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  1. As much as I enjoy clowning him, I didn’t know that he only said that to honor Trabis Ward who used the same quote and was shot and killed last year.
  2. 411 points over 3 games will never be broken
  3. “It don’t matter who is the QB is anyone would look like trash behind this O-line we are playing 4 people who don’t deserve to sniff the field…. Until they fix the line it’s gonna be rinse and repeat every week “ Actual quote from that site. I remember sounding exactly like this.
  4. Mahomes has 18 TD to Wilson’s 4.. idc what Mahomes got paid we would all kill for a QB with a 2:1 ratio and a ring.
  5. Not too long after that same SB winning QB was backing up Sam Darnold
  6. At this rate if you’re a top 10 pick there’s a 50% chance you’ll either go to the Jets or Eagles.. ouch
  7. Nonsense. We already lost out on the Zach Ertz sweepstakes and Maye told us to go f*** ourselves in advance.
  8. I was gonna say yeah it was Stephen Hill, can’t forget the high point of his entire career.. such a memorable opening game for a very forgettable season.
  9. I am 28 as of a few days ago, and I am a fan because of 28
  10. You calling the kid a bust after 5 games and calling this guy a troll in the same post is quite the contradiction.
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