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  1. So far so good with JD. I'm excited to see how this roster plays under a real coaching staff.
  2. The only problem will be deciding which livestream to hang with...
  3. Since the whole world is against us (see: Mark Schlereth, aka the guy wearing a helmet in his own apartment), Jet fans must unite in support of... whoever King Scout Joe Douglas chooses! A united Jets fandom cannot be defeated! But a house divided against itself surely will fall!
  4. Most experts have the WRs Chase, Smith, Waddle. But almost every expert has Pitts rated as more valuable than all of those, so this wouldn't make sense unless we traded so far down that all the others were gone.
  5. We need a QB, and he won't be available at 23. Now if we package Sam and some picks to move up to 8 or 9, it's possible. But even there, he's probably gonebabygone.
  6. I heard he has 3 locks on his front door, so I think he's pretty safe.
  7. I'll trade the Panthers Sam, #34, and a 4th-rounder next year for #8. Sam can enjoy throwing to Robbie again.
  8. I believe 72 is the maximum number of bad TEs allowed on one team, per the NFL CBA.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing what larger bases would look like. Could cut down on injuries.
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