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  1. I'm going with 2... We won the game, he threw for 4 TDs, but he missed a bunch of throws, and listening to the usual suspects review the game film, looks like he left a ton of yards / big plays on the fields by not seeing some open guys (and even missing bigger plays for G Dub). As someone else said, with protection, he'll be a 3, but I won't feel good if he's our QB for the year.
  2. Depth... We've dealt with so many injuries over the years, I'm happier having Mims on the bench in case someone goes down than getting a 6th for him.
  3. While he did have a decent game, he missed at least 5-6 throws (sailing passes high, underthrowing deep throws). He did enough to win today, so don't mean to be a downer; I'm just surprised at the level of love.
  4. Agreed, that's what the adage says. I'm just not sure how true that is today with tanking and rebuilds... I would take a 1-16 season if it buys us 3 11-6 seasons, but that's still a 0.500 record (34-34).
  5. This will not happen, but if the Jets go 10-7 this year, would that be a good season? That brings Saleh's W-L to 14-20... If the Jets go 12-5 this year, Saleh still have a sub .500 record. Getting caught up in overall W/L is pointless. Going through a rebuild tanks your record, and it makes it very difficult to climb out. Belichick is a sub 0.500 coach without Brady. I think I get what you're saying: Saleh hasn't 'earned' anything yet, but I don't think you're looking at the right metrics.
  6. And Ashton Davis with the pic to seal it? After an onside kick and 2 TDs in less than 2 minutes and a missed extra point?!?!
  7. Out of market (I'm in Montreal, Canada). They have all the Pats games on...
  8. Lost listening to the radio broadcast! "If the Jets are going to win games, they'll need to complete some passes". They didn't even seem convinced that "winning games" was achievable
  9. Was that even innovative play calling? Throw the the TE, throw a screen, run down the Jets throat...
  10. I thought Ulbrich was calling plays / working with D?
  11. To all those who care about W/L records... I'm too lazy to look up if this is true...
  12. You know, if you took off all 4 wins since Saleh became head coach, he'd be 0-14!!!
  13. I'm out of market so often end up listening through the radio. Not sure what happened, but given they were down their starting OT, I was expecting a lot of noise from Lawson. I heard about the Dline getting pressure, but didn't really hear his name called out.
  14. I disagree with 'got shredded'. Ravens had 1 drive go for more than 45 yards and 2 drives go for more than 34 yards. They were contained for most of the game. One big chunk play on blown coverage, and one on a PI call. Defense did well overall. First half, our team wasn't able to move the ball, their Dline beat our Oline into the ground. In the second half (before the Ravens ran away with it), we had started moving the ball. Fumbles and dropped passes killed us again. Add to that we had some opportunities that were lost by special teams. We're not a good enough team to recover from a missed XP, a missed 45 yard FG, and a 14 yard punt, in addition to the drops and fumbles.
  15. Why are you implying he's not? And I'm assuming any throwing he does will be aligned with what the doctors cleared for him. If he's cleared to practice, even limited, he will be. There's nothing that he's shown so far that would suggest he would not be prepping for his next start. That being said, he may just not be great... EDIT: Just read the thread, and it appears that about 7 other posters had already asked the questions I've just asked. Feel free to disregard (or copy / paste your answers to my post).
  16. Me? Shrug... I liked a few of the play calls. But our offense was pretty bad for most of the year. That being said, I put that on the personnel more than on the OC (and not blaming JD after the burned the barn to the ground, the approach was scorched earth, and I think we'll see some dividends later this year and for seasons to come). I think we often overstate the importance of coaching. Yes, coming up with a good scheme is important, and calling the right plays at the right time can have a big impact, but the overall performance on the field is with the players. Davis dropped his first pass, which (IIRC) would have converted a 3rd down, but then caught his next 6, for a decent day... Conklin and Hall fumbled the ball, which is out of character for them. Tomlinson had his worst game at G in 3 years, in a system he's excelled in... You can have the best coaches in the world, but you need your players to play. But, going to the initial topic, I mentioned "More of the same" because this team has been losing for so long that even losing a single game now completely drains all optimism out of the fan base (even the beat writers are getting upset now :D). It doesn't matter how improved this team is compared to the three last years, or how exciting the rookie class this year will end up being, lose a game by double digits and it's always "more of the same".
  17. It's also more than than Carl Lawson has had as a Jet as well!
  18. I would expect a level of urgency with every game... I think that's what's so disappointing with some of these games. Do these players care?
  19. Blind optimism... But honestly, that's all we have at this point..
  20. The Ravens O dominated? They couldn't run, were getting little in the passing game other than a couple days, and there was a lot of pressure on their QB. As for their defense, our O left plays on the field the whole first half. Drops, fumbles, etc... I agree, the Jets were not beat by the Ravens, they were beat by themselves. It may turn out to be the only team the Jets can beat is themselves actually; they have a pretty good track record there... The Ravens did end up running away with it, but it was far from being a dominating performance. Either way though, still an L for the team.
  21. This is a 6 to 8 win team. There are no must wins. Browns have a very good team with a back-up QB (who was a starter a few years ago). If the Oline can't block, and the WRs can't catch, and players put the ball on the ground, doesn't matter who the opposing QB is.
  22. There's a honeymoon period for all new CS / GMs, given them a chance to do their thing. That's pretty much over. This is a very emotional reaction due to the level of ineptness from the offense, and how this translates overall to "more of the same" that we've seen for so long now. I think there may be an issue in regards to expectations. Vegas always had this team at 5.5 wins, but we were seeing people post: "What happens if Flacco goes 3-0 while Zack is out?!". That was never going to happen, though people were expecting at least a decent showing.
  23. Yeah, sorry, there was a lot of sarcasm that didn't make it through to the post...
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