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  1. Nah man, I want them to win enough games to think maybe give Tua another year (and position themselves out of drafting one of the upcoming blue chip QBs), but not enough to make it to the playoffs.
  2. Might also be that it's his third draft, he knows where he wants to go, and things are clicking.
  3. To me, it's not even just about 'well, it's easy when you have top 10 picks". This was the 'easy' part. There was a ton of work to get us to this point (and some will point out destroying the roster to get a top 10 pick is something a lot of bad GMs do all the time). There has been a lead up to this moment for years, with shrewd trades (thank you Carolina and Seattle) to get the draft capital we needed to make this happen, some decent FA signings, not overpaying in panic mode for Deebo, etc... The reason we have JJ, Sauce and Wilson coming over is the 'end part' of what has been 2 years of work.
  4. I'll take that action!! Are you ok with a Canadian nickel?
  5. Thoughts on the GM and Coaching staff don't need to be this binary. You can like what JD has done overall but still be critical of certain moves. You can not like what the CS has done while still praise certain aspects. On a side note, the team was in rebuild. They've added a ton of pieces this offseason. I was thinking we'd get anywhere from 5-8 wins next season before FA started (especially if they were thinking OL @ 4). Feel that with the first round, maybe we're looking at a winning season? Either way, overall, for a GM in his third year, I think overall I'm happy with where the roster is at (still improvements to be made, but more has been added that in previous regimes). Curious to see what our 2nd year HC can do with the influx of talent.
  6. I think he brought in the talent. Performance on the field is on the coaches now.
  7. I didn't think math jokes were allowed on this forum?
  8. Am I the only one offended that he's wasting his time playing golf during the offseason when he should be spending every minute improving?!?!? Obviously a bust, trade him now and draft Corral. Ha! Just kidding. Nice drive!
  9. After reading that opener, I was thinking: "Well, obviously, @Irish Jet, @oatmeal, @kevinc855 and @kmnj will have a rebuttal here", and as I scroll down, happy to see that 2 of the 4 did not disappoint! I guess Kevin and kmnj just haven't logged on yet?
  10. The best mocks are generally at 30%-40% accuracy for the first round, though in years where the draft is top heavy in regards to talent (ie - a couple good QBs, Edges, etc), people can have a good idea on the top 5, maybe even the top 10. This is the first time in a while where, given the weakness of the QB class, and the challenges with the top talent, it feels like things are shifting daily, depending on who sneezed.
  11. I'm also wondering if this is about driving up contract re-negotiations. My feelings are hurt Here's an extra 5M Oh, I feel better now! And remember, not all trade requests end up in trades (though quite a few of the recent high profile ones have).
  12. Come on buddy, deep breaths. We'll walk you away from the edge.
  13. 46 pages and 1,600 messages, I'm assuming we have a conclusion? /reads thread Guess not!
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