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  1. joe and company went to visit The Aaron in his cave...worked out pretty good. it's now time to send Clemens out to meet the GB talking head. When they stop shaking and looking like a bobblehead dolls. Clemons starts with "We're sending you our 2024 third for Aaron, Are there any questions? Didn't think so....Sign here. DOIT"
  2. I guess part of it is perspective. I listen to Stern, who is the biggest know-it-all blow heart ever created. Then I listen to Rogan. Rogan's approach is the opposite of Howard's...Joe asks a ton of questions like he's learning this stuff for the first time. He takes his listeners on a journey.
  3. If I could have lunch with any 3 people, it'd be Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and Dave Chappelle. Rogan da man! Give him a try.
  4. Something tells me our young bucks (Sauce, Garrett, Breece, at al) would love to be the weekly focus of a national tv show.
  5. Before I pick our primetime games, lemme check to see when the Disney is showing Heidi re-runs
  6. Pretty sure the only player we'll have in the secondary come game day is Sauce. Everyone else will be moved to the d-line or traded to Seattle for 2 firsts 😁
  7. civil forfeiture and 'hate speech' crimes are two things I'm surprised haven't been struck down yet.
  8. So when these other QBs started finding new teams (Carr, G, etc) it looked bad for our Plan B. But another way to look at it is it helps our Plan A (Rogers). The more teams that find their QB, the fewer teams for Greenbay to approach for a Rogers trade (if the Jets won't overpay). There was a rumor that Rogers only wanted to go to 2 AFC teams...Jets and one other (Saints?). But now that Saints have settled on Carr, the Packers can't get the Jets and the Saints into a bidding war. Now, it's Jets or no one. LOL edit: Saints/Raiders
  9. Great point.....never thought of that one. But you're right....Commiss hates loose ends and most likely has already reached out to both sides to finish it up, if only for the reason you stated. Good catch! Edit: How funny would it be if the league scheduled Rogers and the Jets for like 5 prime time games, then Rogers fall thru and it's Zack Wilson on prime time all season long 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Starting ZW in year 3 has always been the plan since the moment we drafted him 2nd overall. Woody told Douglas to get a Vet QB in here for 2023....an attempt to go off the reservation and find a top QB NOW. Joe's trying. If it falls thru, then yep, back to Plan A.
  11. Yup...and probably why Joe Douglas is holding onto his draft picks...we'll need a ton of players on rookie deals just to survive down the road.....and to replace some of our own stars we won't be able to keep
  12. Rogers probably not showing up until 4 hours before kickoff anyway so we got like 5 months to just chill and watch the Packers squirm.
  13. OBJ never demanded $20m per. He said he'd be fine with $19.9m per. Geeeze.
  14. Yeah. All good stuff. I've heard a lot of talking head giving Joe Douglas grief for not getting an iron clad agreement with GB before approaching Aaron. To me, it's six of one, half dozen of the other. If JD had gotten an agreement with GB before talking to Aaron, and then Aaron starts his yearly "I need more time to decide what I want to do", these same talking heads would be like "Why didn't JD talk to Aaron BEFORE getting in bed with GB??? Aaron deciding if he wants to play is a much bigger question than what draft pick GB will want in trade". Either way, Joe D was going to get criticized....
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