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  1. KC Selects: Divine Deablo, S - Virginia Tech @IndianaJet OTC, @HighPitch OD
  2. Do we know Trevor is among those two? I mean it's the consensus in the media, but does Joe feel that way? I personally prefer JF over Trevor.
  3. I think he's still the lead horse in this race. Do I think he'd rather go to SF, yes. Do I think he doesn't want to play for the Jets, no. I think the media attention he's received and the whole draft process is overwhelming and maybe he's simply mentally fatigued. Cheer up, either way at #2 we're going to get a good prospect that will give us all hope. We also finally appear to have the right infrastructure in place to help make that player and the team successful.
  4. While unlikely, it is possible. I remember reading about his father saying disparaging comments about the Jets. It was either late season or just after the season ended. Since it became more likely he'd be a Jet his father has been liking a lot on NY related article and stuff. I don't think this will happen, but if he wanted too, I'm certain he could apply pressure to have the Jets work a trade. Likely with SF to get his kid there and allowing the Jets to get the 3rd QB.
  5. Agreed, but I actually like PP2. PP3 on the other hand......not so much.
  6. Nice pick @Lith, I was torn between taking him at 144 or Grimes.
  7. Don't you have like a gagillion more picks, lol. Are you trying to field an entire roster in one draft?
  8. Thanks, KC needed another WR, and he can help in the redzone while continuing his development. I think he's a good fit for what they run, and he's very athletic which we know Andy loves.
  9. KC Selects: Tevon Grimes, WR - Florida @kdels62 od, @NYJetsVets91 otc
  10. Funny, I was watching cut ups last night too, and this also popped out to me. With him keeping the ball a little lower, I'm hoping he can avoid strip/fumbles, this does concern me though. He likes to do a little leg stab fake then juke. Even when he runs down field he likes to consistently do this little cut back to the outside. He usually slid or got out for the most part. However he did take a few guys on at times. Hopefully, he'll be more careful when taking off and not lower his shoulder and try and run over a LB or Safety. He's gonna get lit up at the next level. Although, I must adm
  11. That I don't have to watch Spencer Long snap a ball over the QB's head! Oh...wait, wrong year. 1. Competent coaching, with a new offensive system that has proven to be productive and a 4-3 switch on defense. I miss the John Abraham days of him coming off the edge. 2. The draft capital we have over the next two years to reshape this roster.
  12. Thanks, I was sweating a little bit, but seeing Radunz there was surprising. That was an excellent pick. Great value. I still can't believe how well Meinerz did at the senior bowl playing with a broken hand. That's the toughness I wanted anchoring the interior of KC's line. Plus he tested exceptionally in RAS, which was an area of concern on some earlier scouting reports I saw. Thanks, I was trying to get ahead of LV who shipped off Rodney Hudson. I did think Miami may be interested, and probably the Jets would be in on him too, even though there seems to be support on Mcgovern a
  13. Thanks, it was for my first 4th #136. @Lith
  14. Trade Alert: KC Selects: Quinn Meinerz, IOL, Wisconsin–Whitewater Warhawks @NYJetsVets91 otc, @King P od
  15. KC may be looking to move up in the 10-20th range of the 3rd. If anyone is looking to move down let me know. Thanks, I know, not very secretive, lol, but I won't have the time today to target specific teams to reach out and vet them.
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