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  1. Anyone else get Trumaine Johnson PTSD at first glance when they read the title?
  2. Agreed, he was such a class act while he was here. He had an issue of beating up himself way too much when things weren’t going his way and it was always so easy to see how down on himself he would get. At the time I didn’t like that about him but with the time that’s passed now I understand that it was because of how badly he wanted to be the face of our franchise and be successful.
  3. We should bully them for years to come, that senile head coach of theirs is going to run that franchise into the ground while we ascend at the same time
  4. I agree with most improved being CB but I think we legitimately have a shot of having the best 1-2 RB tandem in the NFL within the next year or 2 if our line holds up.
  5. Trained responses from a lifetime of negative media headlines
  6. I thought it was going to be a trailer for some running back biopic
  7. That’s not what he’s saying, just that we may get better value at other positions in the first round and still have WRs available in the 2nd round that our scouts graded very comparably to some of the first round projected WRs.
  8. If we’re going by Twitter he doesn’t want us lol
  9. Jerry rice vs the Vince Young of WRs is quite the disparity lmao, I’d settle for somewhere in the middle
  10. These are the kind of threads we deserve for checking JN at 1:30AM on a Friday night.
  11. Im with you on Trent Richardson. Thought he was going to be dominant, HOF type. Also thought Aaron Curry was a sure thing.
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