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  1. CJ's contract IMO, needs to be re-structured. He wants to stay here and play and he is influencing other free agents to join to help the mission. Nothing wrong with this...........
  2. So why, if this Raiders LB is good, is he on their practice squad?
  3. Sam and the 23 for Carolina's 8............I would do this in a heartbeat!
  4. Good point GKnight83; but, let the new QB, again Wilson, thrive without having a noose around his neck with knowing Darnold is still on the team. Plus the distraction from the media etc.........let Wilson get comfortable and confident without having to worry about these other outside disturbances!
  5. But Joewilly12, why would you want to keep Darnold? We have seen him these past 3 years accomplish what? I don't want to hear about not having players around him, or that dope Adam Gase! Darnold never ever made himself or other players around him better! NONE! Move on............................
  6. Are you kidding me! Why in the world would Douglas/Jets ownership, take QB Wilson say, then retain Darnold for what reasons? Douglas is holding onto Darnold way TOO long, and will get nothing for him. Cut bait and move on.........start fresh with the new coaching staff and new QB! C'mon Jets........get your act together!
  7. JetNation: Take a look at this link and the videos associated in it. Again this shows how Darnold is not a good QB! He's not! Time to move on. Zach Wilson is the choice!
  8. Maxman

    Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. Douglas seems to come across, like he's cheap! He is NOT aggressive. This concerns me!
  10. What is the possibility of Douglas signing Rankins with the idea of eventually trading Quinnen Williams in a trade with Houston for Deshaun Watson amongst additional draft picks? Just saying........
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