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  1. How different our draft may have gone if the Texans, picking 3rd, had gone with the 'other DB', Sauce Gardner. We would be sitting here right now debating if Ik Ekuonu should start, and if Fant should be retained as a swing tackle or traded.
  2. LOL Saleh would throw Zack over his shoulder and RUN! He doesn't run them stadium stairs just to get knocked out!
  3. Jets' QB room just added 4 steel dead bolts with a panic room in the back. Changed name on door to Janitors Closet.
  4. 26 women accuse Watson of sexual abuse. Watson stumbles trying to keep things quiet. Belichick: "Rookie!"
  5. Ya for sure, 5 wins would not be a fun season, but it's on the radar. 7 wins would be good. I know that's not GREAT, but it would show some good progress. And if most of those wins come in the 2nd half, we could go out on a 6-2, 7-3 kind of record. We like talking about Zack taking a big step in year 2. That will be the case with our rookie class next season...expecting them to take a big step in year 2 as well. This will be a good 'grow year', with 2023 being the pay-off year. Or so it seems....
  6. Offseason, FA, Draft, PS is the only time us Jets fans can celebrate and hope and dream. Don't take that from us! End of the day there are too many 'ifs' in peoples replies to this thread. IF Zack plays good, IF players come back from injury, IF Becton doesn't weight 420 pounds, IF our excellent rookie class can contribute, IF Saleh's defense can take a big step...then we have a shot! Realistically I expect the team to play much better this season. Jets will be fun to watch. 5 to 7 wins seems spot on, with most of those coming in the 2nd half of the season. Which, in turn, will lead to fan excitement for the 2023 season.
  7. LOL. The name of this thread actually contains the words Congress and Federal Trade Commision. A fan expressing displeasure with cancel culture pressuring/forcing sports teams to change their name is kinda 'not' political.
  8. I liked Danny Snyder more when he told the whole world who wanted him to change his team's name to go F themselves. I think probably most of the owners quietly backed him on it. Then he caved, changed his teams name. Man's gotta go.
  9. Now that college athletes are getting paaaaiiiiidddd for their likeness, it won't be long before freshman just out of highschool take the seniors out for a $50K brunch
  10. I guess I also have a signed #19 Flash Gordon jersey hanging in my office but I don't actually wear it out!
  11. Fant wants to be the highest paid swing tackle in the league!
  12. TBH she looks like his sister. Is that allowed in Utah??? Or is it just Virginia?
  13. Good list. Jeff Smith has been balling. Plus he's a good contributor on teams and super fast. He could easily be a #3 or #4 on a half dozen teams. Maybe that Montgomery WR to the PS instead of Smith? Could Cager make the 4th TE spot?
  14. I don't think this can possibly be true. If so, then there's nothing left for ZW to learn in years 2,3,4 etc. I get that LeFleur was a first time OC and his PlayBook was probably in flux while even he had to learn what worked and what didn't work. I'll bet his 2022 PB looks very little like the PB Zack handed at the start of the 2021 season. Second, we just didn't have the players last year to run the entire playbook. Gaining 3 new TEs and Bryce Hall will open up a few chapters ZW never knew was in there! (because they weren't written yet!) I believe it was Saleh (maybe LeFleur) who said ZW has a much better grasp of the plays this year, where people are supposed to be, etc. Which tells me ZW struggled with that aspect last season (learning the PB front to back). I could easily be wrong, but I think most OCs have like 20 or so standard 'formations' and then add 'wrinkles' to each formation as time goes on. Same 'look' to the defense, then completely different outcome once the ball is snapped, depending on which wrinkle is in play.
  15. Pull the cameras back, like all the way to low Earth orbit. This is just the start of Zack's second season following a very bad first season. We'll all be sitting right here again in a year talking about how much better Z played his 2nd season, and how we expect him to develop and advance in his 3rd season. I don't expect Zack to be a finished product after this TC or even this season. In fact, Z struggled so much his rookie campaign LeFleur may just do a near repeat for this season. LeFleur really can't move on to tougher sections of the playbook until ZW has mastered the first chapter. Zack may need another full season to get his footwork and fundamentals down stone cold. And with so many new teammates around him, it may be a good strategy for them too. It'd be like a college kid taking a course over after bombing it his first go around. So much easier the second time around. So ya, I expect about 80% of TC offensive 'installs' to be a repeat of 2021. But get it right this time. Z needs a rock solid foundation on which to build out and master LeFleur's entire playbook. I don't anticipate too many installs from chapter 42 this year!
  16. Don't fall madly in love with Jeff Smith too soon. After manning special teams for two years and now kicking down the door and getting reps with the twos in TC he's gonna demand a new contract north of $20M/season. This is just how it works now!
  17. One guy who hasn't given up on Becton is Joe Douglas, who drafted a DB with some of this year's top tackles still on the big board.
  18. Not sure....but they were both better than Key
  19. Rankings are BS. They actually have a washed up, over the hill, no good senile dirt bag in 1st place. smh
  20. Saw the Jets a 150:1. The worse team was the Texans at 250:1 I think the Rams are 10:1 to repeat, and the Chargers are 8:1 Does anyone think the Chargers are 20 times better than the Jets? Maybe 19 times better, but 20? No way! Go with the Jets....It's like free money!
  21. Well you can bet $100 to win $101 by picking the Rams to win the SB. Or bet $100 to win $100,000,000 by picking the Jets. Hmmmmm....
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