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  1. I’m going to bow out I don’t think this thread will end well. Back to Lurking.. Hey Tom Shane thanks for your replies. J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets….
  2. Anyways Thanks for your time. I live in California near Yosemite … weather is great laws and regulations suck. But here I am.. I get all kinds of grief being a Jet Fan. But I have to stay True to my Team. A good friend of mine is a 49er season ticket holder so I at least get to watch games LIVE really great seats. I just love everything about Football.
  3. Double post.. I’m just a simple Jets fan I started liking the Jets only sense 1982.
  4. You mean me? I just picked KC cuz he’s my favorite Character in Yellowstone. guess I’ll go with Frank Zappa.
  5. You mean me? I just picked KC cuz he’s my favorite Character in Yellowstone. guess I’ll go with Frank Zappa.
  6. Um I too think Joaquin Phoenix is an epic Actor.
  7. Something about you really gets exhausting but you know Football. you are a core of Jetsnation. Dam mostly you aggravate me. But had too ask
  8. I understand that you don’t like Zach Wilson you are a Mike White Fan. my question is if Zach really takes a step forward will you support him?
  9. To TuscanyTile2 This is what I meant. Thank you jamesr
  10. I concur, I’m in the glass is half full side as far as Zach Wilson, but the great thing is the Jets are building a team. So if Zach doesn’t pan out? We can take advantage of the strong QB class of 2023.
  11. I want Deebo Samuel on this roster. But NOT at the cost of Elijah Moore.
  12. If we end up trading the 10th and the 38th pick for Deebo Samuel isn’t that the same as Trading Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold for Deebo Samuel. I’m all for that! I truly believe he will be a difference maker. There are 31 other teams looking for the next Deebo Samuel and we have the chance to get him. I don’t think it’s too much draft capital for the trade to happen. Also we don’t know that he’ll never play out of the backfield, No one really knows why he wants to be traded.
  13. I Concur. It went into a freaking genitalia size nausea. Its like a bunch of pubescent posters. Why?
  14. I just wanted to say. No matter what the cause was a 24 year old human being lost his life. My He Rest In Peace.
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