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  1. I'm not gonna argue that this is historically a functional organization but idk if there's a clear line between Sanchez--Smith--Darnold besides them all sucking at quarterback. I thought Wilson was entirely too risky given the circumstances - but if he fails it'd be independent of most of the past failures.
  2. He's graded out very well the past few years and the team had a pretty solid rush defense last year with basically the same personnel, so I'm inclined to think it's more of a system fit with him. He's limited player but a team like the Chargers or something could definitely use him.
  3. He went from looking like a bust of humiliating proportions to..not that. The Rodgers and Mahomes comps were pretty unfair. As has been stated in the thread, I was pleasantly surprised by his physical and mental toughness. There's a ton of "ifs" involved but there is a world where I see him running a good offense next year.
  4. right? how is that a catch? I thought h was supposed to make a move and or survive contact with the ground, neither of which happened. the officiating has me losing my mind.
  5. Agreed. That type of skillset rounds out the wr room. Can see the argument for more of a burner but I think they might like Moore in that role anyway.
  6. yeah, if you're drafting a safety in the top 15 they need to be Ed Reed. I'm sure he's a nice player and all but if he's not 90% of Ed Reed gtfo with a top ten pick.
  7. the Browns rule because they have a demi-god playing running back/great offensive line, so naturally they love to put the ball in the eensy weensy hands of their hobbit qb.
  8. I think it's pretty clear that Wilson made the wrong read and the coaches are covering for him. Not a huge deal, he's a rookie but it is exceedingly unlikely that he was supposed to try and sneak it two yards with a backup center going against Vita Vea.
  9. if he was still on the Patriots I would want him dead by now. we NEVER have an annoying slot receiver, can't let him get away.
  10. easily his best game. Encouraging to see the streak of no turnovers continue, especially against that defense, and he looked about 100 times more comfortable than earlier in the year. The offense is only a couple pieces away if he continues to improve.
  11. I thought this for a second too but I'm pretty sure it's the other Michael Carter that had a concussion earlier.
  12. I only really follow college football from the angle of the Jets perpetually picking 6 overall, but man these playoff games are punishingly bad. Like zero entertainment value for those of us who haven't gone to one of these cursed institutions.
  13. London seems to check a lot of boxes - can play inside or out, blocks, yac, is the redzone threat that the Jets haven't had in forever. I also like having a break glass in case of emergency jump ball guy for a young qb.
  14. The defense is awful but could certainly be upgraded to average with a couple players. The offense could be pretty good in short order but tbh the quarterback looks like a gigantic mistake so that complicates things.
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