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  1. @T0mShane mobile crisis alert
  2. And after that 1st preseason game, we’ll see you August 2023.
  3. Sorry was never a fan of Pennington. Hated the pick. Would be ideal for a linguini commercial. Nice guy. A lot like Mac Jones. Seems like a nice kid but not my kind of QB. Could still be a winner on a team like the Ravens when they won with a QB manager like Dilfer. But I’m more in tune with the gunslinger type QB like Mahomes, Farve, Namath, Bert Jones, Herbert etc etc etc.
  4. Yea that wasn’t bad. But Chad and his noodle arm - sheeeesh.
  5. Watch half this board throw in the towel after the first preseason game. Watch
  6. Fitz had that great year in 2010 I believe? Anyways the last time before that for any optimism was when Vinny came within an eyelash of winning us a SB.
  7. Just for the record, I’ve been a Jets fan just before Namath was signed. I’ve seen the good bad ugly and the horrific. I’ll always love The Jets through thick and thin. And again, I could care less if they go 0-17 this year. Why? Because this team was in such shambles it’s going to take a Herculean effort to right this Titanic. And I’m excited with what JD has done the last couple of years. This team is going to blossom like Sakura Cherry flowers and it will all come together.
  8. In defense of @T0mShane the Jets have sucked longer than most of the posters on this board have been alive. (With the exception of that Fitzmajik year). The Love/Effit relationship of Jets fans is as sharp as the edge of a razor.
  9. I haven’t watched the Knicks since Ewing blew that finger roll that cost them a chance at winning a title. Ewing has to be the most disappointing NY sports athlete EVER.
  10. 11 Rings. Wow just WOW Sit your azz down Brady.
  11. CAT FIGHT!!!!!!! Place your bets. Black and white cat is @Lith refereeing.
  12. But would that allow @joewilly12’s wife to let him get back on JetNation??? More to be revealed.
  13. Seems @slats has an itchy trigger finger. With that said, on a side note, @slats is the most sophisticated mod on here and it’s not even close. Anyone who can come up with the brilliant analogy of comparing @T0mShane to a Russian bot is noteworthy for MOTY (Mod of the Year).
  14. Two sides of the same coin. Actually I like them both. Miss Ray. Can you imagine if we had a turd like Tiki Barber doing post game stuff. I’d need a new tv every week.
  15. What is it with Jamal and his fingers. Now he gets one caught in a player’s helmet? He’s as snake bitten as Richard Gere getting a gerbil stuck up his butt. Man, we dodged a Gatling gun of bullets ridding ourselves of this wannabe.
  16. Obviously Larz works for NFL Madden. Nice try @Larz No cigar.
  17. That’s what you get Jamal for giving JD and the Jets the finger
  18. That’s as ugly as our current uni’s and helmets. A+ for consistency.
  19. Totally over the top schtick. Followed in Ray Lucas’ footsteps. It’s fun, effective but kinda gets weary and obnoxious after awhile. Seems all these ex players dive head deep into the shock, finger pointing approach. Not very genuine.
  20. Over the past 25 years, Jets GM’s have failed mightily on draft day regardless of the position. But at wide receiver, precocious few resources have been used to acquire premier pass catchers. Well, few premium resources anyway. From 1997-2019, only three picks were used in the top two rounds on a wide receiver for Gang Green. Those picks were spent on Santana Moss, Stephen Hill and Devin Smith. Since arriving just a few seasons ago, Douglas has used three picks on wide receivers in the first two rounds. Those of course being Denzel Mims, Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson. In addition, Douglas signed wide receiver Corey Davis last off-season and re-signed slot receiver Braxton Berrios this off-season. In Moore, the Jets have a player who was consistently open last season. Had the quarterback play been better, Moore would have likely had a monster season. In fact, when the Jets were without Zach Wilson, Moore posted 24 catches for 336 yards and 4 touchdowns. Over the course of a full season that extrapolates to over 1,200 yards. With Wilson, this year’s 10th overall pick, the Jets landed what some viewed as the top receiver in the class. A receiver who won’t be asked to move mountains in year one given the team’s depth at the position. I had WR Denzel Mims with four catches today on five targets. Three of the four were wildly impressive. The fourth was a short gainer in the flat. One pass was broken up #Jets — Connor Hughes (@Connor_J_Hughes) July 27, 2022 Davis and Mims will both be looking to bounce back from disappointing results in 2021. Davis was productive, and on pace for just under 1,000 yards and 7 touchdowns. However, some drops, fumbles and injuries overshadowed the positives. Meanwhile, Mims could rarely find the field. When he did, he couldn’t get out of his own way. He would finish the season with just 8 catches for 133 yards. After spending the off-season getting healthy for Davis and re-shaping his body for Mims, both receivers have been praised for some eye-opening plays this week. Mims has reportedly been more aggressive than we’ve seen him in years past while Davis is looking more like the player the Jets though they were getting when they signed him. Corey Davis with a diving catch in the back of the end zone in a red-zone period. Wilson led him nicely. #Jets — Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) July 29, 2022 Also worth noting is that outside of the big names, it sounds as if undrafted free agent Irvin Charles is making an early impression. A former Penn State product who transferred to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Charles is making some plays. Mike White finds a wide-open Irvin Charles for a big gain. Charles has made some plays early in camp. Next play, Rashard Davis takes a short pass and zips down the left sideline for a TD. Davis has LOTS of speed. #Jets — Dennis Waszak Jr. (@DWAZ73) July 29, 2022 What makes Charles intriguing is his rare size/speed combo. He checks in at 6′ 4” and in what little footage you’ll find of him in action, it’s not a stretch to say he’s one of the fastest (if not the fastest) guys on the field. Jets UDFA WR Irvin Charles with his only big plat at @PennStateFball before being dismissed. What jumps out most is the amount of space he creates between himself and chasing defenders. The guy can definitely move for a big guy. pic.twitter.com/jvRIJPnP40 — Glenn Naughton (@AceFan23) May 18, 2022 Given the depth chart ahead of him, a player like Charles could find his way on to the practice squad and given a chance to develop. And of course the hope is that the big names at the top of the depth chart; those early picks and free agent additions, are about to move the Jets out of the AFC basement and into the playoffs. The post Jets Heavy Investment in Wide Receivers About to Start Paying Dividends? appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... I remember the good ole days when all we had to throw to were turtles and snails . We now ‘potentially’ have an embarrassment of riches at the WR position. All Hail JD.
  21. This NEW positive mantra spin on ‘All Gas, No Brakes’ is not surprising with the astronomical hike in the cost of gas over the last year.
  22. Happy Birthday Larry This one’s for you. A great novel, a true story, a true classic. The Hero whose name is Larry. My favorite movie and character of ALL time which inspired and revolutionized my life. An absolute MUST read and MUST see.
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