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  1. I mean there was a vocal contingent to trade down and keep Sam so any move that diverted from that plan was gonna be frowned on.
  2. Price was probably astronomical and/or Jets just have their guy and would not budge
  3. What happened to Wyatt Davis from OSU? I feel like I’ve heard nothing about him
  4. If you’re sold on Wilson/Fields and with every factor involved (rookie contract etc) and they have him at a much higher valuation than Darnold it’s a wrap. You’re not going to mess around and drop back and hope the QB falls back to you. I’m convinced they’re using the 2 pick. Nothing was stopping them from doing exactly what Miami did and ending up at 6.
  5. If they believe in Sam that’s fine but bringing in Jimmy G and having him start is not the move. Trade proposal is awful and they should feel bad for suggesting it. It’s just another attempt by national media to manifest Zach Wilson to San Fran
  6. Nothing says doesn’t love football by playing football during a pandemic with a pretty secure first round pay day coming next April
  7. I posted this in another thread but he’s got Calvin Johnson like measures
  8. That would be a nightmare. This roster is still bad and needs every pick it can get. If for some reason he’s at 23, you trade back and collect picks from a team who wants to come up and take him.
  9. I think not addressing IOL in free agency forces them into the weird spot of picking strictly for need at 23/34. Im hoping for Vera-Tucker id love to get Rondale Moore with either the 34 pick or pick we get for Sam but I don’t see Joe investing in a gadget type so early
  10. My favorite trade scenario so far that has been floated is using darnold and a pick to take 8 or 9 from Denver. It’d show a lot of creativity and I have not seen any creativity from the Jets in ages
  11. I came out of Jets board retirement at the right time. Next 30 days here will be repetitive but magical
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