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  1. Peyton is actually surprisingly good at this
  2. man, I thought they would be bad this year but this is like.. last year bad. like, stop paying attention and actually enjoy my sunday doing something else by week 5 bad. literally zero positives except for the kicker. every facet of the team looks godawful.
  3. seems that RB rotation should be Johnson > Carter > Perine/Adams > Coleman but I have a feeling Coleman is the "coaching staff's guy that will inexplicably get carries" of 2021.
  4. Josh Adams is a better runner than Tevin Coleman at this point but won't make the team for some reason.
  5. I think the coaching staff is actually invested in developing Mims. Zuniga is a dead man walking, Davis is not looking good but it's a little early
  6. yeah, they're better off letting Dalton take all the abuse but idk if either of them makes it more than half the season behind that line.
  7. Bears back up line reminds me of the preseasons of the Mac era. 2nd and 3rd stringers who aren't even practice squad material.
  8. the last decade of uninterrupted failure and catastrophe has really hardened the old psychic shell. When I heard the news my first response was "that tracks" and continued on with my day. Feel for the guy as he seemed poised to have a big year and seems like a good dude.
  9. lol not that it matters but he played 3-4 de in college too.
  10. the best case scenario for this season probably looks a lot like last night. Lean on the run game, don't ask him to do a ton and be efficient with what he has to do.
  11. Have the jets been lighter on padded practice than other teams? I thought that there was a CBA limitation on the amount of padded practices and specifically back to back practices in pads.
  12. the first step towards vindication for the long suffering members of the Herndon hive
  13. I'm usually of the opinion that, absent a complete disaster of a roster, a rookie QB is better off taking some lumps. Having zero viable alternative for our slight young man is kind of risky in this case. All for learning by doing but it would be nice to have someone besides Mike White if he misses a game or two or needs to take a step back.
  14. I'm glad I can come to this website and see fellow sickos, who like lone Imperial Japanese Army soldiers on a Pacific island in 1971, refuse to abandon the "Chris Herndon is good" post.
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