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  1. I can hand the ball off to Taylor 30 times. I got this.
  2. This is the only path for players like me to make some money in the NFL before hanging it up and pivoting to post-football career. You’d think people that have to work for 35 years then retire would understand the necessity of doing what you have to do.
  3. She’s usually the 9. I’m the 6. Now post a picture of the couch cushion you grind on for us to rate.
  4. Arrgghhh … that’s not what I heard you yell, matey! ’‘tis my time. Yo ho!
  5. He’s just pissed he didn’t start this one, frankly.
  6. Remember that kid, Troy? He was also a rich kid. Root for Mikey. He’s the real hero. GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!
  7. Aye. Only a matter of time, matey. They weren’t expecting this to be a grown swashbuckling man vs. a cabin boy. They keep the main sheet hoisted to limit the view, but you heard it here first. It be me.
  8. Laugh, me hartey. Just know, Sam is a sea fairing man that’s been dry docked for too long. He may never get that moxie back.
  9. It’s not about recognition. Or film. It’s about chest hair, boots with buckles, and a willingness to walk the plank fer yer crew. A true Captain knows.
  10. Arrrggghhh. Nobody is going to say it, mateys!!! So let it be I that brings ye word from the new world. The wee cabin boy should be held below deck this season. The Captain should helm this ship.
  11. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Zach Wilson cannot grow facial hair. The job shall be mine.
  12. Me mateys tell me the skinny one tried mutiny on the ginger one. Canon balls everywhere.
  13. Lately, yarrrgghhh. I pirated better than Sam. I’m pirating better than the kid. I deserve me shot!!!
  14. Matey, why do you impose upon my senses this millennial cosplay charlatan???
  15. Aaarghhh. They may take my pride, but they’ll never take me puffy shirt!!!
  16. First rate ships, get the first rate Captains.
  17. When the admiral is away, the right good Captain shall play... arrrrgghhh harr harrrr!!!
  18. AARGGGHHH both of them are lily liveried land lovers. I am the Captain.
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