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  1. I usually really like Brugler, the Draft Beast is honestly an incredible resource, but I felt like his reasoning for Samuel at 34 was "these guy hate his dad". I mean it's true, I do hate his dad.. but my hate for his dad does not override my hate for not taking a lineman until 66.
  2. Wait is your argument "Joe Burrow is not good because he ended the season on IR"? Burrow was on pace to have one of if not the best passing season by a rookie in the modern NFL. He was the first rookie to throw for 300 yards in three consecutive games...ever. He completed more passes through his first 7 games than any other rookie. ever. Understand your narrative around 1 year wonders being scary - and i'm with you I actually am not sold on Kyler at all, but the Burrow "facts" are more so "jaded opinion"
  3. In all fairness the average football game only has 18 minutes of action..
  4. Would you be worried about forcing the players to pick sides in this situation though? Obviously the hope would be that Saleh keeps the locker room together no matter who gets named QB1, but inherent bias will show at some point. Unless it’s a pure meritocratic decision where one of Darnold or Wilson run away with starting job, I would be worried it could be the start of a fissure in the locker room if game one comes and the non-popular starter botches the game. In a perfect world, Darnold plays well, we win 7-9 games and flip him for a 1 with our QB in the wings.
  5. We get him on the pre-Belmar workout diet - he'll be 225 by opening day.
  6. You’re using a fantasy football free agent list to establish a point on Corey Davis. We’re not building a fantasy football team here, we’re building an actual football team. A FFtoday list isn’t going to take into account scheme fit and what that player role will be. Your points on Feeney though - valid as heck. It worries me slightly that JD almost prioritizes versatility of multiple positions over metrics when it comes to IOL.
  7. So you’re going to sit here and confidently tell me Carl Lawson isn’t better than Tarrel Basham and Corey Davis isn’t better than any WR we had on the roster last year? If it’s the pace of the offseason you don’t like, I can agree there but let’s not act like we’ve had zero signings. This team is better today and has more time to get better.
  8. I wonder if they keep one of Lewis or GVR until they find more lineman depth. Lewis we save more on I believe if we designate him a post June 1 cut
  9. I tend to disagree - without butterfield providing insights (which I can see right above he now has) it’s fair to make assumptions on what someone considers important based off lack of insight. You don’t provide the color and your thoughts could be considered limitless. All you’re doing is looking for an internet fight now. If he had provided us with insights like “Davis is overpaid because he’s only been productive for one year” or “Lawson’s lack of sacks or injury history worry me” I would have reacted much different - but to just give off a too cool for school bravado of “this remind
  10. I’m pretty happy you’re not running our front office then. I’m not saying “oh yeah we got a WR1 and a 15 sack a year pass rusher”, but to say you wouldn’t have targeted them shows you either lack knowledge outside of what Madden ratings tell you or you’re here to just troll.
  11. Please tell me what Corey Davis and Carl Lawson were worth in your expert opinion? I’m generally interested.
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