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  1. I say we get him back for a 5th, because Seattle ain’t paying his bum azz, hype him up, and JD gets another 2 #1’s for him.
  2. The TANK is full throttle!
  3. Looks like he's doin just great. That girl is FINE.
  4. Sad that you don't realize a lot of these guys are in the Hall of Fame, made several Pro Bowls and were EXCELLENT football players and had great careers. Namath HOF Curtis Martin HOF Don Maynard HOF Winston Hill HOF Kevin Mawae HOF Nick Mangold LOCK HOF Brick Potential HOF Darelle Revis LOCK HOF Weeb Ewbank HOF Bill Parcells HOF There are many others who were very close to be and should be inducted into the HOF. Klecko, Gastineau, Abraham (one of the all time sack leaders in NFL), And all these guys on this list were All Pro several times. Hardly JAGS. Ohhh and there's Jamal Adams - Hall of Shame inductee.
  5. This team goes 9-8. Adams costs them 5 losses alone blowing coverage assignments and getting BURNED for game losing TD's. Other than Jamal 'Toast' Adams, pretty solid compilation. And where the heck is Vinny?
  6. And when it counts, they SUCKED. I don't know anyways. I haven't seen a Knicks game in full since Ewing retired. And probably wont for awhile. My TV is too expensive. It's bad enough having to watch the Jets over the past 5 years and then have to compound this with watching the NY Stinks.
  7. #11 screwed that up. They had him double teamed and he still got free. That would never have happened to me. I was an outstanding defender and defense is just a lost art in the game today. His body was out of position and he allowed Trey to go around him with ease. Just TERRIBLE defense.
  8. Would be a brilliant move by JD. Zach loves throwing the ball up there for anybody to catch it and Julio would catch 90% of those jump balls.
  9. We should just piss these so called Jets fans off who hate their heroes and post an All Time Jets team. I'll start. At QB - Joe Namath
  10. Herbert Rookie of the Year Darnold Bust of the Year
  11. Trade Berrios to the Panthers for two #1’s. We can cite the incredible connection he had with Sammy. Do your thang JD.
  12. And so would his soon to be bloated contract that will set the Seahawks way back. Not worth the Benji’s.
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