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  1. White is the master of the 5 yard bomb. Bomb them to death Mikey.
  2. Its more not having a clue what to do. He's just clueless making decisions.
  3. 59 times not 60. But who's counting. I'd be ok if threw it 58 times next game. Progress.
  4. He should get his unemployment forms ready.
  5. Saleh is over his head. He opted to start Flacco over White. OK fine. As the game progressed, the Jets were right in it just before the half. The defense was playing well, frustrating Jackson. But the offense had no heartbeat, lifeless and unable to do a damn thing. It was half way through the 2nd Q a QB switch was needed. We were still in the game and it would have energized them. Instead, Saleh stayed with Flacco for some unknown godly reason. And continued to stay with him. What a joke. We had seen enough. Eventually the defense lost interest and the Ravens just methodically took over the game. Saleh just doesnt have the guts to make a controversial move. Look at Dabol going for 2 for the win yesterday. In his first HC game. WTF. Balls of Fire. Saleh's balls hang down to his knees. Sickening! I just dont understand the game plan yesterday. Throwing the ball 59 times. Even Peyton Manning LOL at the Jets for doing that. There was a fantasy football host who was excited to see the NEW Jets this year. But Nooooo. He said it was like watching a new Liam Neeson movie expecting to see something different. But NOPE. SOJ. Enough. The fist bump at end of the game by Saleh after that meaningless TD to Flacco was as amateurish as a pee wee coach getting blown out and encouraging the little ones. Release the Planes: FIRE SALEH.
  6. Can’t wait to score a TD with 1 minute left, down 30 and Saleh gives his weekly fist bump to everyone on the sidelines. What a guy. What a guy! Positives vibes baby!!!!
  7. Yea we should wait until at least after the 1st half of game 2.
  8. Bull. I give you 2 weeks before @The Crusher does his death defying Jimmy Snuka cage leap on your persona for starting threads like this.
  9. Cool let’s keep going down down down. What’s goes down must eventually go up.
  10. I thought there was no cursing here but the above post is not only fuc*in totally acceptable but fuc*in necessary as well.
  11. Did you see the look on Mann’s face while sitting on the bench after the Ravens scored following that pathetic punt. He looked like he was contemplating filling out unemployment forms.
  12. Is @Sopral SAR l’s new screen name? Just checking.
  13. Give Sean Payton a % of the Qtips revenue. Woody you cheapskate. Woody just doesn’t realize how a SB win would escalate the worth of this franchise. Dumb and cheap. And Clueless. And and and ….
  14. That would have been an improvement.
  15. Bills 94- Jets 0 But hey he did get sacked 60 times right.
  16. Cant make this sheet up. Saleh fist bumping Jet players after a meaningless TD. FIRE SALEH NOW!!!!!
  17. Where do you come up with this stuff? Ohhhhh watching Jets games. Gotcha!
  18. I think his wife and kids will file for divorce tonight.
  19. Just a disgrace to play like this on September 11th in NY.
  20. OMG hes still in the game. Douglas probably wants him to get injured.
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