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  1. So they're signing him as what? Their mascot?
  2. I'm going with F....... None of The Above
  3. That 7 game win record was a joke. They could have easily lost 4-5 of those games and they had a easy schedule as well. They followed that up with a 2-14 record. That’s all you need to know about Gase.
  4. I think we can go 9-8. JD has really done a tremendous job gutting this roster and bringing in talent and speed which we surely lacked. We got a new QB, RB, 3 new WR’s, an edge and like 20 cb’s and safeties. But what do I know. I thought we’d make the playoffs last year.
  5. Doesn’t seem Saleh requires elite cb’s. JD has bypassed Nelson in FA. With 2 #1’s and 2#2’s next year, look for JD to continue fortifying the OL, edge, then CB and WR in round 2.
  6. Trade him. Get a pick. JD used like picks on DB’s and safeties in last 2 drafts. If JD got 2 #1’s for Adams, he could get a nice pick in return for Maye.
  7. Lions are morons. Fields was sitting there and should have been the pick. They could have gotten rid of Goff as well for picks. Only the lions are worse than Jets USED to be when it comes to NFL draft.
  8. This ‘team’ is akin to a baby learning how to walk. JD has done a fantastic job getting rid of dead weight and turning over the roster. And Saleh has highly influenced the defensive side of the ball already by having JD redo the secondary. We are younger and faster but we are very inexperienced across the board. This ain’t no quick fix. But definitely excited about the approach JD, Lafleur and Saleh are taking. In 2-3 more years, we are going to be turning heads.
  9. You’re relentless Can we let him play a quarter before making a full determination on whether he’s the next great Jets QB bust.
  10. I got an Alex Rodriguez rookie card. Can you imagine how much I can get on a trade in of steroids for it.
  11. That money is going elsewhere besides Maye. Writings on the wall. 1 - You dont draft a multitude of DB’s and safeties over the span of 2 drafts. 2 - JD signed yet another safety in Joyner to give all these rookies time to come up to speed. 3- JD just last year traded away and refused to pay top dollar for an ‘all pro’ safety in Adams. It’s obvious JD looks at the safety position as secondary and isn’t going to splurge on a big contract there. Maye is a good player but he’s not going to get what he wants from JD. This will be his last year as a Jet.
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