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  1. Slater generally takes a rather negative view of anything Jets. Other observers had a very different take on the situation.
  2. Exactly! This coming from a former teammate on LSU! That is unheard of. They must have really hated this clown. Thank God he's not our problem any more. He is as my fellow Italians would say a fugazi !!
  3. Amen! Also he's weak by not showing up where Maye is showing up! That tells you all you need to know about the character differences between the 2 players. The clown is now Seattle's headache thank God!
  4. Not sure about Revis but he could be a steal given he was chosen in the COVID year which caused a bunch of players to drop. He probably should have been drafted.
  5. As an Alabama fan, thanks to Joe Willie, I'm thrilled with this development. Anytime they are in the tournament it's theirs to lose!! 6 National Championships in 12 years, it doesn't get better than that!!
  6. You wouldn't say that if you actually lived there. It has become a cesspool.
  7. Maybe you're the dumb one. He may not be smart at football but not taking that stupid vaccine doesn't make him dumb!
  8. Typical response!!! You failed to mention that the game was played under brutal conditions. The Jets and the Chiefs were the top 2 teams in terms of offense. They could only throw short to the RBs and TEs. I think that might have a little to do with the brutal offense for both teams. But as usual you don't include all the facts. Face it almost everyone on here HATES YOU!!
  9. The main radio station and its very biased commentators were going bonkers when the Donkeys were on the clock. They were all saying it has to be Fields, how is this possible, a miracle, etc. They then went off on Paton when he selected a DB instead!! It was quite comical. I actually think he dodged a bullet by not selecting Fields. That would have ensured a short stay in Denver as the GM.
  10. Your reminder by a poster on here of the following Jamal Adams stats from the 2020 season: 0 INT's 3 Passes Deflected 59 Solo Tackles 1 Forced Fumble Completion % allowed: 78.3 (25th worst of any defensive player in the NFL) Yards per target allowed: 9.5 (33rd worst) QB Rating against: 106.3 (91st worst) And keep in mind that his 9.5 sacks this season required 98 blitz attempts, 7th most in the NFL. For comparison purposes, T.J. Watt blitzed 97 times, but got 15.0 Sacks. Watt also had 1 INT and 7 Pass Deflections, plus 2 Forced Fumbles. And unlike Watt, when Adams failed to get to the QB, he left the secondary position he was leaving exposed. Hence a big reason why the Seattle defense allowed the 2nd most pass yards and tied for the most passing first downs allowed in the league this year. Two firsts and a 3rd, baby! Pay that man his $18M per!
  11. I posted this before maybe you missed it! If you take any financial advice on a sports site like this one people will eventually realize that you have officially become insane and that you should be locked up for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones.
  12. I did! I never said I said it and couldn't remember who said it. I saved it when I saw it, great job putting that together. I thought it was worth an encore!
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