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  1. Exactly. We want CB's that CANT cover. Nelson does not fit that scheme.
  2. It’s a business. Someone pays you and you take the money. Straw and Doc played for the Yankees. Unforgivable. But what you gonna do. It doesn’t take away what they did with the Mets. Farve played with the Vikings. Jason Taylor signed with the Jets. Shaun Ellis played with the Pats. Curtis was traded to the Jets. Wow. It happens.
  3. Ok DWC. Nice to meet ya. So let’s cut the insults shall we. And let’s debate the issue. It’s NOT happening. For several reasons. Stop comparing Adams with others. He’s a fine WR. One of the best. But there are others who are easily his equal. We all know this. No argument there. The problem with acquiring him is it would 1- cost a fortune in draft collateral. We have greater needs. Pass rushers, lb’s, TE, OL, CB. We have a nice set of wr’s for once. This is a move Macc would make because he was just a horrible GM who had zero vision. JD is not surrendering a #1 and extra for him. 2- D Adams
  4. Great move by Sandy getting Rich Hill. A lefty to boot to balance out the SP staff. Still need another starter. Key is to get into the playoffs and hopefully by then it all comes together: deGrom, Cookie, Thor, Walker, Stroman.
  5. It’s like comparing DWC’s posts to Jif’s. DWC in kindergarten - @JiFapono in college @ Gatorville.
  6. Yea I would. 23 vs. 28. He’s way younger. Zach is just a puppy. He needs time to develop. In 3-4 years they would develop together. But it’s a pipe dream- Adams or Metcalf so what’s the point.
  7. LoL I’m old enuf to be your grandpa lol. Been a Jets fan before you’d dad was probably born lol. And you actually looked up when I joined here lol you a riot kid.
  8. You’re comparing a HOF WR who played 45-50 years ago to a modern day WR. It’s not even apples to oranges. It’s more like apples to pork chops. You can’t even look at a WR now without potentially getting flagged for PI. Just ridiculous! And you never saw Maynard play either. Tough as nails and fast as a rocket. Played in a totally different era. It’s the overall consensus on this board, practically 90%, that would be highly against such a move. But keep up the futile fight.
  9. You're a real fan. Love to see a fan really support his team. Even if he's completely delusional.
  10. Metcalf is 23. TWENTY-THREE. He's faster, younger, bigger and had practically the same revieving yards as Adams on 35 less receptions.
  11. You really should stick to the defensive side of things.
  12. No he's not. That honor gos to DIggs or Hopkins. Adams has had the luxury of playing with Rodgers which definately spruces up his stats. And who else does Rodgers now have to throw to? No one. He's top 10 but not #1. I'd even take Metcalf over him. And you know you would to.
  13. I bet your grammer school teacher often had you stand for an hour after class in detention. And when that didnt work made you face the wall in detention.. Guess that didnt work either.
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