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  1. I, too, voted wrong, read the thread title and not the question. I dont think anyone gets fired today.
  2. Defensive line in a close one over cornerbacks, if only because I expected our corners to be very good from day 1.
  3. Daboll's a fine coach. Giants got a good one. But Im overall happy with Saleh to date and wouldnt swap the two.
  4. So all we need to do is switch conferences? Easy peasy.
  5. RIP... such a tragedy. He was always such a fun guy to watch and listen to. 61 is way too young. Massive heart attack
  6. Clots are a scary thing - I've been taking Eliquis for the last 9 months or so to prevent them since being diagnosed with Afib, to prevent the chance of blood clots causing issues. Hopefully he can make a full recovery and get back to playing.
  7. I give you credit for answering the OPs question seriously.
  8. The orderlies probably intercept the invitations before he gets them, in his defense.
  9. I was hoping he would stay and continue to elevate football at HBCUs. For all his talk, JSU was a just stepping stone to bigger and better things, and I feel bad for the kids that signed up to play at JSU for Prime Time. But that's the way it is in college football I suppose. Can't blame the guy too much for making a career move to a power 5 program, even one of the worst around. Like he said "...in coaching, you are elevated, or you get terminated" so you have to keep looking for that next bigger opportunity.
  10. Yes he did. Its the life of high draft picks and the salary structure. Teams feel pressure to throw these guys to the wolves day 1 to maximize the return on their top 5 draft picks' first contract. Its not the right approach, IMO, but it is what it is, and many teams do it. Some guys make it, and thrive, some guys have initial bumps in the road that first year (Allen, Tua) and then figure it out. Some guys struggle and flop.
  11. I watched it, and he very much insinuated that the move to White was to "appease Jets fans and sports radio". He also points to wins/losses, which is a lazy way to analyze a QBs performance, and he makes a statement that Wilson would have done "almost as well" against the Bears and won "28-10" which is easy to say because it obviously can't be proved either way. I can say Mike White would have beaten the Pats, but its just as dumb to say. So yeah, garbage takes and garbage video, and I'm annoyed at myself for giving him another click.
  12. But hey, DWC is a Mike White expert because living in Florida, Tampa Bay to be exact, he "watched almost every USF game (right here in Tampa) and for 2 years, (he) witnessed a kid QB who stink due to atrocious decision making." Meaning, I suppose, the 15 starts in 2 years before transferring to Western Kentucky. One of which was 5 starts as a true freshman in 2013. But yeah, DWC was scouting him 9 years ago for sure.
  13. Exactly. That's my biggest issue with platforms like Twitter, and especially the current not-so-moderated version of Twitter. It gives people like DWC a platform to do one or the other of the two things you mentioned, and then I have to see it in my feed as people re-tweet the nonsense. Online nutjobs "dunking" on each other, for real or as a bit.
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