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  1. I see London as somewhat similar to Keyshawn Johnson, a possession WR who knows how to use his body to shield off a defender but isn't going to run away from anybody. Those who think KJ was a great player might also like london at #10, personally, i wasn't that high on KJ and worry that london won't win those fifty/fifty balls he won against college Corners in the NFL. If London fools me and runs a fast time (4.45 or better) at the combine, I will change my tune.
  2. How about the best players available in every round? I can't find too many position groups that we can't use improvement in and eventually, if you keep drafting good players, you do win!
  3. If White is healthy, I play him. Worst case you are developing a great back up , best case , you have a QB controversy . There are still plenty of games left and ZW has already seen enough Rookie play , enough meaningful reps , that his first season has been productive already. Whats the downside of finding out if White is the real deal? Anyway, what are the chances of White staying healthy behind our OL the rest of the season? Ha, slim and none, so if Zach sits 2-3 more games, nothing is lost and by then hopefully, Bechton is back 100% and the line is better and we can run it more also. I’d stick with White until he is exposed or becomes a viable asset.
  4. I’m guessing it’s trade up city Slik, next year they look for their AVT type defender or two that they just must have and they trade up for them.
  5. Big difference since they benched Gary Sanchez, Higgy frames and calls pitches better and is a clutch hitter.
  6. There were a lot of good guys this year who were not drafted and a lot of teams had a good free gent signing class, Jets did sign some decent guys too.
  7. I dunno how you grade a draft in a vacuum. To me the considerations are, how much draft capital did you have and how much return did you get for that capital. I look at a team like Cleve drafting pretty late with three less top 100 picks and I would say they maxed out pretty much the most they could have out of their draft capital. Not sure the Jets did and therefore an A or A+ could only be given to us down the road and only after Wilson and AVT or such huge difference makers that the spending of such valuable draft capital on them is justified.
  8. I was wondering if in the wide nine where the off tackle play is hard to defend and you need a run stopping safety , if he could keep slim, he played 216-218 for ND last season and act as an SS for us, he pretty much Jamal ADAMS sized before he added 5-7 lbs for the proday.
  9. I’m a big Fields guy too but he does have a legit health concern, it could be nothing, it could become an issue at any tine.
  10. It’s ridiculous to think Jets are a player for Aaron Rogers , everything they’ve done this off season was about starting fresh with a young QB.
  11. His roster bonus of $10,000,000 , he collected, that was Lion share of his 2019 money, he figured he’d take a redshirt year rather than risk injury for the rest of his paycheck. The math said, $10,000,000 to stay home is a good deal If the guy was truly concerned for his health and family that’s one thing but seen clubbing without a mask tells you everything you need to know.
  12. Since they are rebuilding and resetting salaries is important to them I don’t see them trading for expensive veterans. Maybe a 6th rounder again but if you are committed to youth, stay the course.
  13. I think it’s a terrific year for QBs , really special, even the later rounds types are very interesting.
  14. He got a huge bonus before the season began, he walked away from relatively little money.
  15. Nobody is infallible but when you have elite size, good legs, a strong accurate arm and won a National Championship as a Freshman , I’d say you have a pretty good chance to succeed. Injury looks to be the only thing that can derail him.
  16. It was the style of the opt out, taking a big payout and then opting out from Covid while being seen at clubs without a mask is, frankly, disrespectful.
  17. Adding Severino in July is a huge addition, Yankees need to hang in there and start getting some clutch hitting. Can win the games with 7-8 runs and then come the next day and score 1. Timely hitting, building runs with good outs, good base running, it’s all 0art of it and then the HRs.
  18. Hopefully, it’s easily treatable, maybe an ulcer or something , best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  19. Changing Mangement constantly, changes coaches constantly Even changing the QB, is often counterproductive in the end. franchises are built slowly , GMs ,coaches and QBs all often improve after early failures, you have to hang in there and be patient. We seem to be organizing the franchise well now, with a plan , with smarter decisions being made. Give it time, after the 2022 draft, we should be loaded with talent which eventually leads to wins . Its this zigzagging that is very harmful, stick with the gameplan, unless the GM is a total idiot, which I don’t think JD is, eventually he figures it out.
  20. Jax fans have to be excited. they not only get TL, they have a lot of other selections to make also.
  21. I think there might be a few other fan bases with similar feelings about getting better after tomorrow.
  22. Ha, I played a little freshman hoops on my college team, thought I was pretty good for a walk on, one night we scrimmaged our varsity and their best scholarship defensive player was guarding me, he held me to no dribbles.
  23. Again, here’s a guy who started out like a great hitter and then with the STATCAST stuff and Judge & Stanton getting made a big deal of, started swinging harder and harder and ruined his career. Where were Yankees Manager, GM and a top batting instructor.Their current hitting instructor couldn’t hit righties his entire career and was a poor fielder, this is their guru ? who made that decision?
  24. Joe Tryon might fit our defense very well Might be a reach at #23 but that guy has a lot of potential.
  25. Yes, running for first downs, throwing on the run, dumping off to backs in rhythm, hitting 65 yards in the air throws, finding TEs in the end zone, none of the skills he showed there have anything to do with the NFL. Sorry, not buying it.
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