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  1. They did delay Keith for a year due to the Koosman thing, and then you had Seaver passing as well as was noted. But prior to Koosman, the Wilpons had a long-standing unwritten rule that only players who made the HOF (and made the HOF as a Met - hence Gary Carter's #8 not being retired) got their numbers retired. It was only around 2018 when David Wright retired, that they started to listen to the fans and considered loosening up the restriction. Keith should have had his #17 on the wall a decade or more ago. After Keith, I'd like to see them retire #8, which is a no-brainer, and s
  2. I dont know if Id characterize the 2015 offensive line, including Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson, as "low character at best. "
  3. You are correct... Steve Everitt actually went #14 OA in 1993. Only center in 30 years to go top 15. A handful of others went 16-20 over that same period, and not many of them are much to write home about. Damien Woody at #17, and he wound up playing more games at G/T than C.
  4. Marty Schottenheimer? Pretty good linebacker for the Bills (AFL All Star in '65), and pretty good (not great) coach, who won coach of the year in 2004.
  5. Larry Wilson of the Cardinals... HOF career as a player, then coach (briefly), director of scouting, director of personnel, GM, VP over the course of 30 years, so he must've been halfway decent. Dan Reeves - 9 Super Bowl appearances as a player and coach.
  6. No surprise there. I travelled 3 hours round trip every Sunday for years before the new stadium and PSLs and sat in the upper deck as a STH. When the new stadium was built, due to seniority and when I got my call, my options were spend a lot more to sit at the same altitude or lower, or sit in the clouds in the upper deck. The seats around me were always a revolving door anyway each week with different fans, so that, plus the math made it easy - buying weekly has become a way more attractive option.
  7. The rash of Achilles injuries needs to be looked at. Football is a rough sport, guys get hurt, but that many injuries of that type at one time seems bizarre.
  8. RIP Bob. Saget was truly one of a kind, being able to balance the Danny Tanner / Americas Home Videos persona with his more raunchy stand-up career.
  9. I think he gets one more year, which will be a mistake. Let a new GM pick his HC.
  10. The problem with this, if true, is that moving on from Becton would be selling (trading) him at his lowest value. To me, safest route is bring Fant, Moses or another tackle, and Becton into camp and let them compete. If Becton cant beat the others out, but at least shows he's healthy, then maybe a trade can be found?
  11. I was going to say something about monkeys and typewriters and writing the great American novel, but this analogy works too.
  12. Ask Scherzer... or Marte... What Im reading is there's a frenzy to sign deals before a lockout this week - they can still sign a manager during the lockout, but players are frozen out. So FAs, especially top ones, want to get locked in ASAP.
  13. Cohen is apparently not concerned about luxury taxes, thats for sure. Scherzer, Marte, Canha, Escobar... and not done yet, I would bet.
  14. Exactly... while the Jets are around 10th in most dead cap money, all but $1.5M falls off after this season, and 95% of it "belongs" to Maccagnan. And some of the "dead" cap money is guys still on the roster. What a nothing article.
  15. Look into Jack Bogle and the Bogleheads philosophy. Three fund portfolios, etc. Total US stock fund, Total Intl Stock Fund, Bond fund. You wont have the huge short term returns but its less volatile and as assured to increase over time as one can say with the stock market (which is to say, invest at your own risk).
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