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  1. Suggestion, nick name for Zach, 'The Postman'. I agree the energy is building. There is leadership with a direction, a plan and they are executing the plan. Great stuff
  2. Abbott and Costello, who's on first and what's on second.... In-decision, uninformed, poor decision. They didn't know what they had nor did they know what they were getting. Result is they gave away the farm for a pony that hasn't even ran yet. Good luck. I have a bad feeling about the outcome of their decision. Sam will blossom, and Zach, well let's see how he does after getting hit and unhappy fans.
  3. It's all business. The results are in the Ws' and Ls'.
  4. Nothing. I am in the wait and see mode. News of the Tom Seaver statue reminds me of impulsive trades that NY teams made in the past coupled with misery outcomes to the teams. I am not convinced Sam trade is what the Jets needed to do or should have done. As for the new head coach, I hope he can keep his composure on the side lines so he can be in control of the team and the game. He will have a learning curve to acclimate to the Head Coach role. It's easy to be excited when you are window shopping. Time will tell how the package looks when it's game time.
  5. It makes sense. He was stabbed in the back. What do want him to say. He loved being a Jet.
  6. My suggestion for everyone to stop looking for answer on the outside and look for answer on the inside. If I had a vote I would have voted to keep Sam and trade the the number two pick for more picks. Since I do not get paid the big bucks I am wishing Sam the best and hope the Jets made the correct call. My point is many times people are looking for 'bling' for answers when they right in front of us. New York teams have a tendency to 'react' is decisions made on trade, drafts and direction how they move forward. Outside the Jets most recent decision I am frustrated with the Mets having let Whe
  7. I have mixed emotions with the trade and the Jets going with Zach. Be careful for what you ask for. My feeling is Sam will do very well in Carolina, and Carolina will do very well with Sam. Carolina is ahead of the curve compared to the Jets. Sam is a true professional. He loved being an NY Jet, that goes a long way with me, especially considering the climate he had to deal with. Good luck Sam, I wish you all the best.
  8. I agree with Bart Scott. Keep Sam. I would trade the second for a boat load of picks. That will change this thread in a heart beat. Build through the draft. Now is the Jets chance to do just that.
  9. Discussion over. Zach at 2 for the Jets. With SF trade Sam's trade value goes up. Supply and demand.
  10. JD doesn't show his hand. I have mixed feelings. In some ways I believe Sam deserves a fresh start with a team and fan base that will be open to having him as QB. Wilson on one hand is athletically is impressive, and on the other hand size-physical toughness and mental toughness is questionable. The Jets would get a heap of draft picks for the 2nd pick. Build through the draft?
  11. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Jack Necroto

      Jack Necroto

      Thank you. it's going to take me a little time to get use to how the blog works. My age shows.

  12. When Douglas came to the Jets he said in part it was because of Sam. Buyer beware with Zach. I question how he will be in locker room considering he was not voted as a captain by his teammates. Second is his health-shoulder. He is playing football. Third level of competition considering he had one good year. Sam on the other hand is well liked in the locker room, he has demonstrated leadership, physically and mentally he is strong. How will Zach handle New York if he starts off slow. NFL is lot faster than college..
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