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  1. There've been a lot of decent draft scenarios set out here, but this one totally shows what can be done with the first four picks, even without trading down.
  2. I think he will grow mentally. My concern is his durability, based on track record to date and his reckless playing style.
  3. I was in college and my father and I watched the game from the second row of the upperdeck on the southeast goal line. Namath's pass--60 yards in the air through the swirling Shea winter winds hitting #13 in stride--to set up his dart to win it is a thrill forever. Years later Jimmy Breslin called the long one the greatest pass ever thrown. Still is. And one of the OL said he could hear the TD bullet as it went over his head
  4. As I believe Serby noted in one of his better pieces, the mere mention of 92X take-off to WW--thrown by whomever--- struck fear throughout the league.
  5. I'm a fan too. Betty, you don't have to be in other threads because you cover a lot of ground in each post (and efficiently
  6. Gutsy post. Mims still needs to prove himself, but he deserves more chances for sure for the above stated reasons. And contrary to another line of criticism (questionable work ethic), his willingness to do dirty work--see for example the blocking and the shared tackle on the INT in the Bengals--is clear.
  7. Understandable. Like the Raiders and Chiefs, Chargers had flash/colorful characters up and down the roster--Paul Lowe, Keith Lincoln, Ernie Ladd, Ron Mix, Earl Faison, Speedy Duncan
  8. Gary "the Ghost" Garrison. The phrase "Ghost to the Post" was used with Garrison BEFORE it's reference to Dave Caspar's walk-off catch in the '76 playoffs
  9. Lance Alworth (who else?). There was never a name with more swag and glamor. And, along with the Charger lightening bolts,, it matched his playing style perfectly. It was a privilege to watch him in Saturday night games at Shea.
  10. True, but PFF shows that in the 9 pass attempt sample the yards per attempt has been small. These have been short passes. Davis's gaffe in Sunday's game was being, I would assume, the guiltiest party on the opening drive flea flicker (I infer his guilt because he is the left side safety--haven't seen the all-22). He clearly takes care of business as a tackler (eyeball comment, not PFF).
  11. Let me try to address one of the objections to this move--the one that says that it amounts to giving up a draft pick now instead of signing Flacco w/o compensation in the offseason. Even leaving aside the possibility that if Zach would have remained healthy late into the season, no move would be required at all--the fair comparison is spending 3.5 million for Flacco in the summer instead of spending about six or seven hundred thousand now plus a low pick. For me that's a wash. To check my numbers look at Jason's site (Over the cap). I don't see panic or overpaying in this. The two other conv
  12. The above about Ashtyn Davis needed to be said. Even a proven talent couldn't be in game shape for this first game back given all of the circumstances. Want to see Davis to continue to have a proving period. He has plus speed and plus tackling force (when he is in position).
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