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  1. He's awesome but I don't think they have the cap space?
  2. Well yeah, the offense scored like 2 touchdowns total after the Vikings game. I tend to think that the offense being completely DOA at that point was the main reason for the lack of urgency for other teams. Hopefully we get to see how they look with an offense that can crack 23 points a game this year.
  3. Hopkins is much more appealing to me than OBJ fwiw. Less banged up and his game is probably more suited to playing well into his 30s
  4. I keep seeing people say this but I doubt it's true. In 2021 when the defense was terrible other teams didn't settle for 17-20 points. They hung 40 on them. Playing conservative is really the best way to move the ball on this particular defense since they're willing to give up some underneath stuff and it's dumb to throw the ball at the corners 30 times a game. It's not to the level of the SF defense where they're just terryifing but it's legit. 5th in DVOA iirc
  5. That would be terrific! Doesn't change my opinion that trading young, talented players on rookie deals is bad unless the situation is truly untenable. Maybe it was but I do not like this trade.
  6. The Jets didn't trade Moore for Rodgers - they traded Moore and a third for a 2. They're probably giving up one of those 2s for Rodgers, which is a trade I think is worth it. That said, the entire point of the Rodgers adventure is we have all this young cheap talent and no one to throw to them. The trade ask was a bad look but whatever. The entire team seemed to be moments away from burning the qb at the stake. We're talking about replacing him with OBJ who is older, has been hurt most of the last 4 years and who cannot stop getting thrown off airplanes.
  7. He's probably washed and is kind of a psycho. I'd pass but it seems like they're going full starf*cker mode.
  8. Not a fan of trading young, cheap talent AND a pick for another pick that you hope turns into young, cheap talent.
  9. The team coming out flat against Seattle was probably his worst moment. In general I think he has some of the requisite qualities that make for a good coach - definitely a smart guy, seems to be a good communicator, etc. But yeah, if they don't make the playoffs this year it's probably time to clean house.
  10. He blew the Detroit situation but overall the game management stuff was solid. His main failing as a head coach has been signing off on the wrong QB two years ago. His handling of Rodgers will be interesting.
  11. Honestly the long term best thing to do would be start Zach and tank for Caleb Williams but the defense is probably too good to go 2-15.
  12. It was the best of a bunch of bad options after the Wilson disaster. I'm on board with it but there is basically zero chance it ends well. You hope to get a deep playoff run (at the least) out of it but the only way it doesn't end in a trash fire is Rodgers retiring after winning superbowl MVP in 11 months.
  13. A cool thing about this thread is you can dip out for like 18 hours and come back and now we're talking about espn doing a salem witch trial on aaron rodgers for being kind of weird and annoying
  14. It would be pretty silly of them to hold out for two 1s when their official stance is we want this guy out of here yesterday.
  15. He'll be coy and everyone is going to lose their dang minds for another week. Can't wait
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