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  1. It’s a moot point. It’s a player they had valued as a top 10 player in the draft at a major need falling to 14. Worked out great for the Vikings because they got their guy at 23 plus Davis/Mond but none of that actually matters if AVT is a pro bowl level guard next to Becton for ten years.
  2. Jets listed Sherwood as a linebacker
  3. Excited to draft Derek Stingley Jr next year
  4. I remember all the sympathy for Trevor when the Jets were looking at 0-16. Magically faded when Jacksonville got the pick and from FA and day 1 of the draft I haven’t really seen much of a support system for him being built.
  5. Fields is plus 1000 on draft kings so make some money off your sixth sense
  6. If they took a Fields/Lance at 9 now would they be looking to get rid of Lock?
  7. Taking one isn’t bad and it gives you a top talent especially if it’s a Kamara type in the passing game. Issues come when it’s time to pay them. If the Jets take Ettine and squeeze everything out of him for 4/5 years and let him walk it’s a great success. Never works out that way.
  8. I agree about drafting the top player at a premium spot regardless of offense or defense . I also think it’s true they need to surround Wilson with the most earnest attempt of support around him. We have 21 picks in the next two years. We are not drafting 21 players. JD has the ammo to go get the guy he wants in round 1. There is always teams looking to back out of the teens. To me, it just seems like a good spot to move up and get an AVT/Jenkins. You can still move back from 34 if you want to restore your capital.
  9. I think the teens could be a bloodbath for our OL hope and if they want Jenkins or AVT they’ll have to move up. At this point if they sit still for all 3 (doubtful) id guess QB EDGE OL
  10. I think what OP is implying is we either took Pitts 2 or after a small trade down and then Fields fell to 23
  11. Is this implying that Justin Fields will be available at 23? Also, you don’t overthink QB. They love Zach Wilson. If they didn’t we would be at pick 12 right now with 2 extra firsts.
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