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  1. Something about a dose of Zach Wilson’s intestine? What?
  2. He’s no David Clowney but I think he’ll be pretty good
  3. You sick sick man, keep these comments to yourself please.
  4. I mean he was able to find a starting QB in the 4th round
  5. Embarrassing.. “Will mammoth left tackle Mekhi Becton be a star or eat himself into mediocrity?“ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/86958/new-york-jets-training-camp-questions-is-zach-wilson-the-real-deal%3fplatform=amp
  6. I’m not going to knock the potential after seeing what Diggs did for the Bills. Not going to get my hopes up either I really don’t think WR is a major position of need given the depth we have.
  7. To be fair I’m sure we’ll all be watching Lawson closely this year and we’ll just have to use the eye test to make our judgements because I haven’t watched nearly enough footage to make a full judgement of him and mostly all I have to rely on are these stats thrown around.
  8. It was pretty good, some jokes just don't take off though.
  9. The Bengals were 26th in passing TDs allowed and the Browns were 25th. Bengals 19th in passing yards allowed and Browns 21st. Its settled. Lawson>Myles Garrett.
  10. QB pressures aren't real production? If he is rushing the throw and it results in an incomplete pass or even an interception in what world is that not considered real production?
  11. I don’t think you can compare the Mosely and Bell signings to Maye, they were desperate FA signings and Bell is the longest tenured Jet on the team right now and I believe that actually means something in the locker room. The agree with the 2nd part though.
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