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  1. Michael Carter don't want him either... https://twitter.com/8kMike/status/1638995389897494535
  2. If he's healthy, OBJ on a one-year deal would be a very motivated player trying to cash in. If they could get him on a deal like that, I'd be fine with it.
  3. Im not surprised in any way that Crue has to be all on tape these days. Ive seen them a few times through the years, but I wouldnt spend $120 to see them live these days, let alone $1200. Maybe $12.
  4. He was actually the backup center to Linderbaum in Baltimore last year. Also visited Atlanta today, and chose to sign with the Jets.
  5. Maybe Cologuard can sponsor the team now. 🤣
  6. Not surprising. But it was a swing and a miss for a 5th round pick as an injury replacement to try and keep the offense going and the playoff hopes alive. Didnt work out, BFD. Maybe we actually get a comp pick next year.
  7. The rivalry we didnt know we needed. Grossi vs Sauce.
  8. Im not opposed to the comp pick system, but getting 3 3rd rounders does seem excessive. Granted one was for the minority hiring apparently, but maybe a little tweak to the system is in order... weight more of those picks in the later rounds perhaps?
  9. He's a four year starter, plenty of people have seen him play. Im curious what makes him a below average player? His analytics numbers were pretty good? At least average to above average?
  10. Cut Corey Davis and he can have that money
  11. Stealing this from Football Guy, because I think it was well put: This really seems to be the way the Jets FO are thinking. And nothing that Lamar has said has indicated he'd be willing to sign a deal that is effectively a 2 year deal. To me, Rodgers is the more likely bridge to 2025-26 than Lamar is.
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