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  1. Sure you can. When you lose your two best players on offense, your offense regresses. The team is leaps and bounds better, but we're still lacking some depth. We're simply not good enough to recover from those injuries. We generally have solid performances on D, with a decent oline (anchored by AVT), and a fantastic run game (with Breece as RB1). When AVT and Breece went down, the season was over. It's that simple. We were simply not good enough on the oline to overcome losing AVT (McG played well, Brown / Fant / Herbig / Mitchell have had good and bad games, and Tomlinson has been bad), And MC as Bam are not Breece. We become a unidimensional team, which makes it much easier for defenses to play us. And yet we've still competed with the likes of the Bills and Vikes. We've been in those games until the end. And, before you reiterate the point, there are always injuries. But not all injuries are equal. If Tomlinson had been hurt instead of AVT, I think the line holds up well for most of the season. GWilson getting hurt is much worse than Corey Davis getting hurt (again). Sauce going down is much worse than Echols getting hurt. There can be a next man up mentality, we're just not there yet. I think we have a strong starting line up, but not enough behind just yet. Well, I was expecting a 5.5 win season. We are much better than that. Our two offensive stars are coming back, and hopefully Zach is about 3 miles away from the football field (unless some offseason miracle occurs and he remembers how to throw). Make sure to tell JD next time you chat with him at Metlife.
  2. And by this, you mean have him play? Or have him sit? And I thought it was on the QB coach to work with developing the QB?
  3. Who wrote this scouting report? A 12 year old? Ugh... In the first paragraph, where are we 'qualifying' the stats? Excellent yards? Excellent TDs? WTH?! In the Strengths, they used 6 bullets to mention that he's an athlete, has speed, and can work the read option (I color coded by theme, cause why not). Felt like that would be one, maybe 2 bullets? I'm also not seeing anything about this ABILITY TO THROW?! In the weakness, he's inaccurate with bad mechanics, as well as throwing off his back foot? And doesn't given receivers a chance to make a play? WTH?!??! Is this another Zach? Why would we do this to ourselves?!?!? Sorry... I need to lay off the caffeine for a bit I think...
  4. You know, I was initially hoping for a top 20 QB. As a Jets fan, really, anything higher is out of the question. A top 10 QB?! That's just crazy talk. That doesn't happen to us!
  5. I'd be stunned if we're taking QB in 1st or 2nd round. This team has a lot of pieces to make a push next year if we can figure out the QB situation. If we're drafting a QB in rounds 1 or 2, will this QB be the starter? Are we wasting our time trying to get another QB up and running? Given Zach will count for like 10M on the cap next year, it'd be hard to imagine us being happy with White and Rookie as 1 and 2, with Zach as QB3. You've got no depth at that point To share an unsolicited opinion, there's a couple routes this goes: Bring in an expensive vet (aka Carr / Rodgers). If that's the case, I'm not sure they invest much in White, given that he may be wanting more than back up money. We'd potentially have 60M tied in QBs (unless Zach gets traded, but who trades for a 10M $ reclamation project). Go bargain bin hunting (aka Minshew). If that's the case, I can see Minshew and White being QB1 and QB2 in whichever order it shakes out after camp. You're starter may not be great, but you have some depth, and Zach's still an option, and you're tying up, what, 25M to 30M in QBs? Stick with White as QB1, and bring no one in. Then draft a QB to develop with White as your bridge, and Zach as QB2. Meh... All of this is subject to change with how the next couple of games go of course. I see no path where QB is drafted in 1st or 2nd. Especially if they're looking to shore up LB / S / Oline / WR (yup, I have more faith in drafting another receiver in the top of the draft given I expect we move on from Mims and Davis, possibly Berrios as well).
  6. We really need to walk back from the edge with these "cannot have another miss at 1st round or it's over". How we acquire talent is irrelevant. Multiple avenues to bring in talent (FA, UDFA, Waiver wire, Trade, etc). 1st rounders should have a higher floor / bring more positional value, but it's a crap shoot every year. It would be amazing if players we draft can contribute, especially in the first round, and we've had some solid contributions from the 2022 and 2021 (discounting Zach, of course). I'm completely fine if our next 1st round pick is an epic failure if guys we get in rounds 2, 3, 4, etc, are solid contributors, and we're able to 're-habilitate' a player or two from the waiver wire.
  7. I'm confused here. Nobody said he had a good arm. What you mentioned was that he didn't have an NFL arm. He was able to throw longer passes during the pre-season than the one he missed to CJ. This is not about coverage, this is about his ability to throw the ball downfield. Whether the player is covered or not is irrelevant. CJ was not covered. This should line up exceptionally well when comparing to what happened during pre-season against 4th stringers, no? Or are you suggesting that the defenders ability to cover has somehow now weakened Strev's arm? Or do you mean something totally different by 'good arm'?
  8. Well, you did ask for evidence. The level of competition does not change your arm strength right? Right??
  9. Who's saying pro-bowl? I think most of the people on the board are saying that White gives us a better chance of making the playoffs than BYU (thanks @jgb, I'm running with that moniker moving forward). The offense has looked much better overall with Any Other QB, and more so White. We'll see what he can do in the two last games (and hopefully they have the red zone game plan figured out).
  10. I was listening to a podcast where the prevailing opinion is that we're currently in a better situation that if we had drafted Fields? Why? Because this year, while he's done great things with his legs, Fields has generally struggled as a passer. That being said, he's had enough plays where you have to give him the job next year as you're really can't tell either way. They may need to burn another year if Fields isn't the guy (like us and Darnold). In our case, we know. We can move on. Have Wilson holding clipboards, and maybe he gets a shot in 2024.
  11. Seattle is middle of the pack against the pass, but struggle against the run Miami is good against the run, but struggle against the pass Both are ranked on the lower tier, which means nothing. The Jets still need to come out and play. A poor defense can have a great game, a good defense can really struggle. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2022/opp.htm
  12. Part of me is wondering if I just would rather not be out of it in October. My poor heart just can't deal with all these surprise twists!
  13. Still a snowball's chance, but the fact we're considering long odds to make the playoffs in JANUARY, and not already out of the conversation in December (or November) is a minor miracle with what we've seen over the last few weeks.
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