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  1. You shouldn't get another chance to post on this forum......you wanted Wilson, you said Wilson is a sure thing, you insulted and downgraded anyone who said a bad word against Wilson. If Joe is sacked so should you be
  2. Trade Zack now, take what we can and run. He never was nor never will be an NFL caliber quarterback. Go back and watch his collage tape, the throws he is attempting in the NFL are exactly the same as his collage throws but he is now facing elite competition. It's only been 5 games but it is as obvious as hell he is not the future of the jets and people who say let him sit and learn are only prolonging the agony. Do not let Jet Air dictate the amount of pain and suffering us fans go trough following this franchise.
  3. I have to admit I am biased against Wilson because I never wanted him drafted by the jets, I just didn't see what everyone else saw in him but so far this season everyone has been on lafleur's back because he hasn't been able to make it work for Wilson but give him a system QB like white yesterday and the offense worked. Can Wilson be a system QB for the jets? Personally I don't think so but if he sits and learns for an extended period it might be possible.
  4. Mike white may not be the long term answer at QB for the Jets, but today proved the Zack Wilson is definitely not the future nor never should have been selected at number 2 overall.
  5. I was a big believer in Sam and campaigned during the draft season that we keep Sam and trade back because I didn't rate Wilson but I was wrong. We had to trade Sam. We had to trade him to save Sam's carrier, we had to trade him to give our GM more time, we had to trade him to give our new coaching staff a fresh start but most of all we had to trade him because most of our fan base had lost faith in Sam and that faith was never going to regained. Im so delighted for Sam that he now has been given the opportunity to show his talents with the Panthers and although some of his play has not b
  6. "hey Joe, you promised me Sam Darnold when I accepted the job offer, not some punk kid who can't see open recievers in the middle of the field"
  7. Really enjoy Tim's takes on QBs. The breakdown of the incomplete PICK play was excellent and shows that it was crowder not doing his job rather than a bad throw by Zack which I've seen other experts say it was.
  8. Hymie is a pearl jam fan, best president ever
  9. Cynical by the NFL to schedule this game first. You just know Dan Orlovsky and the likes will want the Panters to win to prove them right.
  10. Sorry, yea I was wrong. I read the headline this morning, it said Jags and falcons to play at white heart lane, that should teach me to read a whole article and not just the headline.
  11. It's jags @ falcons in London has been confirmed so Jets are off the hook
  12. Yea predominantly left side, even played left tackel in collage. I'm Just trying to figure out why joe is keeping him around.
  13. Thanks, I know I'm probably on my own with this but I really like that
  14. Can you do a photoshop of the current green helmet with the previous green jersey please (sorry for asking but not well enough up on technology myself) thanks
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