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  1. Me mateys tell me the skinny one tried mutiny on the ginger one. Canon balls everywhere.
  2. Lately, yarrrgghhh. I pirated better than Sam. I’m pirating better than the kid. I deserve me shot!!!
  3. Matey, why do you impose upon my senses this millennial cosplay charlatan???
  4. Aaarghhh. They may take my pride, but they’ll never take me puffy shirt!!!
  5. First rate ships, get the first rate Captains.
  6. When the admiral is away, the right good Captain shall play... arrrrgghhh harr harrrr!!!
  7. AARGGGHHH both of them are lily liveried land lovers. I am the Captain.
  8. You may call me Captain.
  9. He was there mateys!!!! Social media team just didn’t use the pics he was in. AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! C’mon man.
  10. AHOY!! Its a bloody shame this whole thing has been done.
  11. Shiver me timbers!!! New kid is all right. He looks smaller in the tele. I’m still bigger, by about a have a bottle of rum. And in me trousers. He best bring it. I’m treating it like it’s me job to lose!!!
  12. Yo ho ho!!! Mos Def and I’ve been exchanging messages in a bottle. He’s all in with Coach Saleh. He calls him Xerxes. Absolutely loves him.
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