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  1. Way to go, Kev! For the most part, me too....although, I'll be honest, when they called that Roughing the Passer in the first half, I couldn't help but scream and curse....that was a BS call if there ever was one. Changed the momentum, and may have ultimately changed the game. Not that the Jets played well, but the Falcons are bad too. Jets could have pulled it out, especially if they grabbed some momentum in the first half / offense got into a grove sooner.
  2. Good breakdown. I think these we can chalk up to rookie QB / bad timing (Pass rush on the first one, bad snap on the 2nd one). I think there is hope they can work all these things out, and improve. Maybe the bye came at a good time. Give these guys time to take a few deep breath's, watch the tape, communicate, iron out some of these issues, and maybe we come out of the bye a better football team. I expect them to take steps this year, hopefully big steps as the year goes on. I truly think there is a lot of talent on this team, sometimes it just takes time. It sucks, espe
  3. Exactly...we could use a little positivity around here. If nothing else, just to balance things out.
  4. Amen!!! Been "enjoying" the roller coaster for a long long time...lately, a lot more downs than ups. To the point where it's genuinely not even fun or enjoyable watching the games, they are so pathetically bad. So, I get it, when I see all this negativity swirling. That's why I, only half jokingly, say there is some sort of collective mental illness amongst our fanbase right now. You can only take so much. @GreenBean talks about the click of the coaster as it rises up. Perfect analogy. It takes way way longer to reach the top, when starting at the bottom. And make no mist
  5. Yes Sir...I too am a Rangers fan. That's another chapter in psychological warfare. But at least we have '94. One day, the Jets will get there's. I truly Believe. JD, Saleh, and ZW have my full, devotion and support, as they do their best to turn this ship in the right direction. Hoping it's sooner than later...in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy watching the kids grow and learn and get better.
  6. LOL Well, I hope you are right, but we'll worry about multiple AFTER we have that first glorious, ever elusive day.... I honestly think our fan base, as a whole, is suffering from some sort of mental illness...I'm not a psychologist, but seems given our tortured history, there's something to this. A person can only endure so much before fraying at the edges, and eventually you snap. I have sympathy for all my fellow travelers, as only us true fans fully understand the depths of torture involved with being a Jets fan. There must be special place in heaven for us...hopefully the b
  7. Your lips to God's ears, brother! Hang in there.
  8. I preface by saying that am 47 years old, and have never seen the Jets win a Super Bowl. Some of you may have. My father did. But I did not. When I was a boy, I listened to my Dad talk of Joe Willy Namath, Emerson Boozer, Matt Snell, and Don Maynard. My imagination soared as he spun tales of "The Guarantee", and how the underdog Jets took down Unitas and his mighty Colts. My first memories are of Freeman McNeil, and Joe Klecko...then the Sack Exchange. Loved Marty Lyons, Greg Buttle, Mickey Shuler, and Pat Leahy. In '82, we almost made it. But Don Shula decided it
  9. Wait, I've got one more.... https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/20/robert-saleh-excited-adversity-new-york-jets/ Coach Saleh said he's truly excited for adversity... "When the going gets tough, Robert Saleh gets going — and he would like to see his team follow suit." So, if 2021 is a year to change the culture of the New York Jets, this presents a huge opportunity for the organization to evaluate who rises to the challenge and who doesn't. Out of adversity rises opportunity. Well, there is now a huge opportunity for someone to step up. Let's see who, if an
  10. 1. This utterly sucks, there is no rationalization but....I'll try: 2. Jets were not winning the Super Bowl in 2021 anyway. 3. We do have some depth at DLine, maybe this opens a spot for a young guy which would have otherwise been cut or on Practice Squad, and that player uses the opportunity to show some growth and potential heading into 2022 and beyond... 4. We do have two 1sts and two 2nds next year....So maybe this "helps" us to a worse record in 2021, and gets us a higher draft slot... 5. With those picks next year, JD can aggressively target a stud pass rusher, if he
  11. Holdouts are great, but you can only play so much Madden, you know?
  12. Bingo. See smart teams / owners would see past the BS money grabs and try to take advantage of the opportunity which may be presented here. Hell, if the Texans asked for 1.02, I’d take it. Anyone want to argue with a straight face that Zach Wilson is better than DeShaun Watson? These lawsuits will be settled and once this smoke clears, you have yourself a 25/26 YO Franchise QB. Keep Darnold and if DeShaun gets suspended or commish exempt list, we have a QB for 2021.
  13. Would you call the Texans right now and offer 2.02 straight up for DeShaun Watson?
  14. Draft Zach Wilson at 2 Keep Darnold Let them battle it out in Training Camp - Start Darnold unless Wilson proves he's ready (most rookie QB's gain by sitting at the start of their career, get used to the NFL, get used to game days, ect.) If Darnold lights it up, it's a great problem to have because we are now in a Brees / Rivers situation....Darnold's trade value only increases. If Darnold stinks, we play Wilson and probably still get a 2nd or 3rd for Darnold from some QB needy team who thinks they can work with him. Would this be a Win-Win situation for the Jets?
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