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  1. He won't be the pick at 4. Cimini has been the only one trumpetting this take. It's EDGE (JJ, Walker, KT) at 4 and then 10 can be some sort of CB (Sauce) or WR (London, Wilson, Williams) my opinion obviously but I just don't see us taking this leap.
  2. I was 8 when I watched someone get stabbed in the parking lot after a Jets Pats game. Feel like it added character.
  3. I do agree with you. JOK in this defense could be really special.
  4. Creed here would be quite the exclamation point
  5. Someone said it in another thread - but a Dallas trade back (for Dallas to come up and get a corner) makes too much sense. Jets give 34 Dallas gives 44, 99, 179
  6. I understand with the way the board fell people being upset with the capital moved in the trade, but when you consider it’s only a 45 point difference on the trade chart (a mid fourth rounder) I think its a no brainer if they had a top 10 grade on AVT. You have that capital so you can go get your guy if need be.
  7. Why would we cut Fant? He projects to be an average to above average lineman in our scheme. You can now pencil in 4 of 5 starters at oline, with RG being only hole. You take darrisaw and cut fant, you’re just ignoring the holes at guard and possibly not even upgrading at RT.
  8. While in theory you’re right, one of the knocks against Darrisaw is that he may just hate football. Also he’s more of a pure tackle, where you can see Douglas’s thought process was build interior.
  9. Still hoping for Creed. Know it’s a “reach” but from what I’ve read after the 15 or so “elite” guys - the 20 - 50 range is interchangeable. Just think his athleticism fits so well with what our oline is going to be asked to do
  10. Neither but I think the assumption was 23. Really think it could be smokescreen though to have someone jump them (and Steelers) but we’ll see.
  11. Matt Miller in his draft thoughts brings up the Etienne to Jets rumor. Lot of loud noises around that now
  12. I’ve read a few places there’s maturity issues as well. Maybe that’s true maybe it’s not but worth calling out
  13. I don't think it's a case of guessing right, but could be some loose lips on the end of Zach and his team. Obviously if he's the pick - the Jets have probably informed him (or as the report was told a while back, sold his family on the Jets and the moving forward plan). You can easily go to his dad's twitter and see multiple likes of Jets related content - even one recently being "3 days until the Jets select Zach Wilson" Nothing wrong with that, a family is excited their life is about to change for the better and they're thankfully showing the front of excitement and not despair. I do agree, it's a much tighter ship than the previous bozo, but things like this can happen with the draft because of the addition of the second party (in this case the draftee).
  14. Jake Locker? Besides that can maybe throw Bradford in that bucket
  15. Came here to upvote Creed mentions
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