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  1. They drafted Adams over Mahomes and Watson... Anyway, the early returns on this draft class are pretty good to me. My problem with Douglas has been free agency. Lawson seemed like he was gonna be great this year but Davis hasn’t been good. He allowed the team to go into the season with a rookie QB with GVR at right guard. I’ll lose a lot a lot of faith if he doesn’t sign some actual impact players this March
  2. The Nugent pick came like 4 months after the Doug Brien debacle in Pittsburgh so I think believe thought getting an ‘automatic’ kicker at the time was a huge win.
  3. Him and Carter looking better each passing week with more reps. What a novel concept.
  4. It’s fair and to White’s credit he took what the Bengals zone was giving him. Mac Jones gets praised for doing the same thing
  5. Lol if they do this again Thursday then the board will be insane for 10 days leading up to the Buffalo game. It’ll probably fizzle out fast but we really deserve some sort of magic
  6. It’s crazy how much better the offense looks when it’s about getting rid of the ball quickly to open targets. Plus the most effective run and screen game we’ve had in a long, long time. Defense actually had a chance to rest. Was very pleased with what I saw considering they were playing a team that went into Baltimore and won convincingly last week
  7. What about Kenyon Green from A&M? also, what does everyone think the board would be favoring if we ended up picking first overall? kayvon or trade?
  8. The last time the jets played a meaningful game was the week 17 game against Buffalo in the 2015 season. That’s reason enough for apathy. If this is still making you angry at this point, you need to take a step back.
  9. Haha yeah but I was very excited about what Lawson can do. Saleh definitely has an effective system that seems interchangeable amongst talent. Stuff like that really keeps longevity and keeps you competitive in a salary cap league.
  10. Love having a guy whose main goal is to inflict pain. He was everywhere today and at the very least he’s been a great waiver wire find. I hope we continue to find guys like this so we can invest into our QBs development with our cap room.
  11. I love what the defense is doing. Scheme seems to be adapting so well. The young guys are buying into it and the bend but don’t break drives have been a big help. If Carl Lawson doesn’t hurt his ACL in Green Bay they could’ve been really really special.
  12. I have no seen a play where 3 guys are just standing 5 feet away from each other and not moving until this season. The play designs are awful. Not to mention the center/right guard combo are borderline unplayable. I’m a big advocate of playing a rookie QB ASAP but this set up (rookie coach, rookie OC, 0 separation, drops, interior o-line who has no clue what’s going on) is a recipe to ruin him long term. Major failure to have 0 veteran experience surrounding him at the moment.
  13. Random but how good is Linderbaum? And how high do you think he’s gonna go?
  14. Took a break during summer. Imagined there was a ton of posts on it. Pre draft I couldn’t believe the amount of posters who wanted to go with Pitts/Sewell. If you wanted a non Wilson QB at least you had a valid argument. Seems like a good guy and have 0 ill will towards him. Can’t imagine cheering for him to make the jets look foolish.
  15. Anyone wishing well for sam/the Panthers doesn’t realize we have aN early round draft pick tied their record. as for this game, I really don’t expect them to do too much with Wilson. I expect a lot of Ty Johnson, Coleman and Carter
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