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  1. Good. My 5 are a bit different. But hope @Jetsfan80 could set up the voting thingy.
  2. Cool idea. I got an off shoot one if you could set it up. Top 5 players who had the most dramatic impact on the NFL. They may not even be top 5 at their respective position but their impact on the culture and their relative importance to the game.
  3. Ronnie Lott didn’t play strong safety. He played the X Safety position. Meaning no man is safe around him.
  4. That’s why it’s called FOOTBALL- as in foot as in run. Not armball or handball. Now let’s run the FOOTBALL down their throats
  5. Blair Thomas. You just mentioned Blair Thomas. @The Crusher please pound this guy with a giant meatball.
  6. A good run game slows the game down. Protects the QB. Slows down blitzes. Keeps the defense OFF the field. Opens up the passing game. What is this? Generation Jets
  7. Go trott. Your Song was his first hit, and marked him as a superstar. A classic love song that cant be touched.
  8. The balls on these guys. J ET S Jets Jets Jets
  9. Hall 3 years guaranteed. Works just fine.
  10. Nah. Hall, Carter, Johnson, Bam. That’s a sweet set of backs. Carter really being the finesse back. I think Bam is going to get a lot of carries and take the load off of Hall and Carter. They dont call him BAM for nuthin. Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam
  11. Saw him at MSG sometime in the 70’s or 80’s. He played on a see through piano lit up like a Christmas tree. Was super duper cool!
  12. I got my Elton John glasses ready 14141AD7-BB59-4D67-B0CC-821CD672FB46.MOV
  13. The baseball all star game is as exciting as the NFL all pro game and as interesting as the NBA all star game. They are all a bore and a chore to watch. Meaningless drivel. Ho Hum. It hasn’t had any appeal since the ‘70’s.
  14. Sheeeesh what do you guys want from JD and Saleh. They have pretty much revamped the defense. 2 new cb’s in Sauce and Reed. And good ones at that. Carter, Dunn, Guidry, Pinnick, Echols and Hall provide depth and all now have a year under their belt. At edge-Lawson premieres with JJ and Clemons. That’s 3 edges who should lay a mark that didn’t factor in the D last year. The depth at DL is also better as Saleh will keep the line fresh with the addition of Martin. Then you have the 2 safeties JD signed, Joyner who didn’t play last year and Whitehead. Both these guys are hitters and instantly make the defense better. It’s a work in progress and it’s going to take time but considerable strides in the right direction have been taken. Me like.
  15. Soto is the best young player in baseball. Judge is 30 already. Soto is just 23 and his best is ahead of him. So yea if they get a chance, I’m pretty sure they’d break the bank for Soto and let Judge walk.
  16. Mauricio, Prada, Vientos would be a ‘start’ to pry Soto from Nats. You know they are going all psycho to get as much as possible for him. One thing for sure, Cohen will not let Skanks out duel him for Soto.
  17. Pay the kid. Give the 3 years guaranteed plus 1st round money. They tried to trade up for him in Round 1 didn’t they? So just pay him late 1st round money and be done with it. It’s not like Woodrow doesn’t have the money.
  18. I’ve been to Hell on Earth…I mean Kenosha.
  19. Rome is da bomb. The pizza, the gelato, the food. And sipping espressos at a cafe at 2 am. Too cool.
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