3 jags pulled up (vs planting Z into next week). What's with Jags #38 running alongside Z for the last 5 yrds? Are players really THAT scared of leveling a QB, even one who's running wild? If those Jag players were on our D we'd have run them out of town!
  14. I wonder if the Jets want DC with a strong opinion of how to build/run a Defense.......or just someone who is really good at building/running a Robert Saleh defense. A 'good yes man' vs a true innovator. Thoughts?
  15. Disrupt the play before it can get started with strong Edge and DT play (Saleh's preferred) IF YOU CAN GET THE RIGHT PLAYERS, or just do your best on the Dline and put your money in the backend with a shutdown DB. Dont need BOTH Arron Donald AND Derrel Revis, but you need at least one. So if FA fails to get us strong Edge help AND both top Edge guys are gone by #4, then ya, gotta get help somewhere, might as well be DB. Maybe even Kyle (S). If either top Edge guy fall to 4, you can cross DB (and Kyle) off the list.
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