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  1. Wilson is an infinitely more talented passer coming out. Darnold was more of a brand, the reasons you liked him were more intangible. He had the “it” factor. He had an elongated release and was pretty sloppy throwing the football, he did move well in the pocket and had some clutch moments. Darnold did dramatically improve his motion in the pros and became more skilled as a passer sans the deep ball. But as college prospects Wilson is eons better as far as QB skills.
  2. Totally different scenario It was a shocker because most people thought the browns were juggling Darnold and Allen. But make no mistake about it, it was a total mystery who they were gonna pick... unlike jax who has only been tied to Lawrence from day 1. Now, if the Jets held the #1 pick I think there would be a very very good chance that they would still go Wilson.
  3. Every QB in the NFL has a team managing their marketing, it’s called an agent.
  4. He’s not a 4.8 guy though.. - watch the film - he can windmill dunk - TJ houshmanshada trains with him and said he would test like a skill guy running around 4.5
  5. So you don’t think Wilson has the ability to pack on 10lbs at 6”2? He was like 170lbs in high school is and all the way up to 209 now, and that was without being able to lift his sophomore year because of the labrum surgery.
  6. No one is Josh Allen, he might have the strongest arm in NFL history. It’s not about throwing the ball 85 yards instead of 75, or clocking 70mph vs 65mph on a radar gun. Tape shows Wilson is upper echelon in pure arm strength and elite tier in being able to maintain velocity and accuracy across platforms.
  7. what an absurd point, so you don’t think Rodgers should have been drafted before Smith? Or Mahomes (4.8 40) should have been drafted before trubisky? Nonsense Wilson has the most physical upside of any QB in this draft, because of you know, his arm.
  8. He’s not small, he is over 6”2 and 21 years old. He can easily put on 10lbs in the next 4 months which will put him at 215 playing weight
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