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  1. It’s not over until the fat lady breaks the other knee cap.
  2. This is great that it’s a 2 year deal because it will take Becton 2 years to recover from this injury. He’ll then report back in 2024, phat and out of shape and undergo yet another injury…. And we’re back where we started. Becton obviously has seen his last days as a NY Jet. Next draft, JD has to target a LT to replace Becton. He has no choice. Becton is not going to be resigned and both Brown and Fant are older vets that need to mentor younger kids to eventually take over.
  3. $54 a month? that’s a rip off- Amazon stick is a one time $30 purchase. IpTV is like $10 bucks a month. All the channels you want and then some.
  4. Amazon Firestick IPTV subscription- 10-15 bucks a month Billions and billions of channels.
  5. Contact @Defensewinschampionships. Where is that guy when you need him?
  6. Probably to stick it to the coaching staff.
  7. Wow didn’t know that. That’s worse than Taking Brady over Sapp.
  8. How about the 3 greatest IHOP customers. Daniel Falelee Mekhi Becton @The Crusher
  9. Which if true, is really sad. Now he sustained yet another knee injury. His healing time is atrocious. If he’s smart, he’ll settle for a buyout package, heal over the next 2 years and try to play again somewhere, not here, in 2024. And he’ll have to bite the bullet and settle for a incentive based contract if he ever gets the opportunity to play again. No one is paying him until he proves he has some staying power. Just a gawd dawg shame.
  10. @The Crusher approved this message.
  11. And when was the last time he was ‘healthy’? Last order he placed at IHOP?
  12. He’s a bust because he didn’t do what he needed to get his weight down. He’s to big and that creates all sorts of injury issues, of which we’ve seen just a few. If he was disciplined, he would have been at a much ‘lighter’ weight that wouldn’t have put such a strain on his knees. He’s an accident waiting to happen and it’s happened - twice.
  13. Agreed. These 5 best of are a bore. How about 5 worst at every position. Would be way more interesting . No offense @Jetsfan80. Or how about 5 Best Marvel characters! Silver Surfer Spiderman Thor Mysterio Cyclops
  14. Becton Pancaked He’s done. Will never play another down as a Jet or probably any other team. Enjoy retirement big fella.
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