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  1. Is fields really good cause I don't want to wast a pick on him cause of the line and start him like all the other qbs
  2. The be fair to him he sat on the fence in the Darnold vs Wilson debate and always said it would he wilson if we traded Darnold. I may not agree with some of his opions but credit where credit is due.
  3. With lawerance and fields off the board they will have no option but to take lance
  4. I'm sure the Johnson's are involved in the process but I pray they let joe have the final say on who the number #2 pick is because the owners have a conflict of interests with Wilson.
  5. Perhaps but my guess is they want someone who's more durable, they are supposedly fed up with Jimmy G getting injured regularly and see fields as a great prospect with very little injury history.
  6. Mangini makes an interesting point in this video, says the 49ers might be pushing the narrative they are taking Jones when they are in fact in love with Fields and don't want the jets to fall in love with fields. Go to the 6th minute of the clip to see what I'm talking about.
  7. Zack seems to have changed his tune in a week, perhaps joe rang him and said "Salah is after seeing Fields, we don't want you any more"
  8. If the Jags, bucs or dolphins are picking the QB in the top 10 it's a far more attractive location than say the Jets because of the zero tax rate. I read somewhere TL will make an extra $4m on his rookie contract because the jags have the first pick instead of the jets. I'd love to see it equal for all teams where the cap is adjusted for each team dependant on state tax.
  9. Yea it was Russell, the raiders gave him blank tape that he was told was scouting on opponents. Russell said he watched it all.
  10. Seems like Kurt figured out how to analyze Zack after all
  11. Hope joe douglas reads this from Casserly.....take Pitts at #2 and fields at #23
  12. I'm probably wrong on this but I was lead to believe that the Shanahan offence was based around a qb staying on script, a kind of do what we tell you and you will be successful. Leflour went the green bay and told Rodgers to stop going off script and it's got him MVP of the league. This is why the 49ers are been linked with Jones. Fields is supposed to have great accuracy and pocket presence so I don't get why you don't think he is a good fit for the leflour offence at the jets? Also Wilson seems to take the decision of plays into his own hands by throwing deep (successfully)
  13. What I'm saying is it possible that every single tv draft personality likes Wilson? Possibly but surely one or two of them must have their doubts, but why do they not air them bar the one statement about "level of competition". I was listening to the editor of Ourlads publication Dan Shonka last night and he's not sold on Wilson but he can say that because he does not work for ESPN or NFLN. As for GMs falling head over heals in love with Wilson, how do we know that? Because charlie casserly did an survey of 23 nfl front offices, give me a break. If this message board could be used as
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