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  1. Agreed--as a pass rush specialist or whatever we're going to give him a chance to make the squad. He's a football player
  2. Love this because it gives credible examples that substantiate JDs pragmatic up-or-down mindset. And there are no doubt at lease a half dozen other scenarios that JD is contemplating. But there was no need for the post to go into the additional details. The scenarios discussed were enough to get the feel for JD's approach.
  3. Great post in a great thread. I was going to start a thread--now I don't need to---saying that the kind of trade up that JD would/should consider is a "smaller one"--like this or even smaller--for the last remaining OL that he considers special. Specifically, with multiple pre-discussed trade ups in place on a contingent basis, he would pull the trigger when only the last special OL remained
  4. The opening post is crazy good, not because I was opposed to moving Sam--I trusted whatever way JD came down in making the decision--- but because (1) Wilson does have to outplay Sam by more than a marginal amount--though not necessarily ZW being a star and SD a dud-- to make JD's choice a winner and (2) the statement of the four outcomes, featuring prominently the considerations given and received, is awesome and comprehensive. The past-is-prologue listing of QBs is not vey relevant, but who cares in view of the overall analysis.
  5. My upvote for the opening post can't be emphatic enough. Major thanks to johnnysd for setting up such a long-overdue poll--especially the want-to-happen part.
  6. Last year's punt coverage was the worst I've ever seen by the Jets. And it wasn't on Mann, His punts weren't long but they weren't line drives.
  7. I lean towards Zach at two over a decent draft yield for Sam, but this is one heck of a revival of a necro thread. Superb.
  8. yes; it's a bad look if he's cut, but the locker room would understand a trade (I think).
  9. Interesting post. We could take a fifth rounder because it's money in the bank, while even as a Mosely fan in my posts, I share the concerns, to a degree about fitness (and to a lesser degree desire). On the other hand a trade for a fifth isn't all gravy. It's good cap wise (manageable hit as opposed to a cut). But will we find a partner? Can we handle further depletion of the linebacker group and more restocking. More restocking means using the draft or FA capital. So while a trade for a fifth (if possible) is not bad using CJ this year and cutting him next year with a five million ne
  10. I'm a big believer in the "eyeball test'. Numbers can lie, So hometown input is fair. But which 3-4 ILBs, Ravens or not, did they have in mind as superior
  11. Poole or Nelson for one year with the right $$$. Gives us insurance in either case if Guidry fails to develop or our drafted rook is a dud. Hard to choose between them because I'm ignorant of the relative importance of playing inside or outside in the Saleh system.
  12. Let's see how he does relative to Hightower after Covid. that will be interesting
  13. 9 INT in the five years means 1.8 per year, which is more than respectable for an ILB. If he played 10 good years, we would be impressed in this era by an 18 interception total for any type of linebacker. More importantly he had 35 passes defensed.--seven per year. That's also impressive in this era for an LB.
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