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  1. As a Bills fan, I have no clue what you are talking about. Our problems in the run game were because our 1 tech opted out, which forced us to play undersized D-lineman.
  2. Miami wasted their ammo? They took an Elite prospect (Jaylen Waddle) and what many believe to be the best pass rusher in the draft. Miami already had a strong defense, and now they added Will Fuller, Jaylen Waddle, and several O-lineman to bolster their offense. Tua will also have another year to develop. The Bills managed to bring back 21/22 starters from their AFC Championship game roster that went 13-3. Many of their big name players took discounts to come back. They also took back 2 back pass rushers with their 1st and 2nd picks. Their pass wasn't bad prior, but it wasn't great
  3. The guy in the video even says it, and his son played at BYU with Wilson. So you Wilson fan boys just ignore facts. Wilson fanboys are special. They defend all his flaws before he is even on the roster. Wilson fanboys act like he is a perfect prospect.
  4. I just saw a interview with Merill Hodge that increases my concerns about Wilson. Merill Hodge son was the starter at BYU before Wilson, so he actually has inside knowledge of the situation. He even states that BYU was miles ahead of their competition, and when Wilson did play similar talent, he didn't play like the same player. He also goes on to say that Wilson's attitude can bother some people. These issues are commonly ignored by Wilson fanboys despite being legitimate red flags. When you include reports that he wasn't originally made a captain his senior year despite being a 3 year starte
  5. Mahomes player at a high level for multiple years. Baker wasn’t a 1 year wonder. He was seen as a day 2 pick before his Senior year. Kyler frame is more sturdy.
  6. I've actually watched film analysis on him unlike many on here who just watched the highlights. His O-line was statistically amazing. His strength of schedule was bad. The film shows that he often threw 50/50 balls. The film shows he would miss easy reads often. Zach Wilson and Justin Fields feels like Mitch Trubisky/Watson all over again.
  7. People keep on repeating this, but when is the last time Shannahan had a mobile QB? Kirk, Ryan, and Garrapolo were his last 3 QBs. Also all the rumors suggest they want Mac Jones, who is not very mobile either.
  8. His talent is similar but lesser. Lesser doesn't always translate. Wilson does everything worse than Mahomes as a college prospect, but because Mahomes was so successful, WIlson is being looked upon higher than Mahomes ever was as a prospect. It's not like the Justin Fields/Cam Newton comparison. Fields is slightly smaller, but he is also faster, which makes him unique.
  9. He struggles with processing his reads. He often misses the right read, and ends up making a riskier play because he missed the right read. He got away with this because his O-line was just dominant so it gave him time even when he missed his reads. He underthrows a lot of deep balls turning them into 50/50 balls. He is a 1 year wonder Many of his highlight throws would be considered bad decisions at the next level. He struggled to play within structure at times but wasn't punished because his teams were vastly more talented. He didn't face NFL style pressure often bec
  10. I am not hating on the kid or saying he is going to be bad, but the Zach Wilson hype is out of control. Just look at their draft profiles. Their draft profiles seem completely identical with a bit of re-wording. The only difference between the two is that Mahomes was criticized for his unconventional plays that many believed wouldn't translate to the NFL. Those same criticisms are missing from Wilsons Draft profile, and would have been there if Mahomes didn't change the way we look at QBs 3 years ago. There is a good chance many of the Mahomes-like plays Wilson is being touted for now, wo
  11. If you think Brown and Davis were a 1A and 1B situation, you will be severely disappointed. Brown was the Alpha in that offense. Brown took the #1 Role as a rookie when Davis was a top 5 draft pick.
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