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  1. We don't automatically get comp picks. Here's an article that speaks to it (including relevant section below, URL to article: https://www.nfl.com/news/2022-nfl-draft-compensatory-pick-projections-for-every-team) So, how do compensatory picks work? The number of compensatory picks allotted each year is limited to the number of teams in the league (32), per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. However, compensatory picks are not divided equally among the teams, and no team can receive more than four compensatory picks in a single year. To qualify for compensatory picks, teams must end
  2. For those saying that we'd be 4-1 with Darnold... He ain't having a great game. He didn't play well when playing with the Jets. He's had a couple good games playing with a new coach / team, not sure if those are outliers or what to expect moving forward...
  3. We all need to remember this was one game. So far we have had a few three bad games and one amazingly great half. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out. I really hope that ZW can build on this game and plays at a really high level. I'm also fully aware that he's a rookie and he will continue to make mistakes. All that to say, don't let the mistakes get you too low, nor the great plays get you too high.
  4. I wonder if they have another brother somewhere... If so, I hope he plays OLine,.
  5. I love the ESPN website... Even when the Jets have the lead, it's posting that the Titans have a 65% chance of winning. "What? The Jets are winning? That's obviously a temporary state."
  6. Obviously a bug with the ESPN web site... Says the Jets have the lead or something?? But that can't be right...?
  7. Doing errands today. Get home to check in on how things are going... Seems about par for the course. On to more errands!
  8. I disagree in regards to stats. I think there are stats that really help understand how an OL is performing, but keying in on any one stat to determine the quality of a given position group will always produce skewed results (even in a bad team, you can find a good stat line if you dig hard enough). A more global approach here would be helpful to have a full evaluation, such as Win rate, pressure, unblocked pressure, time to pressure, etc...
  9. You know, with the ability of some of our OL, I think this is the right call. Line up 4 to block 1 rusher...
  10. Don't think Mims would have made a difference. ZW has been all over the place, not accurate at all. How hard is it to throw a 5 yard pass?!
  11. This game has been very Darnold-esque... At least the D seemed ok...
  12. Here was the draft grade from Walterfootball when he was taken.
  13. Do GMs even scout kickers? Figured they'd have enough to do that scouting a kicker would be a task delegated to someone else? I get that it's been a sore spot for a few... years (decades?), but still...
  14. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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