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  1. What do you think Fatukasi's value is, and do you think it will be for picks or a player? We have a lot of picks in 2022?
  2. Zach throws a tight ball and with various speeds and touch. His receivers are gonna love him. I know it's against air with no rush, but I like what I see.The season can't come soon enough.
  3. @Lith thanks for posting all of these updates. It's great see the guys out there. I can't get enough Jets at this point, lol. I'm consuming all related tweets, articles, videos, etc .... Do we know if they plan to have any practices open to the general public this year?
  4. That's a great point! Hydration is key. I recently started drinking coffee and boy does that help.
  5. Sometimes #2's just hurt my friend. When this happens I throw on some tunes maybe find an article to read to relax.
  6. That's pretty cool. My office is in Florham Park as well. Although, to date I've never made it down to the Jets facility.
  7. This is my sentiment as well. In my opinion having multiple good versatile WR's gives us better opportunities to exploit mismatches. Defences can't key in on one player to stop. Additionally, we now have depth, which is welcome after last year's disaster. We cannot put ZW in the same situation, especially as a rookie. We can always move him near the trade deadline or let him walk next year and potentially get a comp pick if he's not in the long term plans.
  8. The easiest way is to create a coinbase account to get you started. They're reputable and trade many coins and cash, although not the one in this discussion. But, it can give you exposure cryptocurrency. At one point I had accounts with many others exchanges (for specific coins), now I'm too lazy to manage them like I used too. Check it out, you can see some good info on app.
  9. Thanks for the tip and I've considered it, but at the time "post crash" my stake was pretty small. Now, it's grown quite a bit, so I'll need to reevaluate. Thanks again! How bullish are you on the market?
  10. I cashed out my LTC and XRP before the crash in 2018. I wasn't as fortunate with the other 8-10 coins I had. Then sometime in 2018/9 Binance announced they were discontinuing service to US residents, so I consolidated everything into ETH and LTC in coinbase and I've been holding since. I've since come to find out, my brother in law still has a binance account and didn't lose access, lol. Oh well.
  11. Ethereum and litecoin doing quite well as of late. I wonder if/when another crypto bubble hits like in 2018.
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