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  1. Zack Wilson light years ahead anyone in this draft class
  2. Zack Wilson better be tom freaking brad
  3. Best thing that could happen for a trade we could get super haul
  4. I wood take him in a heart beat great TE hardest guys to cover this is gling to be unstoppable
  5. agree what pretty every thing u said no way fields last to 8
  6. Lets stop worrying about cap space n worry about getting playmakers
  7. Who needs cb we need another gunner on special teams
  8. Trade down n take MR PITTS. I Dont want hear u cant take a TE that high he wood be unstoppable with those wide outs around him
  9. Trade down n take MR PITTS NOW U GOT SOMETHING
  10. Forget offense n defense lets focus on special teams maybe that get us to 3 wins
  11. Doing dances for a guy that had 5 sack im missing something on contract year the best he could do was 5 sacks i no i no 30 qb pressures that 25 times he couldn't sack the qb wasn't that the knock on L Williams's
  12. Day 2 was hell of day laying ground work to miss the playoffs 11 in a row
  13. Building through the draft no need to sign good players
  14. Pats miss the playoffs one year there doing everything n anything to get back the jets hay were in year 10 of this rebuilding thing it all good
  15. When do we hire cris simms as gm
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