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  1. I came here to NOT think about the knicks throwing a bag at Jalen f'ing Brunson and this is what I get.
  2. There are 32 teams that would swap Wilson for Jackson in a heartbeat
  3. I'd hope White is qb2. Yes, yes it was probably an outlier but there's still a nonzero chance he's the best qb on the roster and I'd prefer to get a definitive answer on that if/when our 160lb starter misses some time.
  4. sorry, strange man from online, that me and my friend Dunnie were irresponsible in our use of Calvin Pace comparisons. In the future I will be more careful
  5. The way they want to win games is by running for 130 yards and get chunks on play action. It looks like they've actually optimized the roster to do so. Wilson is basically along for the ride which is a great spot to be in for a 2nd year QB. If we get competent play out of him.. I'd actually expect to score quite a few points.
  6. Hope so! Hard to hate the pick since he fell so far and they didn't give up a ton to go get him. And I'm very excited about how the draft as a whole turned out.
  7. overall very pleased with how it all went but if I had to nitpick it would be the JJ pick. Calvin Pace 2.0 isn't the worst thing in the world I guess
  8. This is the most annoying and thus most likely scenario.
  9. I have felt like London is a fit since he can play the big slot, blocks, yac etc plus he gives Wilson the "go get it" option he loved in college. I also realize that my aesthetic preference for funky WR plays into this. Keenan Allen is cool to watch! This by itself is probably not a great reason to draft a guy at ten but I'm not in charge.
  10. yeah also scary. his sacks seem to have been mostly of the coverage variety which is like.. Jordan Jenkins redux lol
  11. It's not the contract that's the issue - late breakout age is a negative because you have a 23 year old with a few years of major program strength training etc beating up on 20 year olds who are not as physically mature. It isn't disqualifying as far as I can tell but definitely goes into the minus column.
  12. Isn't the knock on Ekwonu that he's not a great pass blocker?
  13. Sauce at 3 makes sense. New England south probably values corners and they're so bad that taking the no doubt blue chip seems like a reasonable move.
  14. I worry about his 3 cone but the off field stuff? He wanted to go to Oregon because he thought if he hurt his neck or something he'd have a better in to a career that didn't involve playing professional football. Kids go to Alabama because they get envelopes of cash from boosters every week. He seems cocky and probably thinks he's a little smarter than he is but that's a common affliction in 22 year olds.
  15. I get it. I'd still be a little sour but that is also likely a function of not being thrilled about the class as a whole.
  16. If Becton is a sunk cost then I see the wisdom in going tackle, but that doesn't make it less depressing.
  17. Fant contract + 11th pick in 2020 spent on Becton, 4th rounder on Clark + 1st and two 3s on AVT in 2021 + Tomlinson contract and they still need to spend the 4th overall on a tackle in 22? That's a lot of premium resources spent on offensive line. I guess there are worse ways to spend them but still kinda tough to swallow. JJ makes me nervous since he didn't do much until he was a senior and beating up on younger guys. He was also pretty low in pass rush win rate if you put any stock into that.
  18. OT and then Johnson would be thoroughly depressing.
  19. not a crazy opinion but they have 3 NFL caliber players at wideout right now. I absolutely want them to address the position early but they've needed a rush end for 15 years. The whole draft kinda stinks but seems like there's better value at edge at 4. Anyway, my point was if you get a double digit sack rookie at 4 (or 10) that's a win and makes the team appreciably better immediately.
  20. The combination of draft fatigue and the emotional battery of being a Jets fan is yielding some funny results. "say they draft a player at the second most important position in football and he's an immediate success. so what?"
  21. I kinda like the Keenan Allen comp. Obviously different skillsets but Allen hasn't run past anyone ever either.
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