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  1. It would be nice to pair him up with his former college teammate! Metcalf and Moore, the Ole Miss connection.
  2. Was thinking the same thing. It's almost like, hey I'm just gonna make sure I catch it and don't screw up.
  3. Anyone here invest in OTC's? Had a great return on a Hail Mary $150 I threw at AWGI in 2017, which is now CPSL, which has been acquired by the CEO and CFO of NXMH (Next Gen Meats). Still waiting for the 8K sec file and merger news. Very exciting time.
  4. What do you think Fatukasi's value is, and do you think it will be for picks or a player? We have a lot of picks in 2022?
  5. Zach throws a tight ball and with various speeds and touch. His receivers are gonna love him. I know it's against air with no rush, but I like what I see.The season can't come soon enough.
  6. @Lith thanks for posting all of these updates. It's great see the guys out there. I can't get enough Jets at this point, lol. I'm consuming all related tweets, articles, videos, etc .... Do we know if they plan to have any practices open to the general public this year?
  7. That's a great point! Hydration is key. I recently started drinking coffee and boy does that help.
  8. Sometimes #2's just hurt my friend. When this happens I throw on some tunes maybe find an article to read to relax.
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