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  1. The French have zippo to do with French toast. It is as ancient as the Roman Empire.
  2. Best pizza I ever had was in Rome. And the gelato there is other worldly. It was pretty cold there during Easter but a day didn’t go by where we were indulging in gelato every day in 40 degree weather.
  3. Not exactly a worldly individual is DJ Reed. Hint hint DJ, it’s not from France Dude obviously failed history in high school
  4. Can you imagine the ratings when he interviews Zach Wilson? Must hear JetNation pod!!!
  5. We are better than we think we are. We have upgraded considerably from last year. We have 6 - SIX new starters on defense: Sauce, Reed, Joyner Whitehead, Lawson, Johnson. Then we have 5 new starters on offense: Becton, Tomlinson, Uzomah, B Hall, G Wilson. Again, upgrades. We’re better than the Bears, Giants, Lions, Dolphins, Texans, Seahawks, Falcons ( now minus Ryan), Panthers, Jags, Giants. On par with Commanders, Steelers. We’ve moved up the charts. I think we’re going to surprise a lot of people with our effort and competitive play. Probably won’t win 8 games but we’ll definitely be a better football team on practically every facet of the game.
  6. He missed his calling. He would be a great crash test dummy in the Fast N Furious films.
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