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  1. Obviously it's just one game and we will have to see how things turn out rest of the year. But I thought White played really well today. The numbers speak for it self. 37/45 (82%) for 405 yards and two picks aren't entirely on him. Overall, I thought he was calm and poised even under the pressure and had agreat pocket awareness. Do I want him to replace Zach? Of course not. Zach is just a rookie with only five games under his belt. He is a very talented kid and his best days are still far away. But it feels good to know that we have a backup QB who showed a lot of promises today.
  2. LOL... At least, Joe Flacco may never see another snap with the Jets. Where have you've been LaFleur??? Great play calling today. Stay in the booth from now.
  3. I've been a Jets fan since '77 so I know enough about disappointments and pains. Maybe I'm set for another blow but I'm cautiously optimistic where the team is headed.
  4. Well, guess what??? I only have one post and seriously thought about yelling at some of you. So what? I enjoy discovering good information about my beloved team, and quite frankly learn a lot from opinions of many knowledgeable posters here. Obviously we all want Jets to play well; but we also knew this year will be a difficult year with many growing pains. Let's give the team some time to gel. If they still play like last week in Nov/Dec timeframe, yeah I'll gladly join you yelling at the players, JD and coaching staffs.
  5. In the United States and other developed countries, yes. Average GDP per capita for the entire world is less than $15k unfortunately.
  6. I think I know where you're coming from. The message has to be consistent to the entire team. However, how effectively it gets communicated to each member can be entirely different. That's what good leaders do,
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