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  1. This opening post is crazy good and. except as to Ty Johnson, aligns blocking skills with whom we want to see on the field.
  2. I haven't posted during the slow season, but this is different. Pulling for you guys like I am for the Jets themselves.
  3. Marty Robbins: "Devil Woman, Devil Woman set me free...
  4. This is the heart of the matter for me.--the left side duo being something DCs have to scheme against for the first time since Brandon M. 2015. Scenario 1. If AVT is all that, and I concede he needs to be, the trade is a boss move. Scenario 2 If he's only above average and most of our low six picks are serviceable that's an acceptable result (even if say, Christiansen and Davis turn out to be above average).We fleshed out our roster this year by recouping back to 10 pics and can get the two o-linemen in the third round, and for one or both probably higher next year. So the trade-u
  5. I bought in to the last third of the book, but some don't. I can't prove it's true about him but no one has shown otherwise. He and his wife are buried less than a mile from my house.
  6. Read the Haley told-to bio over 53 years ago and it made an impression.
  7. Agreed, and I appreciate the reference in your posting name. Goes with the avatar of course.
  8. I agree about Wilson. But as to Namath, his performance never matched what he could have done with good knees--badly injured at Alabama and them in '70, badly injured again as a pro (modern med techniques not available) But the talent level is second to none at the position--Elway, Favre, Rogers and Mahomes included. Please read what Bear Bryant said about him, the famous Jim Trimble pre-draft scouting report, the comments of his player,coaching and management contemporaries, and even the admiring comments of non-Jet fans who have posted here or at Jet Nation such as the famous Pa
  9. Good job. I want to squeeze Pinnnock, Echols and Guidry into the secondary, but after cutting the two Jacksons listed in the secondary I can't find a third player that I would want to cut outright or expose to the PS. Murray at OL is expendable, but we do need nine OL so if not him, there would be someone else.
  10. That sounds true and probably holds for '97 too, But I still don't thing that being a system D guy is an impediment until such time as the implementer shows that he's a hack and a lunk-head
  11. And I'll cop to Farrior too (and Hugh Douglas for that matter) as casualties of a 3-4 approach. But big picture, "system" coaches do fine--as did BP and BB-- if the overall football IQ is there. LeBeau (3-4 with suprises) Buddy Ryan (the 46 with surprises) and many others.
  12. Understood. I was just looking for you to expand on your initial post.
  13. IIRC, Pinnock has a nose for the ball.
  14. Parcells was flexible and pragmatic on offense but drafted his famous ("don't compromise your") "prototypes" to fit his and BB's 3-4. I believe it worked out for him.
  15. It's a crime to nitpick such a good post, but I would clarify that if the sign-longer and trade scenarios don't happen the second franchise tag isn't a given. The variables are not just Maye's performance and health but what other options present themselves--Davis showing that he can perform in an a safety role in the Saleh D (his single-high profile notwithstanding)? a solid draft-able replacement for MM?
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