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  1. Nope, I'm simply not as amazing as you are.
  2. What's the OL depth chart now... Where does Vera Tucker fit in?
  3. Just for fun, and to compare what we have now, with "what if"... You're Joe Douglas, it's draft day, and you have Sam, no. 2, 23, and 34. What do you do in the first two rounds? Do you start by trading back a few spots as I would? Ok then what?
  4. Gotta address CB. I would love Jenkins or another OL, but damn, we have just about the worst corners in the league, we must get talent in there
  5. CB! CB! CB! As much as we need to further solidify the O, we must address the team's biggest weakness: no decent CB's in a league that's all passing. At 34, trade back a little if possible... or stick at 34, regardless they MUST treat CB as a priority.
  6. Also D. Smith went to Philly. .. reunites with Hurts
  7. I see a lot of 'experts' predicting defensive players in the first 3 picks, that's why I asked.... personally I'd love JD to go all out on Offense first 4-5 picks, really develop the line along with receivers and a RB to give Wilson as much support as possible, then develop D later and via 2022 draft.
  8. Agree (and hope) we can go OL at 23. Protect babyface. What about R2 34? Would you go CB... or Edge... if so, who?
  9. More smart than cute, to add picks, while still grabbing a top QB, any one of which has the chance to be as good as Wilson. Question is, would another team want to move up to 2, and give the Jets enough? Sadly, probably not, but I'm hoping against hope Joe makes something like this happen, God knows we could use more picks.
  10. Since no one knows whether Wilson or Fields or Lance or Jones will be better than the others, I like the idea of trading back a few spots to add picks. Any chance that a team in the top 7 or 8 trades up to 2, thus allowing us to draft one of the top QBs while grabbing extra picks?
  11. Wasn't the Jet's OL playing better towards the end of the season? I definitely want them to draft OL in the first few rounds, they obviously need it as much or more than any position, but it looked to me like the OL had improved a bit by years end, no?
  12. Agreed. No NFL player has ever been reduced to tears, sucking his thumb in the corner, because he has to earn his position. This is football, not socialism. Competition breeds strength. Wilson has never played a down in the NFL, where level of competition is light years away from BYU. Let him learn from the side for a little while. Best case from a team perspective, IMO, is seeing Sam thrive in this new system in 2021, then have the option of trading either Sam or Wilson next year for a haul. Or if Sam fails, you dump him for about the same return you're gonna get for him now anyway. And by letting Wison sit and watch for a least a part of 2021, you take a smart approach to his development, like KC with Mahomes.
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. Clearly there's no way anyone can excel in the NFL... unless they grew up living in a cardboard box and panhandling for food.
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