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  1. Jets trade out of 4 to Seattle’s 9 we get dk in return. Then there top rated edge and ot at 9 and 10
  2. Neither can I. I just don’t understand why so many fans want him to fail. Whether u agreed with the pick or not I thought we all want the jets to win games and to do that we need Zach to get better yet some people just want him to fail cause they wouldn’t of picked him. He is our qb at the moment so let’s get behind in instead of all the negativity about him
  3. Romans done at Chelsea now no way he will get any of his money back. All this will do is make the price cheaper for a invester to buy in the summer on the cheap and the uk government will hold the money until it sees fit and the heat is on too get rid of it. They won’t stop a sell of the club as they won’t want Chelsea to go under cause of the backlash
  4. What is the way they allocate tickets over there to the super bowl. Do both competing teams get a allocation like over here for finals in uk and Europe. Think it’s like each team will get something like 30percent of capacity of stadium it’s being played in over here which the club then allocates to fans on critea of season tickets matches attended etc. So if the jets did get there would some season ticket holders be able to get a ticket through the club without paying over the top prices
  5. Where has all this jets moving to London coming from. Miami have signed up to 3 different markets so they moving three times. It won’t be happening all they have signed up to is grow the fan base in uk. Not that they need too as being a uk based fan we have one of the top fanbases as it is over here. as it is the jets are one of the most profitable sides in the nfl no way they would leave all that to become a uk based side which would go bust in few years
  6. UEFA just released a statement saying he been stabilised and transferred to hospital. Tiny bit of positive news but it was horrendous to watch
  7. We gave up 2 3rd round picks when we traded for nine places when Chicago only few places ahead of us jumped up nine places and gave up a 5th this year plus next years 1st and 4th. I know what I would prefer to give up to get the player they wanted
  8. Wilson trade up for Smith ,waddle if they fall 34 Humphrey
  9. In the uk it says that it starts at 4pm uk time which is 12pm New York time
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