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  1. Weighs Somewhere between 395 and 400? Wow that’s a huge difference.
  2. Yes I try to be humorous as much as possible here.
  3. P l e e e e e a s e Pleeeeeease Pleeeeeease Pleeeeeease This will replace J E T S Jets Jets Jets chant at the Meadowlands
  4. There’s no way Mims will ever learn these handshakes
  5. Adams ranked ahead of Harrison Smith? He couldn’t even hold his jock strap. What an absolute joke Smith has 29 INT’s in his career. 29. Adams has, what 2 INT’s and hasn’t even deflected 29 passses in his career
  6. Scrubbed references to the Jets on Twitter and instagram? That speaks volumes he’s having an emotional breakdown from Jets drafting Breece. With a nice season as a 4th round pick, he obviously had visions of being a cow bell back. So he goes on the attack and says he’s ‘unappreciated’? While Jets drafting Breece should not be a big deal to MC, he’s obviously making it a big deal. It’s not like the Browns signing Watson and signaling Baker is under appreciated. Carter should be thrilled he was drafted in 4th round and had a very good year. Yet he’s making waves already. Not smart. Look at Perine who was a 3rd round pick and is probably in verge of getting cut. MC should act humble. It’s not talk it’s actions. I’m sure JD is not thrilled about this and we all know JD has a short fuse with players talking crap. If this continues, I can see JD doing his thang: Ohhh no we want MC and will be signing him to a long term contract. The following week: MC traded for two #2’s.
  7. You sound like a Snob. Disco was dance music. It was great and had incredible energy and artists. It was just another style of soul music. It had its run and phased out. And The Bee Gees were one of the greatest groups of all time. The Micheal Jackson even attested to how he was influenced by them. To bad you missed out on some amazin music.
  8. Yea my take as well. He’s reading the writing on the wall and will take a back seat to Breece. 2nd round pick, Breece Hall, 4th round pick MC. It’s not rocket science. Hall is going to take over as the primary RB. He was the best RB in this years draft. I got no problem with that and neither should MC. He had an excellent rookie season. He now sees he is envisioned as a complimentary RB and will be 2nd on the depth chart. Sounds like his feelings are hurt. Baaaaaahhhh. He needs to get over it and play his game. Every NFL team has a run by committee approach now. Where he gets this idea he’s under appreciated is just pure ego nonsense. Kind of disappointing he’s taking that attitude.
  9. I said it before, I’ll say it again. Zach should have NEVER seen the field in 2021. Period. Mahomes sat a year. Rodgers sat like 10 years . It wasn’t so much that he wasn’t ready, which was clearly evident, but he was playing under extremely difficult conditions, namely bad OL, rookie HC/OC. The chemistry between himself and the WR’s was at times non-existant. WR injuries, terrible OL protection, getting used to NFL game speed, learning a whole new system, getting injured - it was all to much to put on Zach and was dumb to rush him.
  10. I was pumped when the youngest expansion created won the WS in 69. And the magical ‘86 team and the firepower 2022 team that will win the WS.
  11. The Young and The Restless It’s the youngest team in the league. Correct? Zach Wilson was mediocre in his first year BUT it was expected considering the lowly OL he worked under, and missing multiple games in his rookie season and the multiple injuries suffered by the wr corps that definitely derailed his progress. Add a rookie HC/ OC and you have a recipe for disaster. BUT Wilson made great strides in 2nd half, so there’s reason he’ll continue to mature. Now the spicy stuff. This offense has been transformed. Three new sparkling TE’s. LaFleuer will now be able to run sets he’s always wanted to. Becton alongside Tomlinson, will fortify the OL providing Zach protection. The WR’s, hopefully will stay healthy. Moore, and Wilson will open things up underneath. Davis is the key IMO. He needs to stay healthy to take pressure off the kiddies. Berrios is Berrios so all upswing there. Mims has been pointing up so that’s encouraging. Then we have what I feel is the key ingredient to this offense, RB Breece Hall. People were screaming NOOOO RB before round 4. I was even influenced by all the screaming. But since JD hit on CB, WR and edge with his first 3 picks, taking a RB in round 2 is forgivable and brilliant since we stole the BEST RB in the draft. Hall will be dynamic in this offense and we haven’t had a RB like this since Freeman McNeil. Add a revamped defense that should get off the field and provide better field position through the game, this offense should flourish. But playoffs? The schedule is just BRUTAL. They’d have to sweep Pats and Fins and split with Bills. And even if that’s accomplished, it’s still a huge long shot. But progress, real progress is the hope for this year. 8-9 wins would be a huge achievement.
  12. Did he fail kindergarten? It’s fine. He’s a late bloomer. We still waiting on QW to bust out so it’s fine Clemons is starting as a rookie at 25.
  13. Hopefully it’s the playing field and not becoming CEO of IHOP.
  14. Pitching wins baseball games. Always. Great pitching always beats offensive juggernauts. See 1969. If deGrom and Scherzer are healthy, Mets will win the WS in 2022. I guarantee it.
  15. Anyone who doesn’t score off the charts on the Wonderlick test should turn in their GED.
  16. Zach at Skanks game. Yukkk. People pleaser. He was rooting for Islanders AND Rangers as well. WTF. Doesn’t he know you can’t be a fan of opposing rivalries. Ehhh he’s a hick from Utah, what you expect.
  17. No way he’s ever playing for them again. It’s ridiculous to even entertain the idea that he’d go back. It would be foolish for the Browns to create that kind of circus to force him to play. They’d look like total buffoons. They already made their bed and laid in it with guaranteeing Watson’s contract. They knew he’d get slapped with a considerable suspension and signed Briskett to be their back up. He’ll be the starter in 2022. And if Watson is suspended for 2022, the Browns knew it was a possibility, and were prepared to bite their teeth and knew Baker was sayonara when they agreed to the deal. Just to much bad blood between Browns and Baker this point. Remember they even called him an immature kid prior to even signing Watson. That’s pretty harsh. Eventually they will trade him to Panthers as both those teams will figure a way to make a trade work.
  18. People don’t realize our entire defense has been totally revamped. Sauce and Reed at CB. Whitehead and Joyner at safety, Carter at nickel. Then you have last years secondary who are a year more experienced: Hall, Guidry, Pinnock, Echols, Davis, Dunn A DL rotation of (5 New DL - Lawson, JJ, Martin, Curry, Clemons), JFM, QW, Huff, Rankins, Shepherd, Thomas, Zuniga, Marshall. The only position that lacks depth seems to be LB with Mosley and QW holding fort. This defense is much deeper and should be much better this year.
  19. Keep both. Find specialized plays where they can contribute. Mims was a #2 pick. Still to early to give up on him with all the nonsense he went through. Really don’t want to see Mims get cut and break out with a divisional rival against us. Give it another year. Corey Davis could be cut after this year with a 660k cap hit. He’s obviously underperformed and would have to light it up this year for JD to pay him in 2023. No way JD keeps him if he has another mediocre season for another 10M. If Mims can progress this season, he offers that insurance if Davis is cut.
  20. Like he was still in his mothers womb
  21. Could be his new nickname - Pinky
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