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  1. The only downside is he'll be 25 this summer, so not sure how much more physically developed he's gonna get. Although, he's already pretty well developed, lol.
  2. No, but I'm ok with it. If he wants to be sure they're physically ready to participate before gearing it up and getting them more involved it seams like a smart approach. My guess is they looked at the injuries they had last year, and are playing it safe. They probably will scale up as they deeper into the offseason program.
  3. Could you please start a thread about Mims not making the team, so he can have a breakout season? Thanks, Jetnation appreciates it.
  4. He's got Cromarties traits, but what's scary is he's got Sherman or Sherman/like intelligence. That's one helluva combo.
  5. https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/166385-sauce-mic’d-up/ For reference.
  6. Anybody else can't get the "no taco bell, no taco bell' out of their mind when seeing Sauce out there?
  7. I can very easily see Jermaine moving into a Leadership role on this team very soon. I believe that is why the Jets valued him more than other organizations. Our team is full of very young players, and having a guy that's relatable, has battled adversity, and can communicate the way he does will help these other young guys out. Looking forward to see how this all comes together.
  8. He's only 23 I believe. I was perusing the eagles board, and the majority are disappointed with his release. They said he played well as a back up and could be a starter for some teams.
  9. The Jets picked up this guy?
  10. I'm a big London fan, but this selection confused me a little bit. My first thought was its kinda redundant with Pitts. I thought for sure if they went WR they'd go Wilson, to fill the Ridley role. I do think London can still be productive though, just thought they'd want more diversity in player types.
  11. Granted PFF, But the Jets graded out in 2021 as the 11th best oline. We've upgraded the biggest weakness with a pro bowl guard, and we're getting Becton back. How is this the 22nd ranked oline? Our starters are legit. If you want to argue depth, that's a different conversation. However, that is also more easily solvable via free agency and camp cuts. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-final-2021-offensive-line-rankings 11. NEW YORK JETS (UP 1) LT George Fant | 71.1 LG Alijah Vera-Tucker | 67.2 C Connor McGovern | 75.8 RG Greg Van Roten | 67.5 RT Morgan Moses | 70.9 The Jets' offensive line overhaul has been a long-term process, but it’s starting to come together well — even if it’s being undermined a little by the tendency of their rookie quarterback to hold the ball too long and work his way into trouble. Every starter on the line earned an above-average PFF grade, even if they each had their wobbles over the season. Despite being without Mekhi Becton for almost the entire year, this line had solid play across the board, with George Fant deserving real praise for his development as a tackle. Fant allowed 18 pressures in 15 games and across almost 600 pass-blocking snaps
  12. Heard an interview with Jim Naggy this morning. Said, he's even more impressed with the Jets Day 3 selections, then Round 1. Was heaping praise on the Mitchell pick. Thinks the absolute floor is a good swing tackle. Thinks he'll be a very good starter as a RT, and could push for starter reps in 2023. Also loved the Clemons pick, was looking forward to him coming to the senior bowl, but he got sick the night before. Loves his length, power, physicality. Thinks he would have had a terrific seniorbowl showing. Mentioned his best work was against Alabama and top SEC linemen. He was unstoppable at times. Overall, thought Jets hit it out of the park.
  13. For 2022, this is my current position group grading. Maybe I'm a little optimistic, lol. Next, year with this youth it's exciting to think what they can grow into. I do think there will be growing pains this year as we're still going to be among the youngest teams. QB: TBD RB: B+, A POTENTIAL TE: C+, B POTENTIAL OL: B+, A POTENTIAL WR: B, B+ POTENTIAL DL: B, B+ POTENTIAL LB: C-, C POTENTIAL CB: B, B+ POTENTIAL S: C, C+ POTENTIAL
  14. Yeah, I'm good with him too, and Mitchell. I've taken both of them in atleast a few of the 150 mocks I've done on the simulator these past couple months
  15. Yeah, DJ had him as 2nd rounder in his first few top 150 rankings. I'm happy with this pick.
  16. Only 30 more picks to go.... Watch JD trade out of the 3rd, lol.
  17. Let me see if I understand what has happened. We traded Jamal and Sam for: AVT, Wilson, and Hall! No words, wow!!!
  18. With day one in the books, thought it would be fun to have a Day 2/3 mock draft thread. 38. Breece Hall - I wrestled with Travis Jones here, and ultimately decided to get another piece to help ZW. This completes the starting and rotational players on offense. Dean went prior to this pick. 101. Channing Tindall - good value at a position of need. Other consideration, Ruckert. 111. Jeremy Ruckert - future starting TE. 117. Logan Bruss - versatile lineman that can play guard/tackle and provides good depth. Probably won't be a +starter, but will probably be decent/average. High upside tackles not on the board. Other consideration, JT Woods. 146. JT Woods - wow, okay got lucky here. Athletic traits based pick.
  19. Depends. Of they take a QB, they would t want both our 2s, and Joe didn't want to trade the 10.
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