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  1. Matt Ryan is an interesting comp for trade value. Aging but consisent high performer, coming off a down year, traded after the falcons publicly attempted to bring in Watson.
  2. With all the comments of cuck and cucking, I don't believe many here will be able to control there climax. A little premature if you ask me. P.S: Had to google cuck, as I thought it was a misspelling at first. You learn alot from this board, lol.
  3. I hope not. I'd rather ship out 1 of the other 2 TEs on our roster. I think Ruckert has a bright future.
  4. This was last year when Hacket was hired to coach Denver. Arod was with S. Woodley at that time, whom lived near Denver, and there was speculation he was going to be traded to Denver to reunite with Hackett, plus be close to Woodley.
  5. Pretty sure they said the same thing when there was speculation about him going to Denver. His girl at thr time lived near Denver.
  6. Chiefs: 29th Bengals: 27th Rams: 25th Eagles: 14th Last two superbowl teams. Maybe, we don't want to be near the top in this one, lol.
  7. Agreed. If he was truly leaning Jets...and the Jets had an offer which happened to be the highest, he'd be Jet already.
  8. Just listened to GM football. They said: 1. Spoke to him at probowl, Carr's preference is somewhere he would be comfortable. 2. Jets have an offer out for him, and it's the largest of the offers he's received. 3. Said Carr needs to decide if he wants the better deal (most money) and opportunity to win vs. a more comfortable destination (South). Not sure if the above is true or not. Some of it makes sense with other reports that have been out there and Salehs comments on thinking the QB situation would've been resolved last week. Although, that could also be reference to a trade agreement for Rodgers. Should be a fun week, and hopefully we get clarity on who our next QB will be.
  9. Well he did mention he wants kids on the darkness podcast. With being close to where his GF lives, it would provide more ops for trying, lol.
  10. Fair, but he also showed he could overcome pressure in the game against Clemson. That was one of the greatest college performances that's I've seen. Guy get smoked, injured ribs, comes back throwing dimes (6tds) and beat TL head to head. I always liked him as prospect, but that sold me. He was my qb1 in the draft, ahead of Lawrence.
  11. Gotta make that catch. Especially in this game.
  12. Posted this in another thread, but a Roman > Fields combo would be interesting, should Chicago stick with the 1st pick and take Bryce Young.
  13. It would never happen, but a Greg Roman, Justin Fields combo would be interesting. With Chicago having the #1 pick, it's possible they take the more traditional Bryce Young. Although, they'll get a boat load in a trade down scenario.
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