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  1. Hymie is a pearl jam fan, best president ever
  2. Cynical by the NFL to schedule this game first. You just know Dan Orlovsky and the likes will want the Panters to win to prove them right.
  3. Sorry, yea I was wrong. I read the headline this morning, it said Jags and falcons to play at white heart lane, that should teach me to read a whole article and not just the headline.
  4. It's jags @ falcons in London has been confirmed so Jets are off the hook
  5. Yea predominantly left side, even played left tackel in collage. I'm Just trying to figure out why joe is keeping him around.
  6. Thanks, I know I'm probably on my own with this but I really like that
  7. Can you do a photoshop of the current green helmet with the previous green jersey please (sorry for asking but not well enough up on technology myself) thanks
  8. They openly admit who they are on the podcasts the whole time and how they ended up in PFF. None of them have any back round in the NFL, they just got jobs as PFF analytics and worked their way up. Sam Monsoon, he's from Dublin ireland and posted a lot on an NFLUK forum and became friendly with the guy who decided to set up PFF and Sam was asked to join the team at PFF from the start up and then moved to America. Steve Pazzolo, he's an ex minor league baseball player who was big into stats and joined PFF and worked his way up to been a presenter. Mike Reynor, he was on an early
  9. There is another technicality where if a team changes ownership they can change uniform. I'm sure if they pushed for it Woddy regaining ownership could be used as an excuse to change the uniforms.
  10. I would absolutely love to get rid of the current hideous uniforms we have, hated them from the moment they were released. I'd even go as far as saying the colour rush ones we had a few years ago are way better then the current ones and I hated them.
  11. At the end of the day the PFF analysts are a 6'9 foot failed baseball player, an Irishman who got the job because he was a good poster on an NFL forum, a lad who was the first person kicked off the bachelorette and a guy who just tells stories about his alcoholic father and criminal mother......I'll take joe Douglas decision to trade up over that bunch's critique of it.
  12. When you look at the WR group it has become such a strong aspect of our roster in a short space of time. Davis, Mims, Cole, Moore are assured of their spot. Crowder and Berrios will be under pressure because you'd have to presume one will be cut. Then between Doctson, Cager, Vincent and Jeff Smith for possibly the last roster spot. Our practice squad will be better this year than the starters in some games last year
  13. I don't know how a rebuild works in ice hockey but it's simple for the jets now, if wilson shows success and puts bums on seats and sells jerseys the Johnson's will back it.
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