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  1. Quincy for that hit on Henry. Yeah he got the first down but kaboom!! Whole D-Line were great as was Mosley. Carter 2 and Bryce Hall were excellent.
  2. Maybe. Hardee was probably telling the young fella he would be a Jet next season. Ref's would be disgusted with that kind of behaviour.
  3. Mainlining Starbucks to insanity levels when he made this pick.
  4. Doesn't look like catching a TD pass rates that highly.
  5. I dislocated my right knee cap and it popped back in after 30 seconds or so. First day i had a huge needle drain the knee of blood and then the knee was put in a cast from my ankle to my thigh for 3 weeks. Once the cast came off the hard work started. The knee joint literally seizes up so just getting it to bend requires 2-3 weeks of physio. The other weird aspect is just how fast i lost muscle mass in my thigh. Took me a few months to get that back. Obviously Becton has the best medical staff and advice available plus he's an athlete with the time and motivation to fast track h
  6. The very best NFL calibre centre for a start would make a huge difference.
  7. He's a strange one. Perfectly able to drag defenders for a first down in preseason only to run out of bounds with one defender to beat in a real game. Still i guess he saved us all of 0 seconds given it was the 2 minute warning.
  8. Zac Wilson....put him behind an even college level o-line and he'll score us some points. The punter was amazing. JFM and Huff were pretty good too. That's about it.
  9. Best punt i've ever seen a Jet make. So of course he;s our kicker
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